Study In Selfishness: Aaron Rodgers’ Most Self-Centered Acts

Darren - April 20, 2023

Study In Selfishness: Aaron Rodgers’ Most Self-Centered Acts

Darren - April 20, 2023

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Ayahuasca Experiences

Rodgers credits his recent experiences with Ayahuasca with self-growth. The quarterback attracted attention with a series of trips to South America. Some people worried that he violated NFL drug policies but this wasn’t the case. However, it may explain why he acted selfishly on and off the field because now he focuses on himself.


The quarterback told NBC: “Most of the work was around me, and figuring out what unconditional love of myself looks like of myself. In doing that, allowing me to understand how to unconditionally love other people but first realizing it’s gotta start with myself (via The Guardian).”


Chip on His Shoulder

One of Rodgers’ former teammates said that Rodgers had a tense relationship with former head coach Mike McCarthy. They won a Super Bowl together but they didn’t always see eye to eye. Former running back Ryan Grant said that Rodgers hated McCarthy because the coach once thought that Alex Smith had a higher upside (via The Athletic).


Grant said: “Aaron’s always had a chip on his shoulder with Mike. “The guy who ended up becoming your coach passed on you when he had a chance. Aaron was upset that Mike passed on him—that Mike actually verbally said that Alex Smith was a better quarterback.” This is dumb because everybody makes mistakes and Rodgers proved him wrong.

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Danica Patrick

It says a lot about Rodgers that he focuses on himself more than his partner in a relationship. After he ended his time with NASCAR trailblazer Patrick, he revealed what he gained from it. But he didn’t think about the things that he could have done better or why they broke up (via People).

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In one interview with Aubrey Marcus, Rodgers focused on the positives. He said: “I was dating Danica and that relationship was great for me because she is on her own journey and spirituality is important to her. We both were finding our way, learning about different things, and practicing meditation techniques.”

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Sharpe Rebuke

Shannon Sharpe is another NFL legend who doesn’t have much respect for Rodgers. He doesn’t appreciate the way the talented quarterback blames everybody else for on-field problems. The former Denver icon called out Rodgers after he acted selfishly in 2022. He didn’t hold back with his rebukes because he felt somebody had to say it.

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Sharpe said: “It’s always somebody else’s fault and it’s always publicly somebody else’s fault. And he is the master of on-field finger-pointing in which he throws various receivers under the bus just with his mere body language.” Nobody can deny that Rodgers doesn’t whine or moan when things aren’t going his way (via Sportskeeda).

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Darkness Retreat

Most elite athletes talk to their agents or managers when they’re considering their future. However, Rodgers has a different perspective because he goes on darkness retreats. We’re not sure if this is the most productive way to fix things but Rodgers is an interesting cat. Many of his teammates allegedly can’t believe that this is how he handles business.


Rodgers told Pat McAfee (via ESPN): “That’s why it’s going to be important to get through this week and to take my isolation retreat and just to be able to contemplate all things my future and then be able to make a decision that I think is best for me moving forward and in the highest interest of my happiness and then move forward.”


Selfish Teammate

There are many times when Rodgers acted selfishly but the worst affect his teammates. One unnamed former NFL GM told Fansided that the quarterback’s teammates dislike him because of his antics. The explosive account attracted lots of attention because of Rodgers’ profile. Unfortunately, it was also easy to believe that it was true.


The former GM said: “The guy’s selfish. His teammates don’t like him and his coaches don’t like him. It’s all about Aaron.“They all deal with him because he’s a superstar. He helps guys make money and put food on the table for their kids, and people respect him for that.” This is a damning indictment of Rodgers’ character but it seems to be accurate.