Mandatory Credit: Bad Left Hook

19. Cringeworthy Faceoffs

The contrived nature of all this nonsense is another serious issue. Let’s step back for a moment and compare the UFC to the WWE. One is a competitive sports promotion while the other is a sports entertainment organization. People know where to go if they want to watch real martial arts or the dramatic theatre of professional wrestling. However, the Paul brothers are blending the two formats together and reducing the impact of both.

Anybody who put themselves through KSI and Logan’s pre-fight press conferences or Jake’s interactions with AnEnsonGib should probably be put on a watchlist. They’re literally pulling out all of the moves from the Conor McGregor playbook, but without the charisma or sincerity of the Irishman. How anybody buys this as reality is beyond any kind of joke because it’s embarrassing for the sport.