Hidden Facts You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift’s New Love Travis Kelce

Darren - November 21, 2023

Hidden Facts You Didn’t Know About Taylor Swift’s New Love Travis Kelce

Darren - November 21, 2023

World-loved pop star Taylor Swift is making headlines with her new love, Travis Kelce. The Kansas City tight end gained millions of new followers as he instantly became one of the nation’s most popular men. However, who is the Cleveland native really, and what makes him tick? Swifties want to know everything about their idol’s famous new boyfriend.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of facts about the Westlake native from his time in college to right now. Find out about the good and bad about Travis Kelce, from charitable foundations to cheating scandals.

Catching Kelce

Kelce is no stranger to reality TV and had a dedicated show. The tight end was the leading man in a dating series where women from each of the U.S.’s 50 states competed to date him. His fans thought that it was a fun way to see an up close and personal side of Kelce’s personality.

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However, his haters thought that he objectified women. It didn’t help that he referred to each woman by their state name instead of their actual name. In the end, Maya Benberry was the lucky winner but they only dated for a couple of months. He said that he liked her confidence but it bordered on arrogance (via Women’s Health Mag).

Number 87

Some Swifties may wonder why their idol’s new love wears the number 87. It may seem like an obscure choice but there’s a very cute reason why he picked it. Kelce loves his family and has a close relationship with his older brother Jason. The number refers to Jason’s year of birth; 1987.


It’s sweet and proves that Kelce is a sentimental person. It’s a nice tribute to his sibling who is also a successful NFL star. However, Travis had no problem defeating Jason’s Eagles in the Super Bowl in 2023. Nonetheless, Jason didn’t hold it against his brother (via Sporting News).

300 Pairs of Shoes

Swift’s new love owns a spectacular 300 pairs of shoes. Maybe they shouldn’t live together because there won’t be space for all of their clothes. Kelce adores fashion and made headlines for his flashy, distinct style. However, some people criticized him for appropriating black culture.


They also noted that he changed how he dressed after he started dating the pop superstar. Kelce says that he’s an impulse shopper and that dressing up makes him feel like a ‘superhero.’ He explained that he loved fashion ever since he was a kid growing up in Cleveland (via The Messenger).

Saturday Night Live

The Kansas City tight end has a big personality and he’s not afraid to put himself out there. He famously hosted Saturday Night Live in 2023 after he won the Super Bowl. Critics praised his humor and comic chops as they compared his edition favorably to Peyton Manning’s.

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Some athletes can’t handle the pressure of SNL and don’t have the personality. But Kelce did a solid job and The Guardian even suggested that he could be the next Dave Bautista. It’s great that Kelce is so funny because he’ll always make Swift laugh and she deserves all of the happiness in the world.

Tru Kolors

We already mentioned that Kelce is a dedicated fashionista. One of the benefits of having millions of dollars is that it enables new freedoms and opportunities. That’s why Kelce started his brand Tru Kolors. The tight end wanted to connect people through colors and to give them a way to express themselves.


It’s a noble ambition and one that belies the common stereotypes of macho football players. Kelce proves that he’s not just a meatheaded jock but a sensitive, creative soul. That’s why he managed to attract the attention of one of the most famous superstars on the planet and became her new love (via ET).


Kelce proved that he has a generous spirit by creating a charitable foundation. ‘Eight-Seven And Running’ is his way of giving back to the young people of America. He focuses on helping the youth of the nation and giving them access to opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise receive.

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It’s a noble ambition and one that fans respect a lot. Furthermore, he also donated almost a million dollars to Operation Breakdown, a charitable center in Kansas City. Kelce has a massive heart and wants to help people. Yes, he enjoys his life but he also gives back to his community (via NFL.com).

Classic Cars

Kelce loves cars and has a fascinating collection. Keen-eyed Swifties spotted him sweeping his new love away in his classic 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. It’s a classy vehicle and Kelce’s pride and joy. However, it’s not the only interesting motor in his garage because he has an entire fleet.


The tight end appreciates speed and comfort so that’s why he has an Aston Martin Vanquish S. He also owns a Rolls-Royce Ghost for luxurious occasions. Finally, he has a couple of four-wheel-drive machines including a Range Rover and a Mercedes AMG G63 (via Drive.com).

Cincy Mayor Feud

This might seem random, but Kelce has an ongoing beef with Cincinnati Mayor Aftab Puravel. This came after Puravel trash-talked Patrick Mahomes ahead of the AFC Championship against the Bengals. The mayor also supported Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow in a cringe-worthy speech.

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Kelce didn’t forget as he celebrated his team’s victory. He said: “I’ve got some wise words for that Cincinnati mayor. Know your role and shut your mouth, you jabroni!” It was a less-than-classy callout but Puravel admitted that he made a mistake by engaging with Taylor Swift’s new love (via Fox News).

New Heights Podcast

If people can’t get enough of Swift’s new love, they can check out his podcast. He co-hosts New Heights with his brother, Jason. The story goes that they were having dinner one evening with Travis’ manager, Aaron Eanes. Eanes had a eureka moment when he realized that the brothers had amazing chemistry.


He thought they had a brilliant way of interacting with each other and immediately suggested that they do a podcast. Now it’s one of the most popular NFL podcasts out there. But they don’t just talk about football as they discuss regular life including Travis’ new love Swift (via Today).

Patrick and Travis

Swifties eagerly want to know everything about their icon’s new love. Everybody knows that Travis has a close relationship with his brother Jason. However, what about his friendships outside of his family? His best friend is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, arguably the greatest player of his generation.

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Mahomes is already a two-time MVP and a bonafide Hall of Famer. He shatters records like a coal miner smashing coal. Some fans feared that Swift would develop a bond with Mahomes’ wife, Brittany. She is one of the NFL’s most polarizing figures because of her cringe videos and antics (via Essentially Sports).

Baseball Star

Everybody knows that Swift’s new love can be a bad boy. This almost cost him dearly when he played college football. He was playing quarterback for the Cincinnati Wildcats before he received a one-year suspension. The school put him on ice for a season after he tested positive for marijuana.

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He almost quit football in pursuit of baseball instead as he also played the latter in Ohio to a high level. But his brother Jason intervened and convinced Cincy to give him another shot. It changed Travis forever because he transitioned full-time to the tight end position and the rest is history (via NBC Sports).

Taking a Knee

The NFL scapegoated Colin Kaepernick when he began taking a knee to protest police violence and racial inequality. But it’s easy to forget that dozens of other athletes participated in the peaceful protest too. Kelce was one of these stars although the league would prefer if fans forgot about that.


Meanwhile, he also controversially appeared in a Bud Light commercial after the company rubbed conservatives up the wrong way. Swift’s new love isn’t afraid to stand up for the causes that he believes in. This will be a relief to her fanbase because he’s not a red-blooded lunatic (via Biography.com).

Super Bowl Spike

There was always going to be carnage after Kelce won the Super Bowl in 2023. He appeared at the NFL Draft and continued the celebration. Kelce poured a beer down the side of the Lombardi Trophy before spiking it to the ground. The moment instantly outraged football fans because it’s like a holy artifact (via Athlon Sports).

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However, Swift’s new love quickly assured everybody that it wasn’t the real thing. He told his brother on their podcast: “The people are absolutely f***ing ill if you think that I would ever disrespect the actual Lombardi trophy like that. One thousand percent a replica of it, okay? I have way too much respect for the game, the history of the game.”

Find a Breeder

If Taylor Swift wants to have children then she knows that her new love will support her. That’s because Kelce has traditional values and wants to start a family. However, the tight end rubbed some people up the wrong way with his comments about having babies. Maybe his intentions were good but his choice of words was terrible.

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He told his mother: “I gotta start breeding. I’ve gotta start breeding, to all the breeders out there.” Some haters accused him of objectifying women and didn’t appreciate his thoughts. Nonetheless, most fans agree that he didn’t mean to be offensive and was just dumb (via Huff Post).

The Friendship Bracelet

We already spoke about how sentimental Kelce can be. He brought this to another level when he tried to meet Taylor Swift for the first time at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs’ tight end went to her locker room with an adorable gift for her. It was a homemade friendship bracelet with his contact details.

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Swift didn’t meet him because she was protecting her voice but the cute move melted her heart. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but she already has the best of everything. This is why she decided to give Kelce a chance to become her new love. It’s also a lesson to the macho men out there (via InStyle).

Love Story

According to reports, Kelce has only seriously dated three women before he met Swift. First, there was Maya Benberry but that relationship didn’t last long as we’ll explain soon. Then there was Kaya Nicole, whom many people expected he would marry. In the end, they broke up and he dated Zuri Hall for a couple of months.


Hall and Nicole were friends before Swift’s new love dated the former. However, they quickly unfollowed each other on social media and sparked rumors across the world. Swift also marks a significant departure from type but Kelce has never seemed happier. Let’s see if their connection continues to flourish (via Today).

Cheating For Months

Some Swifties worry that Kelce isn’t the right man for their beloved pop princess. They think that the tight end may cheat on the Love Story singer because he allegedly has a naughty history. Maya Benberry angrily claimed that Kelce cheated on her for several moments with his future long-term girlfriend Kaya Nicole.


Some Swifties went after Benberry online because they didn’t want her to tarnish Kelce’s new relationship. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen if Kelce stays true to his new love. He appears to be a very passionate figure and he’s reached the pinnacle of achievement now (via Style Caster).

Reception Records

Swift’s fans know that sometimes she dates relatively obscure figures. For example, her longest relationship was with low-key actor Joe Alwyn. But Kelce is a bonafide superstar in his own right and a brilliant football player. The two-time Super Bowl champion has achieved many great records (via Bleacher Report).


In November 2023, he became the Chiefs’ all-time leader in receiving yards. Meanwhile, he incredibly has the records for most 1,000-yard seasons and consecutive 1,000-yard seasons by an NFL tight end. He’s an elite player and will go down as a Hall of Famer when he retires.

Stingy Spender

One of Kaya Nicole’s closest friends told Barstool Sports that Kelce is a stingy spender. They alleged that Kelce forced Nicole to pay her share because he wanted her to prove she wasn’t with him for the money. Both Kelce and Nicole denied this but where there’s smoke there’s usually a fire.

New York Post

The friend alleged: “Travis is very cheap. In the beginning, he tried to make Kayla ‘prove’ that she wasn’t with him for the money. so she had to pay half of everything. Half of every date, every trip, everything.” He won’t need to worry about this with his new love because Swift has more money than she’ll ever be able to spend.

Kelce’s Kingdom

Everybody knows that Taylor Swift’s fans have a special nickname: ‘Swifties.’ But her new love also has legions of admirers who respect everything that he achieved on the football field. They call themselves ‘Kelce’s Kingdom’ in one of the coolest monikers out there today.


Now it looks like Kelce is looking for a queen to share his glories with. But in Swift, he’s moving up in the world because she’s a superstar beyond his wildest dreams. Nobody who dates Swift understands the levels of scrutiny that they’ll face because it’s insane (via Buzzfeed News).