Hero to Zero: The Most Savage Trolls of Dan Campbell’s NFC Title Meltdown

Darren - January 30, 2024

Hero to Zero: The Most Savage Trolls of Dan Campbell’s NFC Title Meltdown

Darren - January 30, 2024

The Detroit Lions suffered a heartbreaking defeat against the San Francisco 49ers in the 2023-24 NFC Championship Game. Head coach Dan Campbell’s Lions led 24-7 at halftime but still managed to lose. Campbell has his critics because some people think he should have been more by the book, even though it was his aggressiveness that had gotten them to that point.

But the most savage internet trolls had even worse things to say. Campbell insisted that he had no regrets even if it was his only opportunity to make the Super Bowl. And he admitted to the team that it very well may have been. However, these savage trolls won’t allow him to forget about it anytime soon. Check out their wild reactions here.

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Leeroy Jenkins

One of the most savage trolls compared Campbell to the legendary reckless online gamer Leeroy Jenkins. They tweeted: “Detroit fans: TAKE THE POINTS” Dan Campbell: LEEROY JENKINS.” This is a reference to a legendary World of Warcraft video from 2005. A group was making an intricate battle plan when Jenkins roared his name and stormed into the melee, promptly getting the team destroyed.

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His teammates couldn’t believe what happened but they followed and lost for their efforts. Detroit fans loved this comparison because Campbell made wild calls instead of playing it safe. They could have had a couple of field goals but that’s not how Campbell plays. To be fair, he made the correct decisions by a very slim margin according to the analytics but it still doesn’t feel right.

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North Jersey

Caged Kicker

Many fans couldn’t believe that Campbell refused to send Michael Badgley onto the field. This was catnip for some of social media’s most savage trolls. One of them shared the image below and wrote the caption: “This is how Dan Campbell has his kicker on the sideline.”

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Everybody knows that Campbell justifiably doesn’t trust Badgly because he had a poor record in 2023. Statistically, he made the right calls by going for the 4th down. It was arguably dropped catches and badly executed plays that cost the Lions the game. But hey, the Internet loves this sort of reaction more.

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Intrusive Thoughts

Another fan had this hilarious reaction. They tweeted:  “Literally, all Dan Campbell had to do was ignore the intrusive thoughts just one time.” Most people couldn’t believe that he didn’t try to tie the game by sending Michael Badgley in to kick a field goal. That’s why the city is feeling pain right now and the savage trolls are out in force.

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But Campbell and his team went for it on 4th down because that’s what they do. They’ve created an entire identity from grit and biting kneecaps so this was always going to be the way it went. If it worked, it would have been legendary. But instead, he became cannon fodder for the Internet haters.

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Vegas Danger

Another clever Twitter user had a brilliant response to Campbell’s gung-ho playcalling. They wrote: “I feel terrible for Lions fans but the truth is Dan Campbell wouldn’t last 40 minutes in Vegas.” This is very funny and they probably have a point. He would probably put his life savings on black as soon as he hit the roulette table.


This would probably be a disaster or else he’d instantly win a million dollars. Campbell doesn’t do anything by halves so it would be a rollercoaster of a journey. Let’s keep him away from the Raiders job for the good of his health and his bank balance. It wouldn’t end well for anybody except for the savage trolls on social media.

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Iron Mountain

Fourth Down Forever

It’s fair to say that Campbell’s wild 4th down calls with stay with him for a long time. He insists that he did the right thing and most Detroit fans agree because they watched their team all year. However, neutrals think it’s crazy and the savage trolls loved it. One wrote:When Dan Campbell is on the sideline, fourth down goes for itself.”

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

This is probably true because it’s one of the most predictable decisions ever. Campbell believes in putting teams under pressure and forcing them to face their fears. When it works, it’s brilliant. But it leaves him with an egg on his face when the team fails. That’s the reality of the game he plays.

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Degenerate Gambler

Here’s one of the most ruthless assessments of Campbell’s qualities we’ve seen. This fan had a scathing response to the coach’s methods and the post-game fan reaction. They wrote: “Dan Campbell is the degenerate gambler everyone loves to cheer for going all-in but when he ends up dead broke everyone condemns his recklessness.”

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Campbell is one of the most divisive head coaches in the league right now. Some people think he’s a good rah-rah man but he benefits from a great team with Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn. Only time will tell if the Lions will be as effective without one or both of his coordinators behind him.

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Frozen Pain

The Internet is a goldmine for savage trolls with boundless creativity. One of them used an iconic scene from Bladerunner: 2049 to make his point. He chose Officer K’s death scene as the snow is falling around him. Then he wrote the caption: “Jared Goff after Dan Campbell just blew the Lions’ season.”

K Ryan Gosling Blade Runner 2049 1

The most striking thing about this is that Goff and Ryan Gosling share a remarkable resemblance. That may be good news if the quarterback ever wins a Super Bowl against the odds and they want to make a biopic. But right now it seems like Campbell is doing his best not to allow that to happen.

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Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

One NFL fan described Campbell as a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ because they believed he isn’t the man fans think he is. Everybody knows that the Detroit coach wears his heart on his sleeve and loves gung-ho action. Check out their crushing analysis of Campbell’s decisions (via Reddit).


They wrote: “Dan Campbell’s pride and ego cost the Lions a once-in-a-lifetime chance of a Super Bowl. Up 14 you kick the FG to make it three possessions at the end of the 3rd. All momentum shifted after failing to go for it and coincidentally he went for it again when he could make up for his mistake and tie the game proving no doubt he coaches for the glory only.”

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Don’t Speak

Michael Badgley will never be able to look Campbell in the eye again. It’s safe to say that he won’t stay in Motor City beyond the preseason because Campbell has zero trust in him. Another Internet user tweeted this caption with the following image. They wrote: “Lions Kicker: “I got this coach. Let me kick the field goal.” Dan Campbell:”

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We’d like to think that Campbell made an informed and pragmatic decision. But the savage trolls don’t want anybody to think this way because where is the fun in that? It’s more amusing to imagine that the head coach is a degenerate egotist who is robbing an existence.

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Very Beatable

Many NFL fans think it’s crazy that the Niners enter the Super Bowl as the favorite. They have an elite offense but they haven’t convinced anyone during the postseason that they’re the best team. One neutral fan thought that Campbell wasted a massive opportunity to earn his team an elusive Super Bowl spot.

Brock Purdy

They wrote: “The worst part is that the 49ers have been extremely beatable in this postseason, but their opponents refuse to finish them off. The Packers weren’t ready, the Lions kept dropping everything and Dan Campbell kept driving his head into a brick wall.” 

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“Absolutely Not”

Another of the best online reactions saw a Twitter user post a famous image from The Wolf of Wall Street. This is where Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort leans forward with one of his most iconic lines. He said “Absolutely F*****G Not” and instantly spawned millions of memes and gifs.

Vanityfair Vf Confidential Why The Wolf Of Wall Street S Jordan Belfort Is A Psychopath
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They shared the gif with the following caption: “Hey Dan, we should probably kick the field goal?” Nobody can ever say that Campbell doesn’t stay true to his principles. He also takes responsibility for them which is more than many people can say. But it won’t make Motor City any happier.

Bleacher Report

The Wonder Years

Some Detroit fans hoped that Campbell would inspire them to an era of wonder years. To be fair, this deep playoff run was the most exciting thing to happen at Ford Field for the past half-century. But spare a thought for Dan Campbell from The Wonder Years because he’s receiving awful abuse from savage trolls. Check out his response now.


The singer had a hilarious reaction to this unfortunate case of mistaken identity. He’s not the first person to be on the receiving end of a mix-up. For example, there’s another Jon Jones on Twitter who always receives horrible messages intended for the UFC fighter. The Internet is a wild place.