Foul Play: Hilarious Fan-Made Sports Signs That Stole The Show

Darren - November 16, 2023

Foul Play: Hilarious Fan-Made Sports Signs That Stole The Show

Darren - November 16, 2023

Puppy Time

It looks like this is a Kansas City Royals baseball game. These fans are having a fantastic time as they enjoy the ballgame. But one fan has an even bigger smile on her face as she brandishes a massive sign above her head. The poster has a picture of a corgi with a brilliant caption.


The lady’s sign says that her partner will buy her a puppy if they win. We wonder if he secretly wants one and he’s using the Royals’ game as an excuse. Perhaps, they’re on a bad run and he’s secretly rooting against his team for the first time. We can’t be certain but it’s a hilarious sign (via Fox Sports).

No Mercy

Some sports fans use signs as a way to signal disapproval. We can see the example below because it shows that this hockey fan has no time for officials. Once again, we don’t advocate abusing referees because they have a very tough job. But sometimes it feels like the world is against our teams.

Stadium Talk

That’s why we don’t blame the man above for waving this sign at the officials. He’s not a happy camper but he’s going to make his point. We wonder if the referee turned and saw his message because it wouldn’t inspire confidence. The fans around him don’t look very pleased either (via Sportskeeda).

I Have Cramps Too!

Lebron James is one of the greatest NBA players ever but he rubbed some Miami fans the wrong way in 2014. Cramps afflicted him in Game One of the NBA Finals and he exited multiple times. Many people reacted derisively and called him soft for his inability to play through the pain barrier.


This fan had a hilarious message for the former MVP. She told him that she also had cramps, a struggle that most women face every month. We’re not sure it’s quite the same but we’re here for it because it’s very funny. We also like the other lady’s cutout of LeBron’s wincing face (via

Two Wrongs…

This hilarious photo shows a child with a brilliant sense of humor. He has a message for Fox as he tells them that sometimes two wrongs can make a right. The boy says that his parents are Packers fans but we can see that he’s wearing another jersey. Maybe his parents should take a look at themselves because we don’t know how this could happen.

Stadium Talk

The kid has a Vikings jersey on, showing that he roots for the Packers’ longtime NFC North rival. Regardless, it’s not a Packers jersey which shows that something went badly wrong. Most self-respecting families wouldn’t allow this to happen (via

Hey Ref!

Here’s another example of a frustrated supporter targeting a referee. This time it’s a Washington Capitals supporter who doesn’t have any time for the officials. We love that she had this sign ready and waiting for its moment to shine. She was like a pest exterminator with a can of Raid.

Time Out

It’s a crude message but it’s hilarious and does the job. It would be more uncomfortable for a man to talk about another man’s wife. Meanwhile, it helps that it looks like she’s a regular housewife but she’s not pulling any punches (via RMNB).

Cheating Boyfriend

It’s never a good idea to cheat on boyfriends or girlfriends. One woman discovered that her partner committed this horrible act so she took revenge. She broke up with him and went to watch their favorite team play. It appears that she’s at a Packers game as she takes her shot at her ex.


The smile on her face suggests that she has no regrets and she’s happy to publically humiliate him. That’s perfectly fair because he did a horrible thing when he broke her heart. Nobody deserves that but we respect her petty vengeance. Hopefully, he learned his lesson from this incident (via SBNation).

Pregnant Wife

Here’s another case of sports fans taking their obsession a little bit too far. This is one of the most beta male things we’ve ever seen. This couple’s sign says: “Dirk, my wife is pregnant. I hope it’s yours!” It’s simultaneously hilarious but also one of the most cringeworthy statements ever.

Stadium Talk

Maybe this man is a genius and he’s playing the long game. He’s hoping that his future child will be an NBA star too because he’ll become a millionaire. Then he’ll retire with a nice house and no worries. If that’s his strategy then that’s some big-brain thinking and we apologize for mocking him (via NBC).

Your Cute Bun

This Las Vegas fan showed no mercy with this cruel but hilarious comparison. He held a sign that had the opposition’s star player alongside a garbage bag. Then he compared the athlete’s hair bun to it in a devastating manner. It was creative but cruel and we love it.

Funny Signs

The man deserves full credit for his audacity because it’s a fantastic effort. This is uncanny and it’s brilliant that he spotted it. He’s happy to be the center of attention and we’re sure that his fellow fans also enjoyed his work. It’s nice to know that high school art class serves a purpose (via AP News).

So Heavy

Tom Brady was a key player in one of the most notorious football scandals in recent years. DeflateGate saw him serve a suspension but he had the last laugh. That’s because he won the MVP award after his return. But rival fans didn’t allow him to forget his cheating ways, especially the Bills.


These Buffalo supporters happily teased the New England quarterback with the hilarious poster above. They took merciless shots at Brady as they showed him having a tantrum. It’s simple but it’s effective and that’s why we love it. Leave it to the Bills Mafia to do it right (via USA Today Sports).

Marry Me Aaron

Sometimes couples give each other a free pass when it comes to meeting other people. Usually, it’s in the case of celebrities because they realize that there’s a one-in-a-million chance of anything happening. However, this woman tried to lower the odds by attracting Aaron Rodgers’ attention with a gigantic sign.

Baum’s World

We also appreciate how her suffering husband accepts that he is second-best to the former Packers quarterback. Maybe they’ll change their opinion now that he’s no longer with the franchise. Nonetheless, it’s a hilarious sign and we admire her bold approach. The good news is she looks a little like Shailene Woodley so she is his type (via People).