20 NFL Games That Were Utterly Unwatchable

By Darren
20 NFL Games That Were Utterly Unwatchable

Football is America’s most popular sport. Whether it’s playing it or sitting back and watching a game with some wings and a beer, this game brings joy to many people’s lives. However, not every display is brilliant. Some games are totally unwatchable for a number of reasons. After the global health crisis decimated the Baltimore Ravens in 2020, their game against the Steelers was pathetic.

But there are many reasons behind unwatchable games. Firstly, sometimes teams don’t show up and just play incredibly badly. Then, there are rare occasions when freak weather affects the game. These occasions can be entertaining because of the novelty factor but visibility and playing quality can be poor. Meanwhile, poor officiating also ruins games. The possibilities are endless. We looked at 20 NFL games that were just unwatchable for one reason or another. Check out the list below via Liveabout.com.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

20. New Orleans Saints vs. Miami Dolphins – 2017:

It was a rainy Saturday evening at Wembley Stadium in London and the NFL was on tour. Almost 100,000 fans packed into the arena because of the novelty factor. However, the Saints and Dolphins totally let them down with a dismal, almost unwatchable performance. Maybe it was jet lag, but whatever it was, the two teams took an age to ignite and totally disappointed the masses.

In the end, the Saints defeated the Dolphins 20-0 but all of their points came in the second half. At least the overseas fans saw a few scores, but it wasn’t great by any means. Adam Gase called the Dolphins’ offense ‘garbage’ because they were. When the NFL goes to another country it’s all about the spectacle, but neither of these teams was able to live up to the occasion.