These Referees Ruined Super Bowls With Their Controversial Calls

Darren - February 16, 2023

These Referees Ruined Super Bowls With Their Controversial Calls

Darren - February 16, 2023


Jimmy’s Non-Call

Here’s another situation where the referees made the right decision. But NFL fanbases don’t care about this if controversial calls go against them. Colin Kaepernick made a late throw to Michael Crabtree in 2013. But Jimmy Smith put Crabtree under pressure and forced a fumble. Then Smith fell on the ball and the officials ruled the pass an incompletion.


The Niners instantly erupted and claimed that the referees made the wrong call. But Crabtree’s reaction said everything because he didn’t complain. If the player doesn’t react then it’s a sign that the officials did something right. It’s not easy to be a referee because it’s impossible to keep everybody happy (via N.Y. Post).

2020 Super Bowl: George Kittle called for interference but not Rudolph

Kittle’s Catch

The referees didn’t get all of the controversial calls on this list wrong. But sometimes the right decision sucks all of the joy out of a franchise. The Niners discovered this the hard way after George Kittle made an incredible catch against the Chiefs. Seconds remained in the first half with the game tied.

New York Times

Jimmy Garoppolo found his tight end with an excellent pass down the sideline. But the referees pulled the play back for pass interference. Replays showed that they made the correct call as Kittle stuck out his arm. Nonetheless, the San Francisco fans cried foul and complained that there was a conspiracy against them (via NBC Sports).

Kickoff… Again

Heads would roll if this happened in the modern game. In 1967, NBC broadcasted the first Super Bowl and took full advantage of their interviewing opportunities. Perhaps the producer was too busy enjoying his chicken wings because they made a massive mistake. They missed the second-half kick-off because they were chatting with TV star Bob Hope.


Then they decided to restart the game and have another kick-off. Unsurprisingly this was a major talking point because it could have been very costly. In the end, it didn’t matter but it’s all about the principle. It’s not shocking that officials made controversial calls since the event’s beginning (via Live About).

L.A. Times

Patriots Favoritism

The Patriots defeated the Rams in 2019 as Jared Goff showed his immaturity. It was a Super Bowl baptism of fire for the young quarterback, but the officials didn’t help him. They nullified one of his best moments with one of the most controversial calls of the game. Goff threw a perfect pass to Brandin Cooks on the one-yard line.

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Cooks fell and dropped the ball after New England’s Stephen Gilmore’s intervention. It appeared to be an obvious case of pass interference but the referees disagreed. They didn’t punish Gilmore as they gave Tom Brady’s team the benefit of the doubt. This was a shocking moment because it was so blatant (via SBNation).

Seattle Seahawks

Offensive Pass Interference

Super Bowl XL is one of the most notorious sports events in history because of the number of controversial calls. The Seahawks found themselves on the wrong side of most of these as Pittsburgh won the game. It’s tough to know where to start because there were so many polarizing moments (via Bleacher Report).

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There was a rare offensive pass interference call in the first quarter. Matt Hasselbeck threw a fine pass to Darrell Jackson who scored the game’s first touchdown. Or that’s what he thought because an official had other ideas. They noticed that he shoved Chris Hope on his way to the end zone and infuriated the Seattle fanbase.


Warner’s Forward Pass

Here’s another time when the referee decided a Super Bowl’s outcome. The Cardinals made a rare appearance in the big game against the Buccaneers. But one moment of controversial officiating ruined their day because there was a huge mistake. Kurt Warner threw a pass downfield but the referee judged that it was a fumble.


Cardinals fans cried that the moment cost them a potential win. It’s possible that the play would have gone nowhere. But this was when Larry Fitzgerald was at his brilliant best. Arizona had a clutch of talent waiting to explode in the final moments. In the end, the officials wrongly took this away from them (via Phoenix New Times).

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Holding Call

Ben Roethlisberger put his team in trouble with a horrible throw in Super Bowl XL. The Seahawks returned this and made major gains with the chance to score from the one-yard line. But then a notorious holding call against Seattle rattled their cages. Pittsburgh fans think that the officials made the right decision.

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But this was one of the most divisive moments in Super Bowl history. Many people accused the NFL of fixing the game, which isn’t impossible. Remember, the NFL is a registered sports entertainment company so it wouldn’t be illegal. However, it is incredibly unethical and against the spirit of the sport (via ESPN).

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The Ghost Touchdown

Several of Super Bowl XL’s controversial calls found a place on this list. But this one was arguably the least forgivable because there’s no room for interpretation. Ben Roethlisberger scored a touchdown that never was. That’s right, he fell short of the endzone but the officials awarded him the score.

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It’s not surprising that Seattle fans accused the NFL of fixing the game. Referee Bill Leavy reviewed the play but inexplicably allowed the score to stand. Later, he apologized to the Seahawks fanbase but it was too late. He became a persona non grata in the city and they hate every fiber of his being (via Worthly).