Disney Park Employees Reveal the Craziest Things They Witness at Work

SS Staff - March 22, 2023

Disney Park Employees Reveal the Craziest Things They Witness at Work

SS Staff - March 22, 2023

Disneyland and Disney World are often referred to as the happiest places on earth. However, what goes on behind the scenes can sometimes be far from magical. Disney employees, or “cast members,” as they are called, have seen and experienced some truly insane things while working in the parks. In this article, we’ll be revealing some of the untold tales of Disney: the craziest, most unbelievable employee experiences that will leave you shocked and amazed.

People Asked to Change the Weather

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It seems that a considerable number of individuals hold the belief that Disney parks are encompassed by a dome, and that the management possesses the ability to manipulate the weather conditions within it with the flick of a switch. On a rainy day, a park attendant was approached by an individual who requested that he “turn off the rain for a while,” while another visitor at the Magic Kingdom once asked a Disney employee to “close the dome.” The employee patiently clarified that the park was not protected by any kind of mystical dome, and that the visitor’s assumption of a human-controlled bubble was unfounded.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Blaze

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Magic Kingdom fireworks are a highlight of the park’s spectacular shows, enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. However, even these displays are not immune to mishaps. In November 2014, sparks from the fireworks display landed on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride, causing a fire to break out.

Thankfully, no guests or dwarves were harmed during the incident. The ride was quickly evacuated, and the fire was extinguished before it could cause any major damage. Investigation later revealed that the fake grass in the ride area was the source of the fire.

When Gas Goes Wrong at Disney

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While breaking wind is a natural bodily function, some farts can be so pungent that they become unbearable. One Disney cast member learned this the hard way while minding the lines at Space Mountain.

During his shift, he experienced the worst gas of his life and couldn’t hold it in any longer. He let out a potent fart that filled the air around him, leaving guests with nowhere to escape. Adults muttered in disgust, while children cried out for relief.

The situation was so bad that the smell lingered in the air for what seemed like an eternity. However, the cast member found humor in the situation, taking satisfaction in the collective effect his fart had on the crowd.

A Pooh and Piglet Situation

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When working in a place like Disney, where communication is key, having code words and phrases can make the job easier. However, there are times when not everything has a code. A former staff member at Club Disney learned this the hard way.

During his rounds, he discovered a child defecating in the middle of the play area. When the child saw him, he became upset and ran away without clothes. Unfortunately, the employees had not established a code for this particular situation. Therefore, the staff member had to come up with a creative phrase to communicate the issue.

He referred to it as a “Pooh situation” in the play area and stated that “Piglet was on the loose.” While this may seem humorous, it highlights the challenges that come with communication in a busy environment like Disney.

Heartbreaking Family Separation

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This story is a sad one. A front desk staff member at the Disneyland Hotel Resorts was approached by a woman seeking help to locate her husband. The woman and her child didn’t speak good English, and the husband had vanished after telling them he was heading to the restroom while waiting in line for the Indiana Jones ride.

After an extensive search, the family discovered that the car was gone from the parking lot, and the father had left them for good. Shockingly, this is not an uncommon occurrence in Disney parks, and the attendant’s manager revealed that fathers often leave their families there, hoping to soften the blow of their abandonment.

A Traumatic Dinner Announcement

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During a regular dinner service, a family of four came in to enjoy their meal. However, about halfway through the dinner, the husband stood up and tapped his glass for attention. The entire room fell silent as he announced that his wife of 15 years had been cheating on him for over a year.

The news was shocking and left everyone in the room stunned. The man motioned for his kids to come with him, paid the waitress, and left his crying wife sitting at the table.

The kitchen worker recalls the incident as one of the most unforgettable moments of their time at Disney World. While it was undoubtedly a sad and unexpected turn of events, it goes to show that anything can happen at the happiest place on earth.

Donald Threw a Tantrum

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Another incident involved some Disney characters, including Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse. A cast member was on their way to the bank when the gate to go backstage suddenly opened, and Donald came stomping through, followed by Minnie and several other characters. Donald yanked off his head and threw it on the ground, screaming, “Stupid kid! Kicked me in the balls!” It’s not uncommon for children to accidentally bump into characters, but this was an extreme reaction.

Goofy Was Once Stabbed

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Disney characters also have to be cautious about their safety while performing. In one class, cast members were told about the importance of having “leads” with them at all times. This was due to an incident where Goofy was stabbed by a man who believed he was a real 6-foot dog in a hat, not a person in a costume. Cast members were also trained to pose for photos with their hands visible at all times, to prevent guests from accusing them of inappropriate touching.

Everyone in the Crew Hated Mickey

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The importance of attitude cannot be overstated. Even if you’re donning the costume of one of Disney’s most beloved characters, being unpleasant will turn people away. Disneyland had a cast member in the 1970s who exhibited such behavior, earning the intense dislike of everyone in the band. This individual acted like a diva, displaying a major attitude. During one parade, in which he was leading, he stumbled and fell. Rather than coming to his aid, the other band members raced past him, leaving him floundering on the ground. As Mickey struggled to regain his place at the front of the line, the crowd laughed, and the incident turned into one of the park’s most legendary brawls.

A Snake Was Freely Exploring the Park

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A crew member recounted an incident involving a wandering snake at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, which is home to hundreds of live animals that visitors can safely observe from a distance. However, on this occasion, the animal decided to explore the human visitors instead. The crew member witnessed an 8-10 foot snake emerge from a bushy area and slither through a crowd of around 200 people, passing through feet, bags, strollers, and other obstacles before disappearing into another wooded area. Remarkably, no one except the crew member seemed to notice the snake’s impromptu visit. Perhaps the animal simply wanted to enjoy the park’s surroundings but eventually decided that mingling with too many people wasn’t worth the trouble.

Dead Man in a Hotel Room

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According to a former Disney World cast member, the most bizarre incidents are the ones that guests never see. One such incident involved a man found dead from an apparent suicide in his hotel room. In an effort to shield guests from the disturbing scene, the windows and entrance to the room were immediately concealed by “pardon our dust” renovation signs. Meanwhile, costumed characters were brought in for an impromptu meet-and-greet to divert attention away from the area as police arrived to process the scene.

While such incidents are rare, they highlight the lengths that Disney goes to in order to preserve the illusion of a perfect, magical world for its guests. The company’s rigorous training program for cast members emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, even in the face of unexpected or tragic events.

A Brush With Tom Cruise

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In 2003, while working as a Space Mountain attendant, one lucky employee had a chance encounter with Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. Cruise, along with his then-girlfriend Penelope Cruz and her family, rode the roller coaster and were offered another ride by the attendants. However, when the ride started again, Cruz’s family stood up, causing the attendants to hit the stop button and leading to a moment of chaos and panic among the passengers.

In the midst of the confusion, the attendant had to manually pull the passenger handlebar to move the car to the next station, inadvertently brushing his hand against Tom Cruise’s in the process. The attendant later admitted that he never washed that hand again, much to the envy of Cruise’s fans.

Pluto Got Attacked by an Angry Family

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In 1997, a family visiting Disneyland decided to take their frustration out on Pluto, one of the beloved mascots of the park. The incident resulted in a physical attack on the character, which shocked and horrified park employees.

The family was apparently upset that Pluto had to take a break, despite the fact that they had been waiting to take a picture with her. In a fit of rage, they pushed her into a nearby fountain, causing serious injuries. Though the exact extent of the injuries is unclear, it is believed that Pluto may have broken her arm or leg.

As a result of the attack, the family was immediately arrested and taken into custody. However, the impact of the incident was far-reaching, not only for the traumatized mascot but for the park employees who witnessed the attack and had to deal with the aftermath.

Missing Kids in the Ride

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According to a former Space Mountain employee, two kids once pulled off the ultimate stunt, leaving the attendants panicked and in tears. It all started when the siblings begged to ride despite the little brother being too short. The attendants, feeling bad for the kids, allowed the older sister to promise to hold onto him tightly. What they didn’t know was that the siblings had a sinister plan.

As soon as the ride ended, the attendants discovered that the two kids were nowhere to be found. Panic set in as they realized the dire consequences of losing children on a ride. They quickly shut down the coaster and began scouring the tracks and surrounding areas in a frantic search.

Finally, they found the siblings. The boy lay face down on the tracks while his sister appeared to be traumatized and in grief. The attendants couldn’t believe their eyes and broke down in tears…until the girl suddenly burst out laughing. And to their shock and relief, the apparently “dead” boy quickly joined in on the prank. The attendants were left with a mix of emotions – relief, anger, and fear for their jobs. They couldn’t report the incident without admitting their mistake of letting the boy ride in the first place. It was a lesson learned the hard way – never trust mischievous kids on a roller coaster.

Mischievous Tweedles

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Get ready to laugh at the antics of the naughty Tweedles at Disneyland! One day, a staff member dressed up as the Queen of Hearts was joined by two Tweedles and Alice as they roamed around the park, having fun with guests. While the Queen was busy bossing people around, one of the Tweedles had his eyes on a nearby fountain filled with coins. Determined to get some extra cash, he clumsily bent over the fountain with his costume’s hula hoop, only to get stuck with his legs kicking wildly in the air! The Queen of Hearts couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the hilarious sight. You’ve got to give it to these cast members for fully embracing their roles, even if it means a bit of trouble along the way.

Mean Lady Got Mad at a Make-a-Wish Kid

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Disney World is known for creating magical moments for its visitors, but unfortunately, not everyone who visits the happiest place on earth is capable of spreading joy. Take, for instance, the entitled lady who took it upon herself to ruin a Make-a-Wish kid’s day at Disney World. One lady was so upset that the Make-a-Wish kid was allowed to cut the line, that she started verbally attacking him, calling him a “little trash kid” and questioning why he deserved to jump ahead of everyone else.

That One Awful Family

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Disney parks are called Family parks for a reason. The brand of wholesome fun they offer should be for the entire family to enjoy. As a staff member discovered, though, some families are just worse than others. While working at the Tomorrowland attractions, he noticed a kid with special needs waiting in line for one of the rides. 10 minutes later, the kid was still there, so he accompanied the kid to help him locate his family. They waited for 15 more minutes, the cast member hoping the family was just on the ride near them, but they were a no-show. After a few calls to managers and park coordinators, they discover that the kid’s family was enjoying another ride. They just left the poor kid there to wait. They didn’t even seem to worry about him at all. We have no words. 

Smuggling an Infant

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When parents take their children to Disney, they want them to have a good time. However, some parents don’t understand that certain rides are too dangerous for young children. Some have even resorted to sneaking their kids onto these rides. One particularly alarming incident was recounted by Reddit user JoshLCook. He and his colleagues were working on the Space Mountain ride when they noticed a woman in line wearing a bulky hoodie despite the summer heat. They didn’t think much of it until they heard a noise coming from her hoodie as they were strapping her in. They soon discovered that she was attempting to smuggle her infant daughter onto the ride. The staff immediately intervened, and the woman was removed from the ride and banned from Disney. This behavior is both dangerous and irresponsible, and such actions should not be tolerated.

Mickey Stood Up for His Girl

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Disney’s Mickey and Minnie are adored by children as an innocent and sweet couple. However, what we often forget is that Mickey can also be fiercely protective of his beloved Minnie. One employee witnessed this firsthand while hanging out with some coworkers near the dressing rooms of Mickey and Minnie. When Minnie emerged, a group of men began to make inappropriate comments and cat-call her. In a surprising turn of events, Mickey turned to the men and in his classic Mickey voice, threatened to take action if they continued to harass his girlfriend. The men quickly backed off, realizing that they had crossed a line. This story reminds us that even the most beloved characters can stand up for themselves and those they love.

The Legendary Towel Baby

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Rumor has it that in the early 2000s, a couple with annual passes frequented the Magic Kingdom with a swaddled-up “baby” in tow. However, upon closer inspection, employees discovered that it was just a towel wrapped in a hospital blanket. Despite the bizarre discovery, the man remained gentle with his wife on every visit, always asking for a table for three at restaurants and treating everyone with kindness. As it turns out, the woman had lost a child and had fallen into a deep depression, using the towel as a way to cope. But what’s truly remarkable about this story is how the cast members and managers treated them with such compassion, making them feel like any other family enjoying the park. 

A False Alarm Over A Cuddly Toy

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Disney parks are known for their tight security measures that ensure the safety of all guests. But what happens when there’s a false alarm? One employee found out the hard way when a drifter tossed something into the bushes, causing a potential threat like a bomb. The staff cordoned off the area and brought in the dogs. After a thorough search, it turned out to be a stuffed toy that a kid found and turned in. It seems the drifter had no use for plushies. While the situation was tense at first, the ending was a bit of a cuddly letdown.

Bomb-Sniffing Good Boy Fooled by Burritos

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In the latest bomb scare at a Disney park, Pluto, the bomb-sniffing dog, was on the case. However, when he sat down to signal a potential threat, it turned out to be a false alarm. As it turned out, the mysterious bag left at the base of Space Mountain was packed with delicious Asada burritos, and Pluto couldn’t resist the scent. Despite the panic that ensued, Pluto remains one of the best boys out there, with his love for treats getting the best of him.

Marina Swim Disaster

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It’s a common sight at theme park rides – kid vomit. And when one employee spotted a particularly large watery puddle of marinara vomit at the entrance to Big Thunder Mountain, he knew it was bad news. He and his colleagues quickly blocked off the area with trash cans, but that wasn’t enough to prevent disaster. A man dressed in all white came running towards the ride and decided to jump over the trash cans, only to land in the vomit and have a swim in the marinara puke. It took him a few seconds to realize what had happened before he let out a scream that echoed throughout the park. This is a story of a man’s ill-advised attempt to show off, and the hilarious consequences that followed.

A Parent’s Pee Disaster at Disney Parks

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For parents visiting Disney parks, being prepared for any situation is essential. But for one parent, being prepared meant bringing a jug for her child to pee in – just in case. When employees tried to tell her that such containers weren’t allowed on the rides, she lied and said she would take them back to her car. Instead, she hid the jar filled with her child’s pee somewhere on her person, only to have it spill all over her. This story serves as a cautionary tale of taking preparedness too far, and the messy consequences that can follow.

Lion King-Inspired Stunt on a Theme Park Ride

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Playing games with your child is a great way to bond and have fun, but there are limits, as one couple learned the hard way. While on the Dumbo ride at a Disney park, they took their love for The Lion King too far by removing their infant from the safety harness and raising him up Simba-style, all for the sake of getting the perfect photo. The ride was 18 feet up in the air, and the staff had to stop it immediately and escort the parents away. Once outside the park gates, the parents were promptly arrested for their dangerous and reckless behavior. This story serves as a warning of the dangers of taking things too far, even for the sake of a fun photo.

The Case of the Obsessed Alice Fan

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Obsessions with Disney characters can be harmless, but sometimes they can take a creepy turn. This was the case with an Alice fan who showed up at Disneyland every day dressed exactly like her favorite character. While most of her visits were harmless, there was one incident that crossed the line. The fan decided to take a piece of Alice home with her by cutting off a lock of the actress’s hair at the park and tucking it away. This behavior was deemed creepy by the park staff and serves as a cautionary tale of how a harmless obsession can escalate into something unsettling.

The Unforgettable Encounter with Willy the Elephant

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Visiting the Animal Kingdom can be an amazing experience, but it’s not every day that guests get a rude awakening about the true nature of the park’s animals. During a ride through the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction, a group of visitors was learning about elephants from their driver when a young girl suddenly screamed out, “Mom, he has five legs!” Confused, the driver turned around to see Willy the elephant with his private parts fully exposed. Needless to say, it was a shocking and unforgettable encounter for everyone involved.

An Alien Attacked Somebody in the Audience

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Picture this: you’re on the Alien ride at Disney, expecting to be scared out of your wits by some cool mechanical creatures, when suddenly, one of them takes a nosedive straight into your lap!

Now, most of us would be running for the hills, thinking we’re about to be abducted by extraterrestrial beings, but not this brave guest. No, he had one simple request: he wanted the alien. And rumor has it, the staff delivered! But that’s not all. Disney, being the masters of damage control that they are, immediately whisked the traumatized guests away into a room filled with freebies – tickets, refunds, and all sorts of swag – basically begging them not to spill the beans to the media.

Disney Park as Final Resting Place

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While it’s hard to imagine someone wanting a Disney park to be their final resting place, there are those who believe it’s the perfect location for their loved ones. However, park employees have caught guests smuggling in the ashes of their loved ones and scattering them in the park, with the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean ride being the most common dumping grounds. The park staff strongly advise against this behavior, as it can lead to arrest, and any scattered ashes would be vacuumed away and disposed of with the rest of the park garbage. While the idea of a final resting place in a place of magical fun may seem appealing, it’s important to respect park policies and find other ways to honor your loved ones.

The Consequences of Ignoring a Kid’s Fear

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As a ride attendant, it’s important to listen to the concerns of children who are scared to ride. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a situation similar to what this attendant experienced. During a shift on a roller coaster ride, the attendant noticed a child who looked petrified. When he asked the father if the child was okay to ride, he was assured that everything was fine, so they began the ride. However, as they soared through the air, the attendant looked down and saw that the child had pooped his pants in fear. The poop fell from the ride and struck an elderly woman in the face, causing her to stumble and require an ambulance to go home. This terrible incident could have been avoided if the attendant had listened to the child’s concerns and allowed him to sit out the ride.

All in all, it’s clear that Disney parks have seen their fair share of bizarre and even dangerous incidents. From guests sneaking in ashes to parents putting their children in harm’s way for the sake of a photo, the stories shared by park employees are a reminder that not everyone who visits the Happiest Place on Earth has good intentions or common sense. Despite the challenges they face, however, Disney park employees remain dedicated to ensuring that guests have a safe and enjoyable experience. Their commitment to excellence is a testament to the magic that continues to draw millions of visitors to Disney parks around the world.