Mandatory Credit: Sports Illustrated

24. Holy Roller

Intentional forward fumbles are no longer a thing in the NFL, and you can thank Ken Stabler for that. The Oakland Raiders played the San Diego Chargers in 1978 when this very strange play occurred. Raiders quarterback Stabler deliberately fumbled the ball forward to prevent a game-ending sack. Against the spirit of the game? Absolutely. Against the rules? In short, it wasn’t at the time. In fact, you have to admire Stabler’s ingenuity.

His team trailed by six points when he acted. Then Pete Banaszak pushed the ball forward before Dave Casper kicked it and fell on it to score a touchdown. It was all a bit ridiculous but there was never anything like it ever again. The NFL acted because they didn’t want this to turn into a regular TD-scoring routine. However, it’s moments like these that make the game so special.