Ranking The Top On-Field Brawls In Pro Sports

By Darren
Ranking The Top On-Field Brawls In Pro Sports

What happens when the stakes are high and an athlete is on the brink of losing control? Oftentimes, they start a fight and that can escalate into a brawl. There is something very exciting about an on-field clash between opposing teams.

Even though we know it’s wrong, we still root for our teams when they fight because of that primal instinct inside us. It’s like scoring a touchdown or a goal. In short, you can’t pretend you don’t love it. Today we’re going to take a look at 25 of the best on-field fights in sports in everything from NBA to soccer to football and of course, hockey. Some of these brawls are more memorable than the actual games and even defined players’ careers. Check out the list below and enjoy!

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25. The Philippines vs. Australia

Let’s be real, you probably didn’t even know that these two countries had basketball teams. But in 2018, they made global news after an insane brawl erupted. The Philippines was trailing 48–79 when the brawl began. However, in the third quarter, it all blew up. Then officials suspended the game for 30 minutes as they attempted to restore order.

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First of all, a Filipino player intentionally fouled one of the Australians. Then NBL star Daniel Kickert landed an elbow and a forearm to a Filipino. Cue carnage. The violence then spilled into the crowd. One of the players’ fathers even threw a chair at Nathan Soeby. Officials ejected 13 players when it all calmed down.