30 Professional Athletes Who Are Huge Party Animals

Darren - October 27, 2020

30 Professional Athletes Who Are Huge Party Animals

Darren - October 27, 2020

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14. Dustin Johnson

On his day, Johnson is one of the best golfers in the world. Yet Johnson has also struggled with substance abuse in the past. Between 2009 and 2014, he failed three drug tests. The first was for marijuana, but the second two were for cocaine. The latter drug in particular has dogged Johnson’s career and severely damaged his reputation. However, he rebounded to become the reigning World Number One in 2020.

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Johnson’s love for a good party was notorious in high-level golf circles but infuriated NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. Why should Johnson care what Gretzky thinks? It was because he was dating the hockey icon’s daughter. Gretzky warned him that he would do his best to block his daughter’s relationship with him if he didn’t sober up. In sum, Johnson listened and now the couple has two children together.

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13. Patrick Kane

Kane is a much more mature player now and is even one of the Chicago Blackhawks’ captains. However, this wasn’t always the case for the Art Ross Trophy winner. When he was a younger athlete, he was definitely one of the wildest figures in a sport full of players who love to party. However, Kane couldn’t avoid trouble. But the most notorious incident involved a taxi driver who expected a tip.

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Kane handed the driver $15 dollars and expected $1.20 in change. When the driver didn’t hand back any change, Kane hit him in the face. Then there was the time he went to the University of Wisconsin and drunkenly partied to the delight of showbiz media all over America. Overall, the resulting photos were very embarrassing but it’s all in the past now.

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12. Charles Barkley

Most people think of Barkley’s time with the Phoenix Suns when they look back on his career. The Alabama native was a phenomenal player. An 11-time All-Star, he was also the 1993 NBA MVP award. But Barkley also loved to party and have fun. Renowned for his cheesy grin, you can just tell by looking at him that this man is full of mischief. But in 2008, he ramped it up to the next level.

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A police officer stopped Barkley on suspicion of committing a DUI offense. Then the intoxicated Barkley explained how the girl he was with was about to give him oral sex. He claimed that she had given him the best he ever had the week before. The officer brought him to the police station. Barkley promised one of the precinct employees that if he could go he would get his name tattooed on his backside.

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11. Dwight Gooden

Gooden was a hero for the New York Mets but had countless demons off the field. The four-time All-Star also won the World Series three times. But substance abuse wrecked his later career. He even missed the 1986 victory parade because he was taking drugs with his dealer. Then over the next few years, he proceeded to go off the rails and consumed more and more cocaine.

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The failed drug tests piled up and suspensions followed. Finally, his wife even discovered him holding a gun to his head in their bedroom. Unfortunately, Gooden hasn’t been able to shake his addiction. In 2019 police arrested him again after discovering bags of cocaine in his car. Gooden was incredibly talented but is unable to shake his coke habit. It’s one of the most tragic stories on this list.

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10. Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin is probably the biggest party animal in hockey. The Russian loves any excuse to open a beer. When the Capitals won the Stanley Cup in 2018 for the first time, Ovechkin led by example and kicked the party off. It turned into a carnival of chaos as the player and his teammates dived into fountains on the waterfront. After a wild day, he even ended up slow-dancing with his mother.

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The Russian took the Stanley Cup on a weekend bender around the city because he wanted to share it with the people. There’s something very wholesome about Ovechkin’s love of a good time. He had his 35th birthday bash in 2020 and once more produced the goods. There were smoke machines and pyrotechnics at the venue in his native Russia, as well as a live concert.

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9. Diego Maradona

When somebody pays you to party with Pablo Escobar in prison, it says a lot about the type of person that you are. Maradona is a two-time World Cup winner, amongst many other accolades. But the Argentinian’s later life is notable for his love of alcohol, cocaine, and women. In sum, his many vices have even brought him to the brink of death because he is unable to stop.

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From being the greatest soccer player on the planet to a full-blown cokehead, Maradona is a wild man. In 2013, the then-52-year-old partied until the early hours in a Buenos Aires nightclub. Then he threatened them with permanent closure if they stopped playing music. Meanwhile, he has also allegedly suffered heart attacks related to his drug habit. It’s one wild party after another for Maradona.

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8. Mike Tyson

In his autobiography, Tyson admitted that he loved cocaine. The iconic heavyweight champion snorted it before fights and even used a fake penis to avoid drug test detections. Furthermore, he partied insanely hard. He admits to paying for orgies and spending outrageous sums of money on women. He even bought them cars. In sum, Tyson was out of control.

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Meanwhile, his 30th birthday saw everybody from Oprah Winfrey to Donald Trump attend. He also reserved 19 rooms in his house for different girls that he wanted to sleep with. Tyson packed on the pounds as life went on as he allowed himself to slip out of control. However, he reevaluated his life and now spends his days smoking marijuana and training instead.

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7. Dennis Rodman

Former Detroit Piston and Chicago Bull Rodman is one of the most colorful characters ever to play in the NBA. His love for parties was truly the stuff of legend because they were neverending. Furthermore, he dated the likes of Carmen Electra and Madonna to seal a bad boy image. Rodman also dyed his hair in different ways and wore many piercings on his face.

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One time, the Bulls gave him special dispensation to go to Las Vegas for 48 hours. Michael Jordan went to look for him because he never came back. Then the team organized a special conditioning camp to get Rodman back into shape. However, the eccentric star proceeded to beat the rest of the team in the toughest cardio drill. When he retired, Rodman became good friends with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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6. Ronaldo

Ronaldo inspired Brazil to World Cup glory in 2002 but there is still a sense of underachievement around his career. He suffered a series of devastating injuries that robbed him of his pace and power as time went on. But his love for nightlife also affected his professionalism. Overall, he was a major party animal and would even bring busloads of girls to his house during his days in Madrid.

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Over the years, he packed on the pounds and gained the unfortunate nickname ‘Fat Ronaldo.’ This differentiated from Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo who ironically possesses one of the greatest physiques in sport. Furthermore, he used to drink all night and come to training the next day without having slept and still hungover. Life is too short not to enjoy it, right?

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5. Matt Leinart

Former Heisman Trophy winner Leinart never lived up to the high expectations that surrounded him when he came out of college. The Arizona Cardinals drafted him in 2006 and expected him to emerge as a franchise quarterback. However, he failed to be anything more than a back-up. When he finally got the opportunity to be a starter, he blew it. But the NFL bust was good at one thing: partying.

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Leinart spent his life in a drunken haze. Photos constantly emerged of him in hot tubs with numerous attractive young women. Obviously, this sounds awesome but it’s not exactly conducive to the lifestyle of an elite athlete. The former USC star loved beer pong more than football and his NFL career ended at the age of 28. It was such a waste of talent, but the party life took over.

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4. Jon Jones

Many regard Jones as the greatest UFC fighter of all-time. The former four-time light-heavyweight champion has never lost a title fight. Despite his successes inside the cage, he has been unable to avoid controversies outside of it. A lot of this stems from the fact that he became the youngest champion ever. In short, this helped him discover the joys of money and cocaine.

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His list of party-related incidents is endless. Most infamously, in 2015, he drunkenly crashed into a pregnant woman’s car and fled the scene. Then a strip club waitress sued him for inappropriate conduct after he allegedly choked her and kissed her on the neck while she was working. Finally, in 2020, he drank tequila with homeless people and fired his gun into the air. Of course, police arrested him for all of these misdemeanors.

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3. Ronaldinho

Brazilian World Cup icon Ronaldinho’s party animal reputation is legendary. His career began to decline from 2008 onwards as his love for nightlife took over. Barcelona shipped him to AC Milan where he partied hard for three years. Later he went back to his native Brazil where he actually demanded a ‘party’ clause in his contract with Flamengo. Begrudgingly, the club agreed to allow him to party two nights a week.

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Meanwhile, when he moved to Mexico with Queretaro, his teammates claimed that he never trained on Mondays and always flew to Cancun to party after games. Finally, in 2019, Paraguayan police arrested him for trying to sneak into the country on a fake passport. They put him under house arrest for three months. But this still didn’t stop him from partying as he hosted models and South American celebrities. In sum, his commitment is inspiring.

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2. Conor McGregor

Irish UFC superstar McGregor is infamous for his antics outside the cage. The MMA fighter’s love of a party has got him into trouble so many times. There was the time he flew more than 20 friends to New York by private jet to drunkenly storm the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. Another time police arrested him outside a Florida nightclub for breaking a man’s phone.

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In 2019, he punched an older man because the latter didn’t want to drink McGregor’s whiskey. When the Notorious parties, he goes hard. In 2017 he went on a three-day binge in Liverpool, as he rocked from house party to house party. This resulted in a woman claiming that he was the father of her child. To sum up, it’s never boring when the former two-weight champion is around.

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1. Tyson Fury

A self-confessed manic depressive, Fury had one of the biggest meltdowns in sports history after beating Wladimir Klitschko. ‘The Gypsy King’ began binge-drinking and consumed cocaine by the bagful in 2016. Furthermore, his weight ballooned up from 16 stone close to 30 stone. This came from his hard-drinking, party animal lifestyle, where he lived off of kebabs and deteriorated to a shell of himself.

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However, Fury put all of this behind him in 2018. Two years after his breakdown, the UK fighter rebounded to fight Deontay Wilder in one of the most astonishing comebacks boxing has ever seen. The former unified champion added the WBC belt to his CV with the win. But Fury still loves a party atmosphere. He always sings after his fights and dresses flamboyantly to show off his personality.