No Respect: These Sports Stars Showed Truly Bad Sportsmanship

Darren - May 19, 2023

No Respect: These Sports Stars Showed Truly Bad Sportsmanship

Darren - May 19, 2023

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Marshall Henderson

There was a time when Henderson was one of the biggest stars in college basketball. The Ole Miss athlete attracted the nation’s attention with his controversial views and actions. We’re not here to talk about his racism because that’s for another day. But he had plenty of moments of bad sportsmanship too.

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Henderson brought March Madness to another level after Mississippi crashed out in the third round. He infamously lifted his middle finger to LaSalle’s fans during the 2013 NCAA Tournament. This wasn’t the most family-friendly gesture and the NCAA reprimanded him for his action (via USA Today Sports).


Israel Adesanya Part 2

Adesanya enters this list for a second time after an incident in 2023. He finally defeated his rival Alex Pereira in their fourth meeting and the relief was palpable. But he celebrated embarrassingly as he showed bad sportsmanship. Pereira knocked Adesanya out cold in a kickboxing match seven years before. Then the Brazilian’s six-year-old son mocked the stricken fighter.

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He collapsed to the ground as if somebody shot him. Adesanya showed that he never forgets because he emulated this celebration after KO’ing Pereira. He cruelly mocked the now-12-year-old boy. Many critics said that this was unnecessary because he was feuding with a little boy (via The Mirror).


Gregg Williams

Williams is one of the most notorious defensive coaches ever because of one illegal scheme. He was the mastermind behind BountyGate, a concept that almost cost him his career. Sean Payton suffered a one-year suspension and Williams almost got a lifetime ban for this villainous practice (via NBC Sports).


In short, Williams offered his players bonuses if they targeted and injured opponents. This rocked the NFL because it was so immoral. However, it emerged that this was nothing new because Williams did the same thing in his previous jobs. Amazingly, he continued to bounce around the NFL and even had an interim head coach job.


Diego Maradona

England met Argentina in the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup. It was a heated clash between two rivals on and off the field. These nations fought over the Falkland Islands in 1982 and there was bad blood. The English spent most of the game hacking at the legs of the best player in the world, Maradona (via Sporting News).


But this was the Maradona show because he produced two iconic moments. One was a shocking moment of bad sportsmanship as he punched the ball into the net. The officials didn’t spot the foul and he called it ‘The Hand of God.’ Later, he dazzled the fans with one of the best goals ever as he ran through half of the English team.


Khabib Nurmagomedov

Nurmagomedov was one of the most intimidating MMA fighters of his era. The former UFC lightweight champion retired with an undefeated 29-0 record after beating some big names. He famously had a toxic rivalry with Conor McGregor but beat the Irishman when they finally fought. However, that wasn’t the end of the story because he went crazy.

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‘The Eagle’ reacted badly to one of McGregor’s teammates, Dillon Danis. He jumped off the cage and attacked ‘The Notorious’s’ corner as a brawl broke out. It was one of the darkest days in UFC history because it played out in front of the world. Nonetheless, Khabib’s moment of bad sportsmanship enhanced his legacy (via MMA Fighting).