20 Pieces Of Equipment To Maximize Your Home Workout

Darren - April 20, 2020

20 Pieces Of Equipment To Maximize Your Home Workout

Darren - April 20, 2020

Gym rats around the world are currently in despair. The current health crisis has basically closed their temples and left them stuck at home. But there is a bright side because this is the perfect time to improve and invest in some home gym equipment. When you buy them, you’ll have them forever.

It could even be a blessing in disguise because there’s a strong possibility you’ll end up saving money. Why pay an expensive gym membership every year when you can just pay once for the equipment that you always use anyway? Check out 20 of the most useful home workout tools that you can buy right now.

Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you use them. When you look after your body you also look after your mind. Check out the list below.

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20. [amazon link=”B0193V3DJ6″ title=”NordicTrack Treadmill” /]

For many, the treadmill is the classic home workout machine. If you’ve got the space in your home for one, perfect. They come in a range of sizes and with different options available. NordicTrack has one of the best mid-range options on the market.

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Durable, easy to set up and relatively quick to fold away, the T-Series is a great treadmill. You can even connect to iFit so personal trainers can adjust your speed based on your requirements. With in-built speakers and music ports, you can entertain yourself as you run.

Check this slick machine out here: [amazon link=”B0193V3DJ6″ ] [amazon fields=”B0193V3DJ6″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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19. [amazon link=”B071CS2DRL” title=”Live Infinitely” /]

With all of this sitting around at home, exercise balls are one of the best things you could have. You can swap out your chair for a yoga ball and reduce tension in your lower back while simultaneously improving your posture? Honestly, the benefits of these balls are seemingly endless.

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As well as using it for yoga, you can also get in a brutal core workout. Some of the stability exercises are truly killer. While they have a reputation for being a pregnant woman’s training tool, they are so much more than that. Live Infinitely offer an excellent quality ball.

Check it out here: [amazon link=”B071CS2DRL” ] [amazon fields=”B071CS2DRL” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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18. [amazon link=”B07CRTD2BM” title=”321 Strong Foam Roller” /]

You like to run or lift weights, but all of a sudden you feel sore and tight. Usually, you might go for a massage, but in these times you can’t. So make sure that you have a foam roller at home to bring your limbs back to life. Trust us, you’ll be grateful.

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There are a huge number of products on the market now. You can get premium options that will literally vibrate as you roll. But for a standard, decent-quality roller, you can’t do much better than 321 Strong. Their designs mimic the thumb, fingers, and palms of a masseuse. They’re also heavy-duty.

Buy it here: [amazon link=”B07CRTD2BM” ] [amazon fields=”B07CRTD2BM” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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17. [amazon link=”B018WQ6W6Y” title=”Titan Fitness Medicine Ball” /]

Did you know you can get an outstanding workout with just a ball and a wall? Medicine balls are truly miraculous. They’re great for flexibility and movement exercises, as well as providing weight during calisthenics. Coming in a variety of weights, there’s one for everybody.

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Medicine balls are also highly effective for developing power. Throwing them in a number of different ways will target different muscle groups and help you get stronger. Titan Fitness has a range that goes from 4 lbs. all the way up to 20 lbs. Designed to last, they’re a great addition to your home gym.

Available here: [amazon link=”B018WQ6W6Y” ] [amazon fields=”B018WQ6W6Y” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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16. [amazon link=”B00C81JUS2″ title=”SKLZ Core Wheels” /]

One of the most innocuous pieces of equipment, ab rollers always surprise people. They can give you a truly savage workout if you use them correctly. Contrary to their name, ab rollers also work your shoulders, hips, and torso too. It’s just about knowing what you’re doing.

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Of course, there are cheap options that you can buy, but SKLZ is definitely the best version on the market right now. Unlike most standard ab rollers, they have two wheels for increased stability but without reducing the effect on your body. Yes, they’re more of a premium option but it would be boring to recommend a regular $10 one.

You can purchase them here: [amazon link=”B00C81JUS2″ ] [amazon fields=”B00C81JUS2″ value=”price” format=”linked”] 

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15. [amazon link=”B07SRDFKQR” title=”Sunny Health Elliptical Machine” /]

An elliptical machine is definitely one of the most practical bigger pieces of gym equipment for a home workout. Obviously not every home has space for one. But if you can fit one in your garage, basement, attic or hallway, it’s definitely worth it.

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The machines provide a tremendous cardio workout, as well as high-intensity interval training, but with a lot less stress on your joints than running. Sunny Health provides a good value machine that’s stable enough not to fall over when you’re going hard.

You can find this item here: [amazon link=”B07SRDFKQR” ] [amazon fields=”B07SRDFKQR” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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14. [amazon link=”B01LXL27XI” title=”TRX Suspension Trainers” /]

TRX trainers are truly amazing. Ultra-light, they weigh just one pound so you can bring them literally everywhere. They’re perfect for home as well because they don’t take up any floor space at all. If you’ve got a power tower then it’s always going to be in the way.

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But TRX isn’t a problem. You can do workouts off of poles, doors, trees or whatever is strong enough to be an anchor. There’s a reason practically every gym has a TRX station because it’s so effective. Why not bring the gym home to you instead?

They’re available online here: [amazon link=”B01LXL27XI” ] [amazon fields=”B01LXL27XI” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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13. [amazon link=”B006CV92DW” title=”Ringside Heavy Bag” /]

With a classic feel and weighing 100 pounds, the Ringside heavy bag is one of the best in its category. It’s a well-priced, durable bag. If you can wear this thing out then you’re quite the puncher. Perfect for MMA, boxing, and kickboxing, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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With everybody stuck at home for longer than usual, it’s easy to get a little bit tense. In short, it’s great for your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical condition. We recommend 16-ounce gloves for this bag because it’s a hefty beast.

Buy it now: [amazon link=”B006CV92DW” ] [amazon fields=”B006CV92DW” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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12. [amazon link=”B07FMHL2J3″ title=”Pro Battle Ropes” /]

For those of you with a bit more space, battle ropes are an extremely effective conditioning tool. They work all the muscles in your upper body and burn calories like Floyd Mayweather burns dollars. If you’ve got a bigger garage or a spacious yard, then they’re worth the investment.

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Pro Battle Ropes come in a variety of sizes from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. The 2.0-inch rope is the most popular because it’s genuinely challenging for most people. Boost your cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle with this great training device. It’s way tougher than you think.

Buy Pro Battle Ropes here: [amazon link=”B07FMHL2J3″ ] [amazon fields=”B07FMHL2J3″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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11. [amazon link=”B01CR4XFIK” title=”Fitness Reality Weight Bench” /]

If you want to lift weights, then you obviously need a good weight bench. Sure, you probably need to have a garage or a basement where you can stow it, but it’s a key tool for the serious weightlifter. However, there’s always the risk that you’ll get one that’s too light. Another problem is that they’re expensive.

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Fitness Reality offers a very solid option for a decent price. Built to last, their 1000 Super Max bench will support up to 800 lbs. The front leg has two adjustable positions which will double the number of backrest angles to 12. It’s perfect for working with dumbbells.

Buy this item right here: [amazon link=”B01CR4XFIK” ] [amazon fields=”B01CR4XFIK” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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10. [amazon link=”B002JBBRV4″ title=”Body Champ Power Tower” /]

Obviously, you need a bit more space for a power tower. But if you have that much room then it’s a good investment. You want one that’s not going to cost you your child’s college fund, but also sturdy enough that it won’t just break when you do a pull-up. Body Champ has a perfect mid-range option.

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It’s robust enough that you can hang onto it without worrying. With five workout stations, you can practice a variety of different exercises like dips and chin-ups. Equipped with comfort-driven back and forearm pads as well as hand foam grips, it’s a very functional set-up.

Available right here: [amazon link=”B002JBBRV4″ ] [amazon fields=”B002JBBRV4″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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9. [amazon link=”B07FNQTH4Y” title=”Iron Age Pull Up Bar” /]

This tool is a gamechanger. Pullups are one of the best exercises you can do, but the problem is that most pull-up bars are inconvenient. Either they’re too light to hold your weight and just fall down or they require assembly.

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Iron Age’s product is genuinely brilliant. It requires zero assemblies and all you need to do is hook it onto the doorframe before locking it in place. They also advocate 100% doorframe protection so that you don’t need to worry about damage. It supports up to 300lbs. Get one now.

Find it right here: [amazon link=”B07FNQTH4Y” ] [amazon fields=”B07FNQTH4Y” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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8. [amazon link=”B07D697BBZ” title=”Gaiam Yoga Mat” /]

One of the most useful pieces of homework kit, you don’t need to do yoga to use a yoga mat. They’re ideal for doing calisthenics as well because you don’t get bonus points for hurting your back on a tiled floor. However, if you want a yoga mat, then you should buy a good one.

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There’s nothing more annoying than a yoga mat that moves all over the place. But Gaiam’s mats have two-sided non-slip coating so you don’t need to worry about that. They’re also extra-thick making your workout more comfortable. As a bonus, they come in a number of attractive designs. Worth the investment.

Find it here: [amazon link=”B07D697BBZ” ] [amazon fields=”B07D697BBZ” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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7. [amazon link=”B017HSNIEW” title=”Sunny Magnetic Rower” /]

Most people want a Caddy instead of a Bentley when they’re buying home workout machines. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest tool, but it has to work for a long time. Sunny’s magnetic rower is a perfect example of this. While it’s not the sexiest piece of equipment, it’s definitely very efficient.

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Rowing is great as a full-body workout. It burns fat all over your body and helps you to improve your cardio. With its LCD monitor, it’s easy to track your progress. As a magnetic rower, it’s also a lot quieter than many of its competitors in the market.

Buy it now: [amazon link=”B017HSNIEW” ] [amazon fields=”B017HSNIEW” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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6. [amazon link=”B001ARYU58″ title=”Bowflex SelectTech” /]

For most people, space is the first thing you have to consider when you’re buying workout equipment. That’s why many people go to the gym because they have literally everything that you need. But Bowflex has made life easier with these unique and very useful dumbbells.

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Going from five lbs to 52.5 lbs, it literally has 15 sets of weights in one. Yes, they are bulky, but far less so than an actual rack of weights. Made of plastic, they are also surprisingly durable and easy to use, so don’t worry about them breaking. A fantastic piece of equipment.

Check them out here: [amazon link=”B001ARYU58″ ] [amazon fields=”B001ARYU58″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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5. [amazon link=”B00K5TPCN6″ title=”Bulgarian Bag” /]

Made by Suples, the Bulgarian Bag is a perfect option if you want a piece of equipment that works everything. Designed by Coach Ivan Ivanov, the only limit it has is your imagination. For example, you can do swings, snatches, deadlifts, curls, or even just run with it on your shoulders.

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In short, the possibilities are endless, which is why this is so great for working out at home. You can get different weights from six lbs to 84 lbs., so there’s something for everybody. To sum up, this tool could change your conditioning forever because it’s just so versatile.

Change your life now: [amazon link=”B00K5TPCN6″ ] [amazon fields=”B00K5TPCN6″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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4. [amazon link=”B00F74RX40″ title=”Assault Airbike Classic” /]

The Airbike is a brilliant piece of equipment that has revolutionized home workouts. Basically, it provides unlimited resistance to your upper and lower body based on wind blowback. There are a number of different products in this category, but the Classic is Airbike’s best value option.

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Easy to assemble, it’s a sturdy machine that even provides a number of different options for workouts. The display offers the likes of Tabata and interval training so that there’s something for everyone. It’s also compatible with Polar chest straps so you can monitor your heart rate.

Find out more about AirBikes here: [amazon link=”B00F74RX40″ ] [amazon fields=”B00F74RX40″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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3. [amazon link=”B008NCYPBC” title=”Champion Kettle Bells” /]

Kettlebells are often more useful than dumbbells because you can improve functional strength with dynamic movements. Reactor are one of the biggest names in the world of kettlebells, with some of the highest quality products on the market today. Made of rubber, these weights won’t put a hole in your floor if you drop them.

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Coming in a variety of colors, they have literally every weight you could possibly want. The price reflects the quality as well. These kettlebells will add instant credibility to your home gym. But just be careful that you warm up properly before you use them. You don’t want to injure yourself.

Buy these amazing kettlebells now: [amazon link=”B008NCYPBC” ] [amazon fields=”B008NCYPBC” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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2. [amazon link=”B07RHLWF9Z” title=”Cyberdyer Jump Rope” /]

Yes, it’s a jump rope with actual rope. Stick with us because this could be the solution to your problem. You want to do cardio and running is out of the question. Maybe you live in an apartment with very little space to move around. If that’s the case then this is for you. Trust us, it works.

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The CyberDyer has weighted handles that mimic the sensation of a jump rope. While it won’t help you build the same coordination as a regular jump rope, you can still get sweaty and burn off some calories. It’s a perfect tool for right now when everybody has to stay at home as much as possible.

Buy this CyberDyer rope now: [amazon link=”B07RHLWF9Z” ] [amazon fields=”B07RHLWF9Z” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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1. [amazon link=”B00JS86L6W” title=”Rubberbanditz Resistance Bands” /]

One of the most versatile and overlooked pieces of equipment out there, resistance bands are amazing for home workouts. You can do almost any exercise with them, all you need is your imagination. Anything from stretching to bicep curls, and even deadlifts, the possibilities are endless.

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Of course, you do need the right resistance for it to work. Check out the Rubberbanditz bands above. They’re a standard pack coming in different colors. In short, you can mix and match depending on the exercise. Even better is that they’re very light so you can bring them on work trips in the future or on vacation when we can finally leave the house. Invaluable.

Discover all of the possibilities here: [amazon link=”B00JS86L6W” ] [amazon fields=”B00JS86L6W” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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