Terrible Acting Roles That Made Sports Stars Look Ridiculous

Darren - December 14, 2023

Terrible Acting Roles That Made Sports Stars Look Ridiculous

Darren - December 14, 2023


Gina Carano – The Mandalorian

Carano wasn’t terrible in The Mandalorian because she played the type of one-dimensional action character she favored. However, it’s what happened after that made her look ridiculous. Disney was set to give her a spin-off show before she spouted conspiracy nonsense and they fired her.

L.A. Times

But Carano was always a garbage actor with a good look. She starred in Haywire, a typical by-the-numbers action flick. Then she popped up in random franchises like Deadpool and Fast and Furious. However, nobody cried about her losing her place in Hollywood because she didn’t add much (via Roger Egbert).


Brett Favre – There’s Something About Mary

Many athletes make cameos as themselves in movies and TV shows. It’s simple enough to do on paper because they don’t have to create a new character. But Favre managed to fail miserably when he appeared in There’s Something About Mary. We’ve seen wooden coffins with more life in them than Brett’s performance.

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Ben Stiller does his best to carry Favre through the only scene he features in. It’s a moment for Favre to charm the audience and build a cult reputation. However, it didn’t work out and instead, it made him look ridiculous. Favre’s acting career fizzled out very quickly (via CBS Sports).

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Chris Bosh – First Ink

This was one of the most pointless videos ever and we feel bad for anybody who watched it. Bosh was a great player but the least interesting of Miami’s big three during his heyday. However, he still made a straight-to-DVD film about his efforts to transform his body.


The title refers to Bosh’s new back tattoo while he also attempts to gain weight. Welcome to the most wasteful 30 minutes of life ever. There’s nothing good to say about it and it made him look ridiculous. Somehow we doubt that it made much money either because it was so bad (via CTV).


LeBron James – Space Jam 2

We all know that James is the biggest basketball star of his generation and arguably ever. We’ve seen him follow in Michael Jordan’s footsteps with shoe deals and movie appearances. He became the face of Space Jam 2 in 2021 but the movie didn’t do very well.


First, there was the dumbest controversy ever because Lola Bunny didn’t look attractive enough. But the problem was that the movie didn’t have the magic of the original. This was a problem because James didn’t have the charisma to carry it. He was genuinely good in movies like Trainwreck and Hustle but this wasn’t great (via USA Today).

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Ronda Rousey – Furious 7

Rousey became a superstar after her success with the UFC. The former bantamweight champion attracted criticism when she dabbled in the film industry during her fighting career. In hindsight, nobody can blame her for this because she made more money. But they can’t pretend that she was a natural actor because that’s not true.

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She had roles in the likes of Furious 7 and The Expendables 3. However, fans thought that these movies made her look ridiculous because they were so wooden. Yes, she can pull off an action sequence but don’t ask her to say anything because a rock has more expression (via Nicki Swift).

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Lance Armstrong – Dodgeball

Few cameos aged as badly as this one. On the face of it, Armstrong’s acting wasn’t bad as he played himself in the 2004 comedy. He motivates Vince Vaughn’s Peter LaFleur as he reminds him of how he won the Tour De France after recovering from cancer. However, this was before Armstrong’s shocking drug scandal.


Everyone knows about his systemic doping but it wasn’t official back then. Armstrong was still an inspiring figure and that’s why it’s impossible not to cringe when rewatching this moment. However, it’s also a little funny because it shows how naive people were. Hopefully, they address it in the sequel because it made them look ridiculous (via