Top 30 Sports Movies Of All-Time

By Darren
Top 30 Sports Movies Of All-Time

Who doesn’t love a good sports movie?

We all love watching sports in real life, but sometimes, a movie can almost as good. There’s nothing quite like the emotional rollercoaster of a sports drama to inspire you.

Some sports movies are powerful underdog stories where teams and individuals win against all of the odds. Others on this list are hilarious comedies which offer a less serious take on alternative sports. There are also a few, like “Moneyball,” that totally changed our perception of what a sports movie could be.

There are just so many good sports movies out there. We broke down the greatest below, so enjoy and tell us your favorites.

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30. Million Dollar Baby

Devastatingly brilliant, Million Dollar Baby put another spin on the classic boxing movie. Hilary Swank is excellent as Maggie Fitzgerald, a female boxer who dreams of making it big. The problem is that nobody takes her seriously at all. When Maggie walks into Frankie Dunn’s gym, she’s laughed at.

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However, despite her age and lack of skill, she strikes up a bond with the aging trainer. Subsequently, they go on an emotional rollercoaster of a journey to the top of the boxing world. Starring Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman, this film definitely packs a punch.