Top 40 Highly Compensated NFL Players In 2019

By Mike
Top 40 Highly Compensated NFL Players In 2019

NFL players are making more money than ever. With league profits exploding and the salary cap going up, nearly every new contract sets a new standard for each position. The highest-paid players in the NFL are earning some huge deals. It’s the natural progression of the game. The sport is the most popular mainstream competition in the United States and has worldwide popularity as well. It’s also one of the most dangerous professional sports in the world, as athletes’ careers can and do end with one play.

The best players are earning contracts that reflect all of that, and it’s only going to increase in the coming years. With that affecting the current state of the NFL in a big way, we broke down the highest-paid players in the league. Please note these figures courtesy of 247 Sports via Spotrac quantify the specific amount of cash a player is set to earn in 2019 alone.

So while a player like Aaron Rodgers would have topped the list when he signed a massive four-year, $134 million deal in 2018 and made $66.9 million with guarantees that year, his pay went down to $15 million in 2019, ranking him outside the top 40 at No. 48. Most of the highest-paid players any given year are those who just signed huge new deals. Other players like Tom Brady have signed team-friendly deals that earn them far below their market value.

Here are the 40 highest-paid players in the NFL for the upcoming season:


Cox is actually still rewarding Philly for signing him to a six-year, $102.6 million extension three years ago. He had his best year in terms of sacks in 2018 with 10.5, reaching double digits for the first time.

He’s also got a Super Bowl ring with the team from 2017, making him an Eagles legend as part of the squad who finally gave the city a title. He’ll make $15.6 million this year, kicking off the list at No. 40. The All-Pro Cox has earned his cash.