20 Reasons 2020 Is The Wildest NFL Season In Recent Memory

By Darren
20 Reasons 2020 Is The Wildest NFL Season In Recent Memory

The very fact that we have a 2020 NFL season is among the wildest facts of an insane year for sports. So many crazy things have happened, both on and off the playing field. From positive tests and breaking NFL protocols to franchises imploding, it’s been one of the most manic in recent memory.

We have some quarterbacks playing magnificently, while others suffered rapid declines. Meanwhile, franchises have already fired coaches and general managers after horrific starts. Then you have the Tennessee Titans being very naughty indeed. Finally, the state of the world and the health crisis casts its looming shadow over the game. Today, let’s take a look at 20 reasons why the 2020 NFL season is the wildest in recent memory. Check out the list below via The Ringer. 

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20. Rodgers Revival

Mike McCarthy finally left Green Bay – although not of his own volition. Fans in Wisconsin will remember him for two reasons. First, they won the Super Bowl under his guidance and that shouldn’t be downplayed. The Packers are a classic franchise but they’ve arguably overachieved throughout their entire history when it comes to competing with big-city teams.

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However, he also wasted the best years of Aaron Rodgers’ career. This season Rodgers is a revived version of himself. Matt LeFleur has taken the pressure off of his veteran quarterback, who has played tremendously in the first few weeks of the season. Rodgers doesn’t have to be superhuman anymore, which is better for Green Bay because the offense as an overall entity is more balanced.