Stay Salty: The Most Foolish Reasons NFL ‘Fans’ Hate Patrick Mahomes

Darren - January 24, 2024

Stay Salty: The Most Foolish Reasons NFL ‘Fans’ Hate Patrick Mahomes

Darren - January 24, 2024

With each passing game, it’s becoming more difficult to deny that Patrick Mahomes is the best NFL player of his generation. The two-time Super Bowl champion is arguably the NFL’s most dominant quarterback. He’s a two-time NFL season MVP, a two-time Super Bowl MVP, and is shattering records across the board. But somehow, salty people still find ways to hate the Kansas City superstar.

Let’s cut to the chase and say that it’s incredibly difficult to find genuine reasons to hate Mahomes. We don’t blame Raiders fans for despising him because there’s a real rivalry there. However, most so-called fans have ridiculous reasons for loathing him. Let’s call them out now.

Cincinnati Bengals V Kansas City Chiefs
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Kansas City Chiefs Burnout

Overall, this is petty but arguably also one of the most reasonable reasons to hate Mahomes and the Chiefs. Salty NFL fans can’t stand it when teams establish a dynasty or become a dominant force. We’ve seen it in the ’80s with the 49ers. Then the Cowboys came along in the ’90s. The next and most dominant dynasty was the New England Patriots, who everyone wanted to see lose.

Kansas City Chiefs

Now the Chiefs are perennial title contenders and two-time Super Bowl winners in quick succession. Nobody outside of Kansas City wants to see them win again so they vent their ridiculous fury online. Mahomes is their most high-profile player so it’s not surprising that he receives the brunt of their anger (via A to Z Sports).

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Top Supporting Cast

Another petty reason why salty fans hate Mahomes is that he had elite weapons in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. Somehow they think that this diminishes his abilities or his success. It’s so silly because Mahomes also makes his teammates better. Hill’s numbers went up after the Chiefs transitioned from Alex Smith to Mahomes in 2018 (via

Pat Mcafee Offers Apology Sorts Aaron Rodgers

Then the Chiefs won a second Super Bowl after Hill joined the Miami Dolphins in 2022. Other haters say that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers would have won more rings if they were in Mahomes’ situation. This is another dumb comment that we don’t even want to analyze because it’s simply pointless.

1677742700 Jackson Mahomes
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Jackson Mahomes

People love using Mahomes’ family as a reason to hate him. This is unfair because he isn’t responsible for what they say or do. The reality is that Patrick is a very chill human being and doesn’t cause any chaos. But the opposite is true of his younger brother Jackson who makes dumb TikTok videos.

Jackson Mahomes.jpg
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Jackson has indeed done some very dumb things. A Kansas City bar banned him because of his bad behavior. There was also a messy sexual harassment case and he acts like a general weirdo. Nonetheless, he’s a different person and it’s unfair to hate Patrick because of his brother’s moronic antics.

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Quick Success

There’s nothing that sports fans hate more than when rivals enjoy success. Mahomes has seen plenty of it in his short career with three Super Bowl appearances and two rings. He’s a two-time MVP and has already broken many records. If he retired now, he would still become a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

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But his rapid success is another petty reason why salty fans hate him. The only romance in this story is that Kansas City won its first Super Bowl in 50 years. Otherwise, he’s a first-round pick who is delivering on the field and that’s boring. It doesn’t make sense but that’s the NFL (via Deadspin).

105707011 1548789091925refereebillvinovich

Begs For Flags

There are many YouTube and TikTok compilations of Mahomes begging for flags. Salty haters love using this as an example of why he’s a cheater and the worst human being on the planet. This is pathetic because it’s nothing that other players don’t do. Every quarterback begs for flags because they’re competitors and want to win.

The Berkshire Eagle

Yes, it can be tiresome but it’s part of the game. It’s better than cheating like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick with DeflateGate. Meanwhile, Mahomes isn’t sexually assaulting masseuses like Deshaun Watson. The boring truth is that he’s a decent man who is also a brilliant football player (via TalkSport).

Josh Allen Chiefs
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Destroying Fairytales

The Chiefs created a fairytale in 2020 when they won their first Super Bowl in 50 years. But since then they’ve been on a rampage and been ruining dreams around the league. They remain the bane of Josh Allen’s existence because they keep beating the Bills when it counts (via Sportskeeda)

Cheifs Bills Snowballs Tout 2 4b41816dcb324ec4850840d612118574

Mahomes is so good in clutch situations and he has been the difference between these teams. That’s why many salty fans hate him. The Bengals are another team that fell foul of Kansas City. Mahomes and Andy Reid are masters of the postseason now and it’s very frustrating for rivals.

Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Attend Catch Steak On October News Photo 1698501242

Taylor Swift

Pop icon Swift was one of the biggest stories of Kansas City’s 2023 season. That’s because she began dating Mahomes’ famous teammate Travis Kelce. The NFL loved this and cameras covered her more than the Chiefs’ games. But when they played badly, Swift became an easy target for sexist supporters.

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce B752cc4a853a4d18b0f1eb48e93b0cf7

Salty fans also blamed her for unsettling Mahomes. We don’t know how they’ve managed to use the ‘Love Story’ singer as a way to hate the quarterback but they achieved it. It’s one of the dumbest stories of the year because neither of them deserves it. Sometimes fans don’t know how lucky they are to witness greatness every week (via The Today Show).

Kadarius Toney3.jpg
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Wideout Woes

The Chiefs offense wasn’t the same powerhouse in 2023 as previous seasons. One of the main reasons behind this was the failure to replace Tyreek Hill. The franchise gambled on Mecole Hardman in the Draft but he remained a rough diamond. They did sign Kadarius Toney but he’s not nearly the same quality as Hill.

Kadarius Toney
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Kansas City lost several games because of their wide receiver woes. However, salty haters blamed Mahomes because he couldn’t pluck rabbits out of hats. He still threw brilliant passes but his players weren’t good enough to catch the throws. Somehow he still passed for over 4,000 yards with 27 touchdowns during the regular season (via Sports Illustrated).

Patrick Mahomes Afc 2023
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‘So Annoying’

Check Internet fans and there will be many haters who dismiss Mahomes as ‘so annoying.’ However, they never justify this statement in any way so it doesn’t make sense. They leave the accusation hanging in the air but he hasn’t done anything wrong. Mahomes is a passionate football player who is forging a path to being an all-time great.

Jackson Mahomes.jpg
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He’s not a party animal like his friend Travis Kelce or gun-toting NBA star Ja Morant. There’s nothing controversial about him because he’s one of the sport’s most vanilla players. The only annoying thing is that he can be a little boring. Yes, his brother Jackson is annoying but that’s not Patrick’s fault (via Distractify).

Kurt Warner Qanda
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People try to find reasons to criticize Mahomes but it’s almost impossible. That’s why so many analysts make themselves appear to be fools when they say something dumb about him. One unnamed coordinator accused Mahomes of resorting to ‘streetball’ in 2022. Hall of Famer Kurt Warner also defended this accusation and criticized the QB’s style.

Bleacher Report

The salty hater said: “Nothing against the guy. I love the kid. But take his first read away and what does he do? He runs, he scrambles and he plays streetball.” This was the year when Mahomes won his second Super Bowl ring so it seems that streetball is the best base for the NFL.

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Chill Fans

There’s a trend developing here when it comes to hating Mahomes. People can’t find anything else to complain about Kansas City except for the fact that they’re too successful. Even their fanbase is one of the chillest in the entire NFL. There’s genuinely nothing much we can say about them because they’re a diverse group.

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They don’t have the nasty reputation of Philly fans or start fights like New England supporters in Boston. Nor are they as wild as the Bills Mafia but no one is. There’s nothing else to say about the organization so they resort to despising Mahomes. It’s sad but he’s a victim of his success (via Fox Sports).

The Guardian

The Contract

Some salty haters despise Mahomes because he is making incredible amounts of money. In 2020, he signed a 10-year extension worth $503 million. It was the largest-ever deal in North American sports and instantly set the bar for quarterbacks across the league. Some people think that this was bad news for their franchises because it changed the market.

854081161001 6169700156001 6169702988001 Vs
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Meanwhile, some Kansas City fans begrudge him because they believe it will hold the team back. Their theory is that the front office didn’t adequately replace Tyreek Hill because they overpaid Mahomes. However, the reality is that this is dumb because Mahomes is the best player in the game (via The Guardian).

Lamar Jackson Q And A.jpg
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There’s no ignoring the reality that some people don’t want Mahomes to succeed because of his skin color. This is incredibly backward because it’s 2024 and these things shouldn’t matter. However, there are plenty of dumb morons in this world and they make their feelings known on the Internet.

Lamar Jackson Aafd758224f44e5780dab1102d23e890

Lamar Jackson is another quarterback who experiences this type of treatment. He believes that broadcasters hold Black QBs to a different standard because of their appearance. It’s pathetic that this is happening but evidence suggests that Mahomes and Jackson are speaking the truth (via SF Gate).

Tom Brady

First-Round Pick

Another issue that some people have with Mahomes is the lack of romance around his NFL career. Success appeared to be inevitable for the Texas Tech star after the Chiefs made him a first-round pick. He doesn’t have the magical background of Tom Brady or Kurt Warner, who defied the odds to reach the top.

Brock Purdy

Another good comparison is Brock Purdy who shed the Mr. Irrelevant tag to lead the Niners into Super Bowl contention. Salty haters struggle to invest in Mahomes because he’s doing everything that he should. That’s not always a given in the NFL so he deserves more credit than he receives (via Fox News).

Andy Reid

Top Offensive Coach

Some haters think that Mahomes is only playing well because he’s in a great situation. That’s like a restaurant is only good because there’s a trained chef. It’s one of the dumbest comments ever but they make this case. They say that Andy Reid deserves the credit because he is one of the sport’s top offensive coaches.

Andy Reid

Yes, Reid immaculately handled Mahomes’ career but this shouldn’t be a stick to beat the quarterback with. We’ve seen so many young QBs fail in the NFL after they arrived in the league with a massive reputation. There are no guarantees that anyone will play well but Mahomes became an icon (via AP News)

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There are many long-suffering franchises in the NFL right now. These teams dream about finding a quarterback who can lead them to glory like Mahomes. The Bears and the Jets have gone through enough rookies between them to create an army. But the Chiefs struck gold with Mahomes.


Salty fans wish they had someone like the former Texas Tech star because he’s unique. He’s the quickest player in NFL history to 10,000 and 25,000 passing yards. He’s also the fastest quarterback to reach 100 and 200 passing touchdowns. The man is a machine and everyone knows it (via The Spun).

Brittany Mahomes Patrick Nye 010124 Tout B0a2cf7a96df48ef8c98b7647c9987cf

Brittany Mahomes

Mahomes’ family is the biggest weapon that salty haters use against him. We already spoke about his annoying younger brother Jackson. However, his wife Brittany also receives the wrath of fans. This is because his childhood sweetheart isn’t afraid to express her feelings online or in real life (via People).

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She doesn’t play it cool like some NFL stars’ partners. This rubs some supporters up the wrong way because they think that she’s the world’s most annoying human being. They blame Mahomes for inflicting her upon society and think he should pay the price. This is usually sexist but sometimes she does go overboard.

Patrick Mahomes Brittany Mahomes Quarterback Premiere 071223 1 323fcd789dcf4a8981b2c476deddcdea

The Champagne Incident

One notorious Brittany moment deserves a spot on this list. We’re talking about the time she showered fans with champagne during a game after the Chiefs beat the Bills in 2022. The jubilant fitness influencer decided that it was a good idea to spray the peasants to celebrate her husband’s victory.

Mahomes 1.jpg

She received plenty of hate online after this but so did Mahomes. It wasn’t his fault and he didn’t condone her antics but they came after him online. Reportedly, Mahomes considered banning Brittany from attending his games because it was becoming too much of a distraction (via Sportskeeda).

San Diego Union-Tribune


The main reason why people hate Mahomes is because he’s boring. This isn’t a criticism of his personality because it’s what every head coach wants. They dream of players who live and breathe football. That describes Mahomes perfectly because he’s all about Kansas City and his family (via NBC).

Patrick Mahomes Sneakers 1

Even his bachelor party was a relatively tame affair in Las Vegas. Yes, he had a few drinks and enjoyed some time with his boys but it wasn’t a dramatic event. Meanwhile, his house is relatively modest compared to some celebrity mansions. His main indulgence is a room he dedicates to his sneaker collection.


Haters Gonna Hate

Finally, the main reason why people hate Mahomes is because they have nothing better to do. It’s 2024 and too many haters have a platform. They can easily live in their mother’s basement and write horrible things online because it makes them feel better about their existence.

Gettyimages 1289801363.jpg
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Mahomes is living his best life and this hurts them. They feel jealousy because they’re doing nothing worthwhile so they express their insecurities online. Unfortunately, that’s the problem with anonymity because people abuse it. Luckily, Mahomes doesn’t allow the hate to faze him (via Sky Sports).