25 Things Fans Missed While Watching Super Bowl LVII

Darren - February 14, 2023

25 Things Fans Missed While Watching Super Bowl LVII

Darren - February 14, 2023

Super Bowl LVII was a brilliant game between the NFL’s top two franchises in 2023. We saw the Kansas City Chiefs, who had the best player in Patrick Mahomes, defeat the best overall roster in the Philadelphia Eagles. It was an excellent showcase for the sport that was watched by 113 million fans in the US alone.

But there were still many moments that fans missed on and off the field. These moments varied from awkward interviews to emotional interactions and intriguing side stories. Rihanna set social media ablaze while the Kelce brothers provided the NFL world with a lot of joy. Super Bowl LVII set a new standard for the showpiece event. Check out the best moments that fans missed now.

Rolling Stone

A Cringy Dance From Jackson Home

Everyone has to respect Patrick Mahomes as a player even if they’re beginning to hate his Kansas City Chiefs. But they loath his annoying little brother, Jackson, even more because he behaves like a parasite. The self-proclaimed influencer is riding his successful sibling’s coattails. Super Bowl LVII was no exception because he interrupted Patrick’s post-victory interview.

AP News

Many fans missed this awkward moment but that may have been a blessing in disguise for them. Jackson decided this was the time to show off his dance moves. The infamous young man couldn’t allow his MVP brother to enjoy the spotlight. Viewers shook their heads in disgust and he also received a lot of internet hate (via People).


Slippery Field

Anybody who watched the game saw many players slipping all over the place. However, it may not have registered that this was unusual. Arizona’s State Farm Stadium had a horrible surface and this affected the game. It’s ridiculous at this level because there’s so much money involved (via Sports Illustrated).

The New Yorker

Former Cardinal and current Eagle linebacker Haason Reddick commented after the game. He said: “I’m not going to lie, it was the worst field that I’ve ever played on. It was very disappointing, it’s the NFL. You would think it would be better so we could get some better play, but it is what it is.” The teams and their fans deserved better than this. It’s good that no players were seriously injured by playing on a field that was close to unplayable.

Sporting News

Pat Tillman Tribute

The NFL handed out tributes like candy during Super LVII but this was one of the most polarizing. Pat Tillman was an NFL star who had a short but great career with the Cardinals. But then he sent shockwaves through the league when he rejected a new contract. Instead, he joined the United States military and served in Afghanistan (via The Mirror).

The Athletic

Tragically, Tillman died in a friendly fire incident in 2004. Americans must remember the safety and respect their service people’s sacrifices. Tillman’s situation was one in a million because most NFL players wouldn’t quit their team for the military. However, some critics claimed that the NFL misrepresented the nature of his death and that fans missed this.

Daily Express

Let It Out, Nick

Many people thought that Nick Sirianni was an uninspiring coaching hire for Philly. But it’s safe to say that the Eagles’ head coach won the fans over in the end. He didn’t lead them to another Super Bowl win but they played great football all year long. He also deserves credit for turning Jalen Hurts into a bonafide MVP contender.

The New York Times

Sirianni also showed his sensitive side during the national anthem. Chris Stapleton put a soulful spin on The Stars and Stripes that moved the Philly coach to tears. Sirianni received a lot of warmth on social media as fans admired his authenticity and passion. It was a great moment that showed he wears his heart on his sleeve (via TMZ).


The Olsen Conundrum

On paper, Super Bowl LVII was a great day for Fox Sports but it’s not that simple. Yes, millions of people watched the Super Bowl and Rihanna’s performance went off without any scandal. Meanwhile, Greg Olsen did a brilliant job as he delivered game analysis with aplomb. However, many fans missed the reality that he could be on borrowed time.

CBS Sports

That’s because Fox signed Tom Brady to an outrageous 10-year, $375 million broadcasting contract before his retirement. This makes Olsen the substitute teacher to Brady’s pregnant incumbent. But the former tight end didn’t make many mistakes all season. It’s unbelievably harsh to downgrade him so significantly because he resonates well with audiences (via The New York Post). But he’ll still be making millions per year to call a football game.

Sporting News

Isiah Pacheco’s Toughness

Running backs rarely win the Super Bowl MVP award but Pacheco deserved a mention. It’s true that star quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts had brilliant games, so it’s easy to overlook other players’ performances. Some fans may have missed the former Rutgers star’s tough running throughout the game. This was a hallmark of his season because he was an outstanding option as the rare seventh-round pick that pans out this well.


Pacheco also showed unbelievable toughness in the final quarter. Philly’s Chauncey Gardner-Johnson smashed him with a brutal hit that left Pacheco prone on the floor. Many people feared that he suffered a serious injury because it was so rough. But Pacheco showed his strength of character and kept going (via KSNB).


Travis Kelce’s Shameless Claim

Disappointed Eagles supporters turned the game off in disgust after it ended with a contentious field goal. These fans missed the celebrations as Travis Kelce went crazy. The tight end and his quarterback, Mahomes, matched Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski’s postseason touchdown records. It’s safe to say that he went crazy with excitement.


He emphatically claimed that nobody gave the Chiefs a shot all season. Nor did they think that they could beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl. This is an example of hyperbole at its most extreme but we’ll let him off because it was an emotional moment. Nonetheless, many people couldn’t handle his excessive cringe factor (via Sporting News).

Sporting News

Gronk’s Kick

Rob Gronkowski is one of the most successful NFL players ever. Some fans missed his appearance during the fourth quarter because they were on a bathroom break. The iconic tight end attempted the ‘Kick of Destiny’ from an undisclosed location in Arizona. Allegedly they filmed this live but many commentators doubt this.

TV Insider

Gronk missed the 25-yard kick that promised $10 million in prizes to FanDuel customers. However, the company promised to do something for its base and entered them into a drawing. It was a good idea but the execution didn’t come off very well. Only time will tell if they attempt this again (via 12News).

Men’s Health

Hurts Breaks Records

On another day, Jalen Hurts would have easily walked away as the Super Bowl LVII MVP. He arguably had a better game than Patrick Mahomes as he broke multiple Super Bowl records. First, he rushed for a quarterback Super Bowl record of 70 yards. He also secured the record for the most rushing touchdowns in Super Bowl history, tying former Denver running back Terrell Davis as the Eagles mastered the quarterback sneak.

Fox News

Hurts had one agonizing moment as he lost a costly fumble that was recovered by Chiefs linebacker Nick Bolton and returned for a touchdown. But he deserves immense credit because he didn’t allow this to affect his composure. He continued to play at a high level and showed that he belonged in this game. Some fans missed his achievements because of the focus on Mahomes but Hurts is nevertheless excellent (via The Guardian).

Action Network

Dousing Andy

Andy Reid is one of the most likable people in the NFL today. The Kansas City head coach brought his Super Bowl record to .500 after his second success. He infamously fell short during his time in Philadelphia when he led the Eagles to the big game. But most people remember Donovan McNabb vomiting during their defeat to Tom Brady’s Patriots.


Finally, he ensured redemption with Kansas City’s first Super Bowl in 50 years. But then he experienced pain again when they lost to Tampa Bay in 2021. Reid deserved this second ring because it sealed his legacy. Some fans missed the moment his players doused him with Gatorade but it was quite a joyful one (via Sandusky Register).

The Hill

Kansas City Protest

Many TV fans missed the reality that not everybody was happy about the Super Bowl. Native American protestors gathered outside State Farm Stadium because they resent Kansas City’s nickname. They believe that it’s past time for the franchise to rebrand because some consider the ‘Chiefs’ name racist.

Kansas City Chiefs

Several major U.S. franchises changed their names under sponsorship pressure. Dan Snyder bowed to pressure as the Redskins became the Commanders. Meanwhile, MLB’s Cleveland Indians became the Guardians in 2021. Only time will tell but the Chiefs’ nickname may soon be a relic of the past (via Reuters).

Serena Sells Drinks

The legendary Serena Williams retired from professional tennis in 2022 after a glittering career. Now the iconic trailblazer is dipping her feet into the business world and is becoming a brand ambassador as well as an actress. She popped up in Rian Johnson’s movie, ‘The Glass Onion’ in a cameo and showed her acting skills.


Meanwhile, she appeared in two Super Bowl commercials as she marketed alcohol. There was a “Caddyshack”-inspired ad for Michelob Ultra as well as another for Remy Martin. It’s interesting to see Williams go from strength to strength off the court. Let’s hope she continues to prosper (via Page Six).

Boo Dak

It seems a bit harsh to boo a player when they’re receiving the Walter Payton Man of the Year award. However, the Eagles faithful had no remorse in showing their hatred for a sheepish Dak Prescott. The Cowboys star received a torrent of abuse when he collected the award as the Eagles’ fans showed their true colors.

Fox News

Remember, this is a franchise that also infamously threw snowballs at Santa Claus. Jerry Jones ignited this rivalry when he complained about how the Eagles didn’t have a sustainable model. But the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ doesn’t forget when somebody wrongs them and they made their feelings clear (via CBS Sports).


Rihanna’s Pregnancy

Pop superstar Rihanna delivered her first live show in four years at Super Bowl LVII. She delivered banger after banger as she proved that she’s one of the greatest entertainers of our era. Meanwhile, she also offered an insight into her personal life and hinted that she will be taking another hiatus.

New York Times

Some fans missed this but she revealed her second pregnancy during the halftime show. Later, her publicist confirmed this to her legions of fans. In recent years, Rihanna has built a business empire that focuses on cosmetics and lingerie. Music is quickly becoming a sideline despite its role in her rise (via The Hollywood Reporter).


Half and Half

Donna and Ed Kelce were the proudest parents in America during Super Bowl LVII. Their sons, Travis and Jason, became the first brothers to compete against each other for a Vince Lombardi Trophy. Donna became a media darling before the event because of her half-and-half jackets and jerseys as she refused to pick a side.


The loving mother didn’t care who won as long as her sons stayed safe. It helped that they both won rings in previous campaigns with their franchises. In the end, Travis and Kansas City emerged victorious this time. Some fans missed Donna’s exuberance but it was one of the most wholesome parts of the game’s build-up (via HITC).

Sam Bankman-Fried

No Crypto

Everybody pays attention to Super Bowl commercials because they’re usually entertaining. But many fans missed a major difference from 2022. One industry was conspicuous in its absence after it suffered a lot of damage to its reputation. Cryptocurrencies didn’t dominate in nearly the same way as they did last year.

Sports Illustrated

They saw a massive fall in popularity after the Sam Bankman-Fried scandal. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies crashed across the board as customers lost millions of dollars. We don’t know if the NFL opted not to associate with the controversial sector. Perhaps the crypto bros didn’t have the money to pay for a Super Bowl ad this year (via ESPN).


Redemption Stories

This was an emotional night for the Chiefs because there were several redemption stories. Many members of the national sports media members threw Mahomes under the bus after their one-sided Super Bowl loss to Tampa. This time he had a brilliant performance on one leg and proved his toughness and elite skills. Meanwhile, Andy Reid inspired his franchise to a mesmerizing comeback in the second half.

Sporting News

Kadarius Toney deserves a mention after he turned his career around. After making him a first-round pick in 2021, the Giants traded him to Kansas City after his sophomore year because they thought he was a bust. But the right situation and environment changed everything for the young man. Now he’s a Super Bowl winner and could be one of the best players on the best team in the league (via Four States Home Page).


Shaky Platform

We’ve already mentioned Rihanna’s halftime performance but focused on her pregnancy. Now let’s turn to the bravery of her set because she took a significant risk. The superstar stood on a floating platform as she belted out a stream of hits. Some fans missed the stage’s instability but it caught others’ attention.


But this didn’t appear to faze the pregnant pop icon as she delivered her greatest hits with aplomb. It’s easy to forget how many great songs Rihanna has but there’s an entire catalog. Countless Super Bowl halftime shows haven’t lived up to expectations, but this was one of the best of the past decade (via The Guardian).


Family Time

One of Patrick Mahomes‘ best traits is that he’s one of the NFL’s most humble players. He lives in a relatively modest house and puts his family above everything else. Some fans missed his post-game reunion with his wife Brittney and his daughter Sterling. It was a beautiful moment that shows why Mahomes puts his body on the line. Indeed, he was injured in the Chiefs’ first playoff game and gutted it out through a high ankle sprain to beat both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Eagles, something that cannot be overstated.

The Spun

And he does all that for his beloved family. Mahomes met Brittney in high school and the pair remained true to each other. They recently had their second child together, a son named Bronze, so it’s going to be a great year for the couple. Mahomes doesn’t seek drama or spend his money on flashy purchases like other stars. The NFL couldn’t have a better ambassador than the two-time Super Bowl winner (via Good Morning America).

Kansas City Star

Home of the Chiefs

The Chiefs Kingdom rattled some cages when they stayed true to one of their time-honored traditions. At the end of the national anthem, they always chant ‘home of the Chiefs’ instead of ‘home of the brave.” There’s nothing new about this but it still infuriates certain elements of the NFL fanbase who take these things seriously.

Rolling Stone

We should talk more about how Chris Stapleton delivered arguably the best rendition since Whitney Houston. The Stars and Stripes is an exceptionally difficult song and many people mangle it. But he sang it with aplomb and moved Nick Sirianni to tears. Everybody enjoyed the moment because it was beautiful (via WSAZ).


Cara’s T-Shirt

Some NFL fans hate the reality that many people only care about the halftime show. Cara Delevinge appears to fall into this category because she supported Rihanna. The model wore a Fenty t-shirt with a polarizing logo. It read: “Rihanna concert interrupted by a football game, but whatever.”


This rubbed some football fans up the wrong way. But there’s nothing wrong with Delevinge showing support for her friend. Indeed, many people don’t care about the result. They enjoy the spectacle of the performances and wacky commercials. There was something for everyone at Super Bowl LVII (via People).


Hungry Jason

The Kelce brothers received a lot of attention throughout the game. Some fans missed this hilarious moment after Travis scored a touchdown. Jason was sitting on the Philly bench when he decided to munch on a snack. It appears to be an energy bar but many viewers related to the moment. The shot became an instant meme because of his expression and the timing.


It proves that there’s never a bad time to eat, even during the biggest game of an athlete’s life. In the end, Jason wound up on the losing side but he still played well. Perhaps he should have had more snacks because they may have helped him reach another level. Casual fans instantly loved the brilliant center (via USA Today).

Sports Illustrated


Black quarterbacks are finally overcoming the prejudice that they faced for decades. It’s phenomenal to see more diversity in this position over the past few years. Super Bowl LVII witness another milestone that many fans missed. This wasn’t the first time that two black quarterbacks faced each other on opposite teams.

Inc. Magazine

Patrick Mahomes led the way for the Chiefs and proved that he’s the greatest active NFL player. Meanwhile, Jalen Hurts had the game of his life as he proved that he is the franchise quarterback the Eagles dreamed of. It’s a great story but let’s hope that the likes of Lamar Jackson and Justin Fields follow in their footsteps (via BBC).


Waddle Over Here

Terry Bradshaw was a brilliant player and remains a Pittsburgh legend. But it’s also true that his traditional values and lack of etiquette don’t belong on TV in 2023. Many fans missed the moment he appeared to fat-shame Andy Reid after his second Super Bowl win. Reid is one of the greatest NFL coaches in history and was enjoying a legacy-defining moment.


“Come on, waddle over here,” Bradshaw told Reid after the game before an interview. In the end, he said: “have a cheeseburger on us.” Reid laughed off these awkward comments because that’s the type of man he is. But it was tasteless and he didn’t deserve this type of humiliation in front of millions (via New York Post).

Kansas City Chiefs

Irrepressible Mahomes

Everybody knows that Mahomes had a great game but many fans missed his staggering records. Yes, he won a second ring and another Super Bowl MVP award. But these weren’t the most impressive parts of his season. The Chiefs quarterback became the first player to win the regular season MVP, the Super Bowl, and to lead the league in passing yards and touchdowns in the same season.

Los Angeles Times

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Kurt Warner are the only other players to achieve these accolades in their careers. But they accumulated them across multiple years instead of doing it all at once like Mahomes. The Kansas City icon is already one of the best players in history. His Hall of Fame credentials are better than many players in Canton now (via AP News). Also, as mentioned before, he gutted out an extremely painful high ankle sprain throughout the playoffs, an injury he aggravated in the second quarter of Super Bowl LVII. Mahomes is a gamer with the stats and the toughness to become the greatest ever and his arrow is only trending up.