30 Sporting Goods Fans Are Aching To Use When Social Distancing Ends

Darren - April 22, 2020

30 Sporting Goods Fans Are Aching To Use When Social Distancing Ends

Darren - April 22, 2020

The current situation has most people trapped indoors. It’s very difficult to motivate yourself to exercise and stay healthy. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for life after lockdown. You can get ready by purchasing some new exciting sports good for when this all ends.

So today, we’re going to look at 30 different items from all areas of sports. Some of them you can use for any athletic activity, while others are specific to their sport. They’re all exceptionally good value and perfect to use when we’re finally free again. Check out the list below.

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30. [amazon link=”B07L6L7F9P” title=”Life Bottle” /]

Water is an essential part of our day-to-day lives. Most people don’t drink enough water, but the Life Bottle is here to change that. It holds up to one gallon or four liters, which is what you definitely aren’t drinking every day.

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As well as a slick design, Life Bottle also has time markings so that you know how much to drink throughout the day. Life Bottle takes care of you from day to night so your body gets everything it needs uncluding full hydration and a full night’s rest. Shock resistant and BPA free, this bottle will assist your trips to the gym.

You can buy this item right here: [amazon link=”B07L6L7F9P” ] [amazon fields=”B07L6L7F9P” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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29. [amazon link=”B01KPUHBS8″ title=”Garmin Forerunner 35″ /]

When it comes to GPS devices, it’s hard to look past Garmin. Their stylish, easy-to-use watch removes the need for a chest strap because it tracks your heart rate as well as your steps. With its sleek design, you can wear it day-to-day without attracting any stares.

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It also counts your calories and helps you to meet fitness goals. It has buttons instead of a touch screen, which actually makes it easier to use when you’re running. Furthermore, it has features like long battery life and waterproof casing.

You can buy this item right here: [amazon link=”B01KPUHBS8″ ] [amazon fields=”B01KPUHBS8″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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28. [amazon link=”B07T95QLY6″ title=”TSLA Compression Pants” /]

Compression pants are increasingly popular for all kinds of sports. From running to soccer, MMA to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, they’re incredibly versatile. If you ride a motorcycle, you can even wear them underneath your clothes as an added protective layer. But which ones should you get?

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TSLA are an exciting and much-cheaper alternative to mainstream brands like Adidas and UnderArmor. They’re also very stylish with excellent elasticity and durability. Their compression pants release heat and wick moisture for a cooling effect. You can wear them by themselves or underneath shorts.

You can check out this item right here: [amazon link=”B07T95QLY6″ ] [amazon fields=”B07T95QLY6″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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27. [amazon link=”B07JG523J1″ title=”Adidas Adizero 8.0 Cleats” /]

It doesn’t matter who you are. If you play football, you want to have the best cleats in the business. In short, it’s essential both for the sake of performance and to show off to your friends. When you’re buying footwear, it’s always worth spending a bit more so the shoes don’t fall apart after a few weeks.

Mandatory Credit: Lifestyle

The Adizero series is perfect for fast players. Their low-profile design and lightweight build make them perfect for speed play and low fatigue. The sock-sleeve also makes it easier to take on and off while enhancing a secure fit. Perfect for most field sports, including football and lacrosse.

You can buy this item right here: [amazon link=”B07JG523J1″ ] [amazon fields=”B07JG523J1″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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26. [amazon link=”B00I1BDFA2″ title=”Shock Doctor Mouthguard” /]

Accidents can and will happen in every contact sport. From basketball to football to boxing, there’s always an element of risk involved. One part of your body that you can protect is your smile. We assume that your Mom or your girlfriend likes it, so it’s worth investing in a mouthguard.

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Of course, you can go high-end and get an expensive molded one. If you can afford that, fantastic. But if that’s a bit more than you want to spend right now, get a Shock Doctor. They’re one of the most trusted brands in the space and have proven quality mouthguards.

You can buy this item right here: [amazon link=”B00I1BDFA2″ ] [amazon fields=”B00I1BDFA2″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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25. [amazon link=”B083KQSYFW” title=”Gorilla Force CO2 cartridges” /]

You’re cycling on your bike when all of a sudden the ride gets bumpy. Oh no, you have a puncture. It’s an inconvenience, but it’s not the end of the world. Get your repair kit out and patch it up. But where it gets awkward is when you have to blow up your tire with air.

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These days, you don’t have to lug around a bicycle pump. Use a CO2 cartridge and save yourself a lot of hassle. Perfect for quick, tubeless tire inflation when you need a fast burst of air to make a seal. You’ll never want to use your pump again. These cartridges have changed the game.

You can buy them right here: [amazon link=”B083KQSYFW” ] [amazon fields=”B083KQSYFW” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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24. [amazon link=”B016RAMIW4″ title=”Dark Iron Weightlifting Belt” /]

Unless you’ve got a fantastic home gym, then your powerlifting aspirations have probably gone out of the window. Even if you do, most people just like going to the regular gym because it gives them a sense of purpose. However, that’s obviously not an option at the moment.

Mandatory Credit: Dark Iron Fitness

But when gyms do reopen, make sure you’re prepared. Get yourself a great weightlifting belt to protect your back when you lift. When it comes to your back, you shouldn’t take risks. Dark Iron has a brilliant leather option that doesn’t wear out like those made from cheaper materials.

Check it out right here: [amazon link=”B016RAMIW4″ ] [amazon fields=”B016RAMIW4″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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23. [amazon link=”B0009VELG4″ title=”Spalding NBA Street Basketball” /]

There’s nothing quite like shooting a few hoops with your friends on a summer’s evening. Unfortunately, the health crisis has got in the way of that. But when it ends, you want a good ball to play with. Trust us; it makes a difference.

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You get what you pay for. Why buy a $10 ball that bursts every month when you can get a Spalding. Durable with tremendous grip, it’s perfect for regular players who know they’re going to get good use out of it. Designed for outdoor play, it’s available in the official NBA size.

You can buy this item right here: [amazon link=”B0009VELG4″ ] [amazon fields=”B0009VELG4″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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22. [amazon link=”B019ZK0WS0″ title=”UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support” /]

Running is a fantastic form of exercise. It’s brilliant for improving your cardio and losing weight. However, the one significant disadvantage it has is a high impact on your knees. Many diehard runners end up suffering nasty knee problems due to increased wear and tear on the joints.

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But if you want to get back out on the asphalt and not worry about that, there’s a solution. UFlex offers one of the best sleeves supports in the business. With a compression fit, it relieves stress on your knees and cushions the impact. It also heats up the muscles to aid recovery.

Check them out right here: [amazon link=”B019ZK0WS0″ ] [amazon fields=”B019ZK0WS0″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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21. [amazon link=”B006CU9P1C” title=”EZ Drinker Beer Can Holster” /]

Not everybody has the same idea of what an outdoor activity should entail. Camping is a very popular activity in North America. Whether you’re hunting or fishing with your buddies, you want to enjoy the experience. Some have fun by bringing beer into the equation.

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EZ has you covered with their amazing beer can holster. In short, it’s basically a bandolier for your beer. Available in two sizes, it can hold either six or 12 beers. Furthermore, it’s got a camouflage design so it won’t give you away when you’re hunting. Very practical.

You can buy this item right here: [amazon link=”B006CU9P1C” ] [amazon fields=”B006CU9P1C” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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20. [amazon link=”B07KY3DZ66″ title=”RunGuard Natural Anti-Chafe” /]

We admit that it’s not the sexiest sporting good on this list, but it’s definitely one of the most essential. Getting chafed to bits isn’t fun. Any serious runner or cyclist will tell you this because it’s definitely an impediment to your progress. That’s where RunGuard comes in.

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They are the market leaders in protecting athletes from chafing. Made from all-natural plant ingredients and beeswax, simply rub it onto the more vulnerable parts of your body. It’s totally waterproof so it doesn’t matter how humid or rainy it is. In sum, it’s perfect for walkers or runners who are just starting out.

Find it here: [amazon link=”B07KY3DZ66″ ] [amazon fields=”B07KY3DZ66″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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19. [amazon link=”B08411DQ96″ title=”Polar H9 Heart Rate Sensor” /]

Polar is one of the best brands in running technology today. With their apps and gadgets, there’s something for every athlete. Their heart rate sensors are fantastic and compatible with all smartphones and watches through Bluetooth. It’s waterproof and ideal to wear if you’re training for a marathon, triathlon, or cycling.

Mandatory Credit: Polar

As well as tracking your heart rate, it also keeps count of the number of burnt calories. If you’re serious about getting results, you need to invest in a chest strap. Smartphone apps just aren’t as accurate as a specialized piece of equipment like this. Worth every dime.

Available right here: [amazon link=”B08411DQ96″ ] [amazon fields=”B08411DQ96″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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18. [amazon link=”B07B438ZBL” title=”New Balance 608v5 Cross Trainers” /]

New Balance has some of the best sneakers on the market. The US company is also a bit cheaper than its biggest competitors like Nike or Adidas, but doesn’t sacrifice performance or style points. The 608v5 is a case in point because it’s perfect for both active and day-to-day wear.

Mandatory Credit: Footlocker

One of the shoe’s standout features is their excellent cushioning. This makes them great for both running and walking. They’re also lighter than the old v4 series, making them even better. Furthermore, they’re available in all-black leather so you can get away with them as a casual, comfortable office shoe.

You can buy them here: [amazon link=”B07B438ZBL” ] [amazon fields=”B07B438ZBL” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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17. [amazon link=”B07SHRLRJC” title=”iGank Simple Walking Pedometer” /]

Sometimes you don’t want to use fancy equipment. FitBits and smartphones are great, but not everybody wants those bells and whistles. The trouble with smartphones is they’re bulky and are a distraction. Meanwhile, FitBits have so many functions it takes time to get to grips with.

Mandatory Credit: iGank

Just get yourself a simple pedometer. Hook it onto your belt or in your pocket and move. It’s really that easy. If you want to track your steps and distance then you really need nothing else. Save $100 and get one of these instead. Durable and totally functional, this is all you need for those long walks or runs.

Purchase it here: [amazon link=”B07SHRLRJC” ] [amazon fields=”B07SHRLRJC” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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16. [amazon link=”B01IJ183U0″ title=”Sparx X Triathlon Suit” /]

Triathlons are one of the toughest sports to prepare for. But if you’re looking for inspiration, a triathlon could be what gets you off the couch. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in your first entry, then Sparx X has the perfect skins for you. They perform beautifully.

Mandatory Credit: fado

Comfortable for all body types, they hide the bits you want to hide. With an added bonus of four storage pockets, it’s a great skin that dries very quickly. Even if you’re not the best swimmer, you don’t need to worry because it doesn’t impede you. Much better than many skins that cost $100 more.

Find them here: [amazon link=”B01IJ183U0″ ] [amazon fields=”B01IJ183U0″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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15. [amazon link=”B00VB8X8SG” title=”Fairtex F-Day Boxing Gloves” /]

If you’re a boxer or martial artist of any kind, you’re probably itching to hit somebody. Even if you have a heavy bag at home, it’s just not the same as doing a few rounds of sparring at the gym. But when your club reopens their doors, you can be ready with the best gear out there.

Mandatory Credit: Fight Outlet

With some of the best training gloves in the business, Fairtex is a globally-recognized brand. Their F-Day range is ideal for both boxing and kickboxing. Make sure you get 14 or 16-ounce mitts. With a lot of hand room, they fit very comfortably. There’s also a lot of wrist protection.

Available now: [amazon link=”B00VB8X8SG” ] [amazon fields=”B00VB8X8SG” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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14. [amazon link=”B074WHM4PV” title=”Pflueger President Spinning Reel” /]

If you’ve been living off chips, freezer meals and delivery pizza for the last few weeks, then you’re going to be desperate for self-isolation to end. You also probably want to get as far away from your home and family as possible. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and fishing is the perfect rehabilitation.

Mandatory Credit: Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The Pflueger President reel is fantastic for the price. It’s light and casts very smoothly. It’s also very comfortable in the hand. The rubber handle on the reel grips wet or dry fingers. In sum, it’s perfect for river and lake fishing. You can almost feel that fresh air on your face right now.

Buy it here: [amazon link=”B074WHM4PV” ] [amazon fields=”B074WHM4PV” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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13. [amazon link=”B01N6S4J18″ title=”HEAD Conquest Racket” /]

When self-isolation is over, it could be time to start something new. How about trying a new sport like tennis? The problem is that you need a partner, which isn’t great when you need to stay at home. But the perfect racket is waiting for you.

Mandatory Credit: Gopher Sports

It’s difficult to know where to start in the crowded world of tennis rackets. HEAD is one of the best brands in the sport. Their Conquest racket is perfect for beginners. If you’re just starting out, don’t spend hundreds of dollars on the most expensive gear. Get this well-balanced beauty for a bargain instead.

Check it out right here: [amazon link=”B01N6S4J18″ ] [amazon fields=”B01N6S4J18″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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12. [amazon link=”B01N6E3ZA0″ title=”AQUA Fitness Floatation Belt” /]

Unfortunately, going to your public swimming pool probably isn’t an option right now. Many people go to their pool for classes like aqua-aerobics and resistance training. They’re also fantastic for aiding recovery from serious injuries because there is less impact on the body.

Mandatory Credit: Youtube

AQUA Fitness has a great belt that’s perfect for underwater jogging and pool sports. Optimized for balance and safety in both deep and shallow water, it’s a very versatile piece of equipment. It’s also chlorine-resistant and will help develop muscle tone and cardio.

Buy it right here: [amazon link=”B01N6E3ZA0″ ] [amazon fields=”B01N6E3ZA0″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

Mandatory Credit: AiRunTech

11. [amazon link=”B07QDW8T87″ title=”AiRunTech Running Belt” /]

If you like to run long distances, then you’ve probably had to deal with the problem of how to carry your belongings. Running belts are a solution, but many of them bounce around and are uncomfortable when you’re trying to move at a fast pace. If you’re doing a marathon, this is not good at all.

Mandatory Credit: AliExpress

However, AiRunTech has one of the best on the market for a bargain price. Capable of holding two water bottles as well as cell phones, energy bars, and credit cards, it’s perfect for any runner. It also has reflective patches for increased safety. It’s the ultimate in freedom and comfort.

You can buy it here: [amazon link=”B07QDW8T87″ ] [amazon fields=”B07QDW8T87″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

Mandatory Credit: FRDM

10. [amazon link=”B079K5TGVH” title=”FRDM Midweight Gloves” /]

If you want to go hiking, then it’s worth investing in a decent pair of gloves. Mountain weather can be very changeable even during the warmer months of the year. In short, there’s nothing like frostbite to put a damper on your day out. But don’t worry, because FRDM have you covered.

Mandatory Credit: FRDM

Waterproof, windproof, and insulated, these gloves are fantastic. They’re also convertible, so if you find yourself in an emergency situation where you need to send a life or death message on your phone, you don’t need to take your gloves off.

Buy them right here: [amazon link=”B079K5TGVH” ] [amazon fields=”B079K5TGVH” value=”price” format=”linked”]

Mandatory Credit: Huntspot

9. [amazon link=”B01E4YVCOA” title=”CV Life Tactical Bipod” /]

A lot of folks will be excited to go out hunting when this is all over and done with. Being stuck at home definitely isn’t good for your mental health. Too much sitting around while gorging on Tiger King, pizza and beer have us all in a heap. But hopefully soon it will be over and we’ll be able to go back out into the wilderness.

Mandatory Credit: Huntspot

Of course, you want to be prepared. A gem buried in a crowded market, CV Life has outdone themselves here. Honestly, for the price, you really can’t do much better than this. Hunters will easily spend $100 more on a bipod that doesn’t work as well as this one. In short, it’s durable, lightweight and perfect for your next adventure.

You can buy it here: [amazon link=”B01E4YVCOA” ] [amazon fields=”B01E4YVCOA” value=”price” format=”linked”]

Mandatory Credit: Healthline

8. [amazon link=”B0040XF2RE” title=”Tone Fitness Weighted Vest” /]

It doesn’t matter who you are or what sport you participate in, running is one of the most effective forms of exercise there is. Sure, if you’re lucky enough to have a treadmill you can still use that, but nothing beats the fresh air of the great outdoors.

Mandatory Credit: Muscle and Fitness

Wearing a weighted vest adds a new dimension to your running. Tone Fitness offers a 12-lb. option available in two colors. If you want to burn more calories and increase your bone density, then this is for you. Even simply walking with it on you will have a lot of benefits.

Check it out here: [amazon link=”B0040XF2RE” ] [amazon fields=”B0040XF2RE” value=”price” format=”linked”]

Mandatory Credit: Sanabul

 7. [amazon link=”B0773WQHGG” title=”Sanabul Focus Mitts” /]

If you’re a combat sports aficionado, then you’re probably very sad right now. It’s really not the time to be sweating all over each other and swapping bodily fluids, so don’t go sparring with your friends just yet. But when it’s safe to train again in groups, you’ll want the best equipment.

Mandatory Credit: Sanabul

There is no company specializing in combat sports equipment with better value on the market today than Sanabul. These focus mitts stand up to the hardest strikes, protecting your hands. Designed to last, these bargain molded mitts will absorb thousands of shots. Available in a range of colors.

Find your pads here: [amazon link=”B0773WQHGG” ] [amazon fields=”B0773WQHGG” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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 6. [amazon link=”B01JYY7M5S” title=”Teton Sports Explorer Backpack” /]

Unfortunately, now is not the time to be going for long hikes in the woods. Everybody has to stay at home and avoid putting a strain on emergency services. But when this is all over, you’ll probably want to get as far away from your family as possible. We recommend getting a new backpack for the journey.

Mandatory Credit: Youtube

However, you can’t go for a long hike with just any old backpack. Teton Sports offer this magnificent 65-liter option that’s perfect for three or four-day trips. If you want to go hunting with your friends, this is the one for you. Think about how much beer you could fit into this thing.

You can buy it here: [amazon link=”B01JYY7M5S” ] [amazon fields=”B01JYY7M5S” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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5. [amazon link=”B007N0WUZ8″ title=”Easton B2000 Bat” /]

When it comes to sports like baseball, it’s easy to spend a lot of money quickly. These types of games require a lot of equipment. If you don’t know what you’re buying, you could end up with trash. There’s nothing worse than a wooden bat that breaks after a few games.

Mandatory Credit: Youtube

That’s why the Eastwood B2000 is such a bargain. Eastwood handcrafts each bat in California, so it’s local craftsmanship. It’s available in three sizes, from 32-34 inches and is suitable for minor league games. This is simply extraordinarily good value for a classic American bat.

Buy them right here: [amazon link=”B007N0WUZ8″ ] [amazon fields=”B007N0WUZ8″ value=”price” format=”linked”] 

Mandatory Credit: Flambeau Outdoors

4. [amazon link=”B000P9YEDU” title=”Flambeau Outdoors Bow Case” /]

Thanks to the influence of the likes of Joe Rogan, bowhunting and archery have grown in popularity over the past couple of years. There really isn’t anything quite like the primal feel of going out into the wilderness and firing off a few shots. It’s an incredibly primal feeling.

Mandatory Credit: Flambeau Outdoors

But, of course you want to look good doing it. Stand out from the crowd with Flambeau’s awesome bow case. Designed to protect a compound bow and up to 12 arrows, it’s stylish and durable. Made in the USA, Flambeau is a family-owned company.

You can buy it here: [amazon link=”B000P9YEDU” ] [amazon fields=”B000P9YEDU” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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3. [amazon link=”B07MSYTQNM” title=”FitBit Inspire HR” /]

Fitbits are awesome, but not very practical for self-isolation. You want to track your calories and steps walked but it’s just not the same if you’re on a treadmill. Needless to say, the miles don’t add up if you’re just walking to the fridge all day. But when we’re finally free, they’re amazing devices.

Mandatory Credit: iTest

Water-resistant with a battery life of five days, the Inspire HR also packs 15 different types of exercise and fitness tracking onto your wrist. Like the more-expensive Charge 3, it has sleep and heart-rate monitoring, smartphone notifications and more, but in a more svelte package. Excellent value for the price.

Check them out here: [amazon link=”B07MSYTQNM” ] [amazon fields=”B07MSYTQNM” value=”price” format=”linked”]

Mandatory Credit: Pinemeadow

2. [amazon link=”B002S53M9G” title=”Pinemeadow Wedge” /]

One sport that’s difficult to play right now is golf. For many people, it’s fantastic because it’s easy to socialize as you walk around. If you’re itching to get back out on the course, then you want the best equipment available. That’s where Pinemeadow comes into play.

Mandatory Credit: Pinemeadow

They have some excellent options for very reasonable prices For example, take their brilliant 68-degree steel wedge. It’s one of the biggest bargains on the internet today. Available in four different sizes, it’s ideal for up-and-coming golfers who want to get bang for their buck.

Buy them right here: [amazon link=”B002S53M9G” ] [amazon fields=”B002S53M9G” value=”price” format=”linked”]

Mandatory Credit: Kuyou

1. [amazon link=”B01C5O9T50″ title=”KuYou Hydration Pack” /]

If you’re going for a long-distance hike or cycle, you don’t want to stop to fiddle about with a bottle of water. You want the most convenient option available. For many people, a hydration backpack is the best option. KuYou has a fantastic two-liter option that’s one of the best in the business.

Mandatory Credit: Kuyou

Completely pressure-tolerant and leakproof, it’s simple to use. Just pull out the mouthpiece and drink. Push it back to close. In short, it’s really that easy. It also has a second layer for essential belongings like your cell phone, keys, and credit cards, etc. To sum up, this is a gamechanger for cyclists.

Buy it here: [amazon link=”B01C5O9T50″ ] [amazon fields=”B01C5O9T50″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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