Ranking The Top Premier League Signings Of 2018-19

By Darren
Ranking The Top Premier League Signings Of 2018-19

Who Turned Out to Be Worth Every Penny? And Who Was a Waste of Space? Check Out Our List of the Best Premier League Signings From 2018/19…

Are you really a football fan if you don’t get excited by the transfer window? There’s something about the drama of your club capturing and selling their players that is almost as fun to follow as the action on the pitch itself. But for every good signing, there are two or three flops as well.

Let’s look back on last season and check out the best and worst signings of the 2018/19 season. Who blew fans away? Who failed completely? And who still has the chance to come good?

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15. Naby Keita (RB Leipzig – Liverpool)

Now to be fair, Keita does look like he is starting to come good. The signs are there that next season could be much better for the Guinean as he began to finally make an impact for the Reds. However, right now there’s no argument that he underwhelmed for Liverpool throughout the 2018/19 season.

When you sign for £52.5 million you expect more than he’s given. Billed as a box-to-box attacking threat, 2 Premier Goals isn’t a particularly great return. It is harsh to write him off now as he is still 23-years-old and barely spoke a word of English upon arrival in England. He has it all to prove.