25 Celebrities Who Endured Embarrassing Sports Failures

By Darren
25 Celebrities Who Endured Embarrassing Sports Failures

It’s not easy to become a professional athlete. Yet for many, it is still their dream. There’s obviously something very attractive about becoming a sports star. Not even superstar celebrities who have already achieved a high level of fame are immune to this. They too love sports and want to prove their skills in front of the world. But that doesn’t mean they were able to avoid becoming failures in the sports world.

Today we’re going to take a look at 25 celebrities who experienced embarrassing sports failures. Some of these had the opportunity to pursue a sports career when they were young but failed to make the cut. Others accepted invitiations to charity sports events and then humiliated themselves. Then there are the real athletes who transitioned to other sports but endured failures. Check out the list below via The Score.

Mandatory Credit: Zimbio

25. Kevin James

The star of movies like ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop,’ fans don’t think of James as the most agile of actors. He certainly gives his all to everything that he attempts. However, this also lends itself to some unfortunate moments of hilarity. One instance is the time he took part in a U.S. Open celebrity match. To say he failed would be an understatement.

James demonstrated the athleticism of a hippopotamus. He tried his best, but the brakes didn’t work properly. The best part came when the actor attempted a between-the legs shot. In the end, the ball just bounced off of his forehead and he crashed into the wall. The actor was very entertaining but not very good at the actual sport. Still, he deserves respect for giving everything he had.