Stay Salty: The Most Foolish Reasons NFL ‘Fans’ Hate Patrick Mahomes

Darren - January 24, 2024

Stay Salty: The Most Foolish Reasons NFL ‘Fans’ Hate Patrick Mahomes

Darren - January 24, 2024

Tom Brady

First-Round Pick

Another issue that some people have with Mahomes is the lack of romance around his NFL career. Success appeared to be inevitable for the Texas Tech star after the Chiefs made him a first-round pick. He doesn’t have the magical background of Tom Brady or Kurt Warner, who defied the odds to reach the top.

Brock Purdy

Another good comparison is Brock Purdy who shed the Mr. Irrelevant tag to lead the Niners into Super Bowl contention. Salty haters struggle to invest in Mahomes because he’s doing everything that he should. That’s not always a given in the NFL so he deserves more credit than he receives (via Fox News).

Andy Reid

Top Offensive Coach

Some haters think that Mahomes is only playing well because he’s in a great situation. That’s like a restaurant is only good because there’s a trained chef. It’s one of the dumbest comments ever but they make this case. They say that Andy Reid deserves the credit because he is one of the sport’s top offensive coaches.

Andy Reid

Yes, Reid immaculately handled Mahomes’ career but this shouldn’t be a stick to beat the quarterback with. We’ve seen so many young QBs fail in the NFL after they arrived in the league with a massive reputation. There are no guarantees that anyone will play well but Mahomes became an icon (via AP News)

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There are many long-suffering franchises in the NFL right now. These teams dream about finding a quarterback who can lead them to glory like Mahomes. The Bears and the Jets have gone through enough rookies between them to create an army. But the Chiefs struck gold with Mahomes.


Salty fans wish they had someone like the former Texas Tech star because he’s unique. He’s the quickest player in NFL history to 10,000 and 25,000 passing yards. He’s also the fastest quarterback to reach 100 and 200 passing touchdowns. The man is a machine and everyone knows it (via The Spun).

Brittany Mahomes Patrick Nye 010124 Tout B0a2cf7a96df48ef8c98b7647c9987cf

Brittany Mahomes

Mahomes’ family is the biggest weapon that salty haters use against him. We already spoke about his annoying younger brother Jackson. However, his wife Brittany also receives the wrath of fans. This is because his childhood sweetheart isn’t afraid to express her feelings online or in real life (via People).

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She doesn’t play it cool like some NFL stars’ partners. This rubs some supporters up the wrong way because they think that she’s the world’s most annoying human being. They blame Mahomes for inflicting her upon society and think he should pay the price. This is usually sexist but sometimes she does go overboard.

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The Champagne Incident

One notorious Brittany moment deserves a spot on this list. We’re talking about the time she showered fans with champagne during a game after the Chiefs beat the Bills in 2022. The jubilant fitness influencer decided that it was a good idea to spray the peasants to celebrate her husband’s victory.

Mahomes 1.jpg

She received plenty of hate online after this but so did Mahomes. It wasn’t his fault and he didn’t condone her antics but they came after him online. Reportedly, Mahomes considered banning Brittany from attending his games because it was becoming too much of a distraction (via Sportskeeda).

San Diego Union-Tribune


The main reason why people hate Mahomes is because he’s boring. This isn’t a criticism of his personality because it’s what every head coach wants. They dream of players who live and breathe football. That describes Mahomes perfectly because he’s all about Kansas City and his family (via NBC).

Patrick Mahomes Sneakers 1

Even his bachelor party was a relatively tame affair in Las Vegas. Yes, he had a few drinks and enjoyed some time with his boys but it wasn’t a dramatic event. Meanwhile, his house is relatively modest compared to some celebrity mansions. His main indulgence is a room he dedicates to his sneaker collection.


Haters Gonna Hate

Finally, the main reason why people hate Mahomes is because they have nothing better to do. It’s 2024 and too many haters have a platform. They can easily live in their mother’s basement and write horrible things online because it makes them feel better about their existence.

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Mahomes is living his best life and this hurts them. They feel jealousy because they’re doing nothing worthwhile so they express their insecurities online. Unfortunately, that’s the problem with anonymity because people abuse it. Luckily, Mahomes doesn’t allow the hate to faze him (via Sky Sports).