Why Bill Belichick Just Can’t Win Without Tom Brady

Darren - October 13, 2023

Why Bill Belichick Just Can’t Win Without Tom Brady

Darren - October 13, 2023

No Reinvention

One of the biggest problems is that the Patriots don’t seem to have a Plan B. They keep trying to do the same thing and their system isn’t evolving. Before, this didn’t matter because they had elite players in the skill positions who made their game plan work perfectly (via The Athletic).


Ominously, in 2022, Belichick said: “If we can just do consistently what we were doing, we’ll be all right. We just haven’t been able to have enough consistency. It’s not one thing. One time, it’s one thing. Next time, it’s something else. We just have to play and coach more consistently.” So far it’s not working in 2023.

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Historically Bad

Belichick suffered the worst results of his career in 2023. The Patriots went 1-4 in their first five games with back-to-back blowout defeats. First Dallas demolished them with the worst loss of Belichick’s career. The Cowboys defeated New England 38-3 in Dallas (via Sports Illustrated).

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But things went from bad to worse in Foxborough. That’s because they suffered the second shutout loss of Belichick’s Patriots coaching tenure. The 34-0 defeat was one of the most demoralizing results ever and turned many fans against them. Time will tell if he can turn it around.

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Team Effort

Some of the best quarterbacks didn’t get the accolades their efforts deserved because their team wasn’t good enough. Tom Brady says that the current Patriots roster isn’t performing cohesively. Belichick is responsible for this because he is the team’s head coach.


Brady explained that football is a team game. He told NBC Boston: “Obviously, I needed a great coach. I needed great receivers and a great O-line. If I was going to be successful as a player, I needed all those things. And I was fortunate to have a lot of those things over a long period.”


Lack of Depth

Jones isn’t the only problem in New England’s offense but he is a serious issue. The problem is that Belichick didn’t ensure the Patriots had a decent backup. They released Bailey Zappe in a surprising move after he performed well in flashes in 2022. Then they signed Will Grier from the Bengals.

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In the end, they also brought back Zappe but the indecision was telling. It’s one of the most average quarterback rooms in the entire league and that’s why Jones continues to play. Maybe Belichick took Brady for granted and thinks he can transform any quarterback into a winner (via CBS Sports).


Mac Isn’t Tom

The simple truth is that Jones isn’t Brady. It was easy to compare the two men in the beginning because they share physical characteristics. Neither are great athletes nor do they have the strongest arms in the sport. But Brady was brilliant in the Patriots’ system and even more consistent.

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His consistency elevated his game beyond his raw capabilities. However, Jones doesn’t have this right now. The Crimson Tide indeed played in a similar style to the Patriots. But Jones doesn’t have the decision-making to lead the Patriots to glory. Maybe one day it will come but the NFL isn’t patient (via SBNation).

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Past His Prime

There’s a strong argument that Belichick is past his coaching prime. We’re not saying that he’s too old because that would be ageist and unfair. Seattle’s Pete Carroll proved the futility of writing off veteran coaches. He also lost his long-term franchise quarterback and everyone dismissed him.


Then Carroll revived the ghost of Geno Smith and transformed him into the Comeback Player of the Year. Unfortunately, Belichick failed to do this with Cam Newton. But it’s everything from his scouting to his playcalling that’s giving the doubters something to shout about (via Deadspin).


Legacy Damage

The problem for Belichick is that every time the Patriots lose a game, it damages Belichick’s short-term legacy. There will be increasing numbers of people calling for him to retire or even for Robert Kraft to pull the trigger. He deserves time and respect because of his impact on the sport (via Sportskeeda).

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But memories are short and the NFL is a cutthroat business. Nobody wants to see him lose his job but perhaps the best thing for him to do is announce that this is his final season. Then the players may pour their hearts out for him and recognize they’re also playing for their jobs under a new head coach.