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When fans think of elite NBA players, it’s normal to imagine a seven-foot giant. However, many star basketball stars are much shorter than this. There’s definitely a bias towards taller players, but that doesn’t define a player’s ability.

It’s a long road to the top of basketball. First of all, you have to make it through the draft and most players don’t. If you’re under six feet tall, then it’s even more difficult to get an opportunity and make an impact. But some athletes are just so good that their height doesn’t matter.

Today we’re going to take a look at 20 star basketball players under six feet tall via Sportscasting. All of them found success in the NBA despite being short by the standards of elite basketball. Check out the list below.

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20. D.J. Augustin

Currently playing for the Orlando Magic, Augustin has played for a total of eight NBA teams. He spent four seasons with the Charlotte Bobcats before embarking on a nomadic tour of the league. That’s not to say he’s a bad player because obviously all of these teams saw something in him.

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Pre-draft measurements show that Augustin stands at 5’10” without shoes. Even with sneakers on, he’s still under the six-feet mark the NBA listed him at. Now he seems to have found a home in Florida as he enters the twilight of a decent professional career.

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19. Jameer Nelson

Nelson comes in at just under six feet but has the frame to match his build. He had a nomadic career in the NBA but lasted 14 seasons. Recently retired, his career was long and fruitful. Sure, he wasn’t an iconic player, but he still enjoyed his time at the top of the sport.

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Nelson spent almost 10 years with the Orlando Magic before traveling around the league. He played in a single All-Star game and even the NBA Finals. With his muscular physique, Nelson was a powerful opponent who made life difficult for everybody in his way.

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18. Spud Webb

‘Spud’ is a legendary figure for his 12-year NBA career despite standing at only 5’7″. The former Atlanta Hawks’ star is also the shortest ever player to win the Dunk Contest. However, he had to overcome adversity to get to the top of the game.


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Webb was brilliant in high school but elite colleges were afraid to take a chance on him because of his height. ‘Spud’ took the long road through junior college until nobody could ignore him. North Carolina State gave him a scholarship and the rest is history.