NFL Referee Conspiracies: These Terrible Calls Have Fans Crying Fix

Darren - October 26, 2023

NFL Referee Conspiracies: These Terrible Calls Have Fans Crying Fix

Darren - October 26, 2023

Kirby Lee

Dolphins vs. Eagles (2023)

Some fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they watched this game. They complained that the NFL was soft and that they were watching flag football. One of the worst NFL referee calls of the season happened after Jalen Hurts threw the ball. Christian Wilkins hit him but it wasn’t excessive.

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But the officials disagreed and cited him for roughing the passer. Then Hurts set up an Eagles touchdown in a very decisive moment. This is a classic example of referees being inconsistent and too quick to involve themselves in the game. It’s very frustrating for fans, players, and coaches (via BVM Sports).


Eagles vs. Jets (2023)

It’s fair to call the Jets one of the unluckiest franchises in football. Sometimes it feels as if the entire NFL is conspiring against them. Fans cried foul after Jalen Hurts’ controversial touchdown run in this game. We already saw some bad calls in this game but this was decisive (via Bleacher Report).

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He ran for three yards before officials judged that he fumbled at the touchdown line. But then they incredibly reversed it and awarded the Eagles the touchdown. However, the play clock ran out so it should have been a delay of game penalty and a Jets ball. There’s no excuse for this terrible officiating.

Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs vs. Bengals (2022)

Cincinnati fans cried foul in the 2022 AFC Championship Game. They felt like the decisions only went one way in this crucial clash. Many of them accused the NFL of fixing this game so that Patrick Mahomes could win a second Super Bowl ring. The key moment was a roughing-the-passer call that moved the Chiefs closer to the game-winning field goal.


There was an extremely controversial moment when the referees gave the Chiefs another chance to convert a third-down attempt. This came after they already failed to do so and ruffled many feathers. Meanwhile, there was also a weird intentional grounding penalty on Joe Burrow (via Sportskeeda).

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Super Bowl LVII

The problem with modern refereeing is that there are no excuses. Fans expect perfection because of all the available technology and they don’t believe there’s any justification for mistakes. The officials did a reasonable job in Super Bowl LVII but one soft call killed the game and handed it to Kansas City.


Philadelphia’s James Bradberry received a flag after he allegedly held onto Chiefs receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. However, replays suggested that he didn’t hold Smith-Schuster, at least not enough for a Super Bowl-deciding call. It all depends on whom you were rooting for. Many thought it was holding while many others thought it was a horrible call. But it was too late for the Eagles because it gave the Chief a new set of downs. Then they scored the game-winning field goal (via Sportskeeda).