End Of An Era: All Of Bill Belichick’s Best and Worst Moments

Darren - January 12, 2024

End Of An Era: All Of Bill Belichick’s Best and Worst Moments

Darren - January 12, 2024

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The Ringer

Super Bowl LI

This game remains one of Belichick’s most glorious moments because the result was insane. Nobody gave the Patriots a hope of achieving victory after the Falcons took a 28-3 lead. It should have been insurmountable but then Atlanta had a meltdown. It was one of the most dramatic comebacks ever.

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The Patriots scored touchdown after touchdown as the Falcons wilted in front of them. Finally, they won 34-28 to complete the victory and win Belichick’s fifth Super Bowl as a head coach. Meanwhile, the Falcons never recovered from this defeat and went into disarray over the following seasons (via The Ringer).

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Super Bowl XXXVI

Belichick won his first Super Bowl as a head coach in 2001. It was an amazing season because nobody gave them hope. They lost their starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe to injury for the season. This saw them throw the unproven Tom Brady into the fray. New England annoyed their rivals along the way including the Raiders in the infamous ‘Tuck Rule Game.’

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Finally, they faced ‘The Greatest Show on Turf’ in the St. Louis Rams. Kurt Warner’s men entered the game as betting favorites but Belichick pulled off another outstanding defensive masterclass. The Rams only put up 17 points as the Patriots won their first Super Bowl in franchise history (via CBS).



Many people will always think of ‘Spygate’ when they hear Belichick’s name. The Patriots and their head coach earned notoriety in 2007 after the Jets accused them of cheating. Coach Eric Mangini said that they were videotaping the Gang Green’s defensive signals. Belichick apologized but said that he believed he was following the rules.

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However, the NFL didn’t think so as they fined him $500,000. Meanwhile, Mangini coined the brilliant moniker ‘Belicheat’ and it became synonymous with the Patriots coach. New England also lost a first-round draft pick for their troubles after the NFL found them guilty (via