Top 25 Sports Items Fans Are Buying With Their Stimulus Checks

Darren - April 29, 2020

Top 25 Sports Items Fans Are Buying With Their Stimulus Checks

Darren - April 29, 2020

Millions of Americans have recently received stimulus checks of up to $1200 each. For many families, their stimulus is essential to pay bills. But at the end of the day, your health is your wealth. That has never been more true than the current crisis, where thousands of people have been hospitalized.

It could be the perfect time to take up a sport and improve your quality of life. It’s also the opportunity to find something for your children to do to keep busy during boring times. Today, we’re going to take a look at a variety of sports items that are perfect for spending your stimulus on. They’re all affordable and great value. Furthermore, they’ll all make your life better in different ways. Check out the list below, and find some other sporting goods fans will be using when social distancing ends.

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25. [amazon link=”B06ZXSW7DZ” title=”Jupiter Leather Handgrips” /]

It’s easy to just not do anything right now, but really there’s no excuse. If you look hard enough, everywhere can be a gym. Invest in a pull-up bar with your stimulus and you can work out at home. One of the best items you can buy with that stimulus are these leather handgrips by Jupiter.

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They’re much cheaper than a decent pair of weightlifting gloves and also more versatile. Of course, you can use them while lifting, but also for calisthenics. If the only place available to train are some rusty bars, then you want to save your hands. These have excellent grip, durability, and flexibility too.

Find them here: [amazon link=”B06ZXSW7DZ” ] [amazon fields=”B06ZXSW7DZ” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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24. [amazon link=”B079DVMJKQ” title=”ETronic Edge Running Belt” /]

When you’re running, one of the biggest problems is trying to figure out what to do with your phone. You don’t want it bouncing around in your pocket, and you probably don’t want to carry it in your hand either. Of course, there are a variety of different ways to deal with this, but a running belt is one of your best options.

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ETronic has an incredibly stylish running belt for a great price. Inspired by a regular fanny pack, it’s a comfortable design that doesn’t move around. You can fit your phone and keys without any issue. It’s also waterproof and has a covered headphone hole so that you can listen to music on the go. A solid, effective buy with your stimulus money.

Buy it right here: [amazon link=”B079DVMJKQ” ] [amazon fields=”B06ZXSW7DZ” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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23. [amazon link=”B07XF62T2X” title=”Push Up Board System” /]

Most people don’t have access to a full gym right now. And even fewer can afford to buy a premium home gym complete with power towers and barbells. Your stimulus will help, but it won’t get you near that. However, there are some solutions out there if you just take a look. One of these is the pushup board, which is brilliant because it’s so versatile.

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The ETronic pushup board is brilliant because it works in different areas of your arms, back, and shoulders depending on how you position the handles. This piece of equipment will save you a fortune. It’s also brilliant because you can fold it up and take it with you. Whether you’re a truck driver or a businessman, it’s fantastic, making it a great buy with your stimulus money.

Find it here: [amazon link=”B07XF62T2X” ] [amazon fields=”B07XF62T2X” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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22. [amazon link=”B07WZXBC3S” title=”Pro Boxing Reflex Ball” /]

Sparring partners are hard to come by right now. Perhaps you’re from a family of martial artists and you’re able to take turns to beat each other up, but even that becomes predictable. However, there’s definitely one thing that you can improve, and that’s your hand-eye coordination.

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The pro boxing ball has a stretch-rubber elastic bungee cord to offer the ideal resistance and rebound. With three different balls to choose from, you can practice different types of timing and movement. Improve your agility, reflexes, and concentration. It’s a simple tool but highly effective, showing it’s worth some of that precious stimulus cash.

Buy it right here: [amazon link=”B07WZXBC3S” ] [amazon fields=”B07WZXBC3S” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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21. [amazon link=”B083V6DMH5″ title=”Marsbunker Weight Lifting Mouthpiece” /]

There are many accessories you can buy for the gym. However, it’s sometimes difficult to tell what’s actually useful and what is a gimmick. Something that you might not have thought about getting is a weightlifting mouthpiece. You don’t need to spend your whole stimulus because Marsbunker has a brilliant option for a fraction of the cost.

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Clampdown your jaw into the mouthpiece to enhance stability. It also prevents you from damaging your teeth when weightlifting. Unlike other mouthpieces that focus on the front teeth, Marsbunker concentrates on the back where you bite the hardest.

Get it here: [amazon link=”B083V6DMH5″ ] [amazon fields=”B083V6DMH5″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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20. [amazon link=”B07GW7CXHT” title=”Valleycomfy Boxing Mitts” /]

Combat sports are a fantastic way to keep fit for both you and your family. One good way to get them moving is a pair of focus mitts. There are so many brands out there, so it’s easy to spend a lot of money on rubbish. But don’t waste that stimulus. You want comfort for the holder and safety for the striker.

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Valleycomfy has one of the best sets out there. They’re not as famous as other brands but their name says it all. They’re extremely comfortable for the holder and they are durable enough to last for a long time. Surprisingly cheap for the quality, they’re an excellent product to use your stimulus on.

Buy them here: [amazon link=”B07GW7CXHT” ] [amazon fields=”B07GW7CXHT” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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19. [amazon link=”B00G8UKA0Q” title=”SPRI Chalk Block” /]

Forget about weightlifting gloves, a block of chalk is just as good. It’s useful for so many sports, including gymnastics, rock climbing, bouldering, and all power and weight lifting activities. Furthermore, it’s great for other grip-intensive activities such as yoga to keep your mat dry for a superior grip

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Chalk improves your grip by keeping your hands dry. This also prevents blisters and calluses while reducing slippage during your workout. If you’re a climber then it’s perfect because it absorbs moisture and does not easily rub off. The chalk breaks off easily, so you can put it in your pouch.

Buy it here: [amazon link=”B00G8UKA0Q” ] [amazon fields=”B00G8UKA0Q” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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18. [amazon link=”B07MVYVN3H” title=”Buff Headwear” /]

These days can be tough if you’re trying to motivate yourself to go for a run. Likewise, if you’re out hiking in the wilderness, you don’t want to be caught cold. Buff literally have you covered with their brilliant, versatile headwear. It’s possible to wear in over 12 different ways, making it a diverse use of your stimulus.

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Buff offers a variety of different materials so that you can choose the right one for you. For example, they have UV-resistant Coolmax pro for hot days or microfiber fleece for polar conditions. Wear it as a balaclava, a cap, a hair tie, or even a bandana; the options are limitless, and that makes it an excellent buy with your stimulus.

Find it here: [amazon link=”B07MVYVN3H” ] [amazon fields=”B07MVYVN3H” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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17. [amazon link=”B079KMH4NC” title=”Hawk Inner Gloves” /]

People think that just because they’ve got a good pair of boxing gloves and a heavy bag, they’re ready to go. But the truth is you probably need a little bit more than that. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you will break a knuckle, a finger, or even a wrist. You need some reinforcement.

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Handwraps are the obvious solution, but it takes longer to put them on than it does to actually fight somebody. Get yourself a pair of inner gloves. They also support all the parts of your hands you want to look after but the difference is they only take a couple of seconds to put on. An easy purchase for combat sports fans who have some of their stimulus left over.

Find them right here: [amazon link=”B079KMH4NC” ] [amazon fields=”B079KMH4NC” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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16. [amazon link=”B07KYF9XLX” title=”Mini Trampoline” /]

Time and space are the two biggest factors that influence home workouts. Most people want to get as much work done in the shortest period possible. They also usually don’t have a lot of room in their homes for unlimited equipment. So something like a mini trampoline can be an invaluable purchase with your stimulus.

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Let’s face it, exercise is better if it’s fun. What’s more fun than jumping up and down on a trampoline? It’s such an underrated form of cardio because it’s low impact on the knees and joints. This means it’s suitable for everybody from young children to grandparents.

Find it right here: [amazon link=”B07KYF9XLX” ] [amazon fields=”B07KYF9XLX” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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15. [amazon link=”B0007VB4NE” title=”Gaim Balance Chair” /]

Medical experts have said that an increased number of people are suffering from lower back conditions as a result of sitting on computers all day. Self-isolation definitely isn’t helping the situation because for a lot of people going online is the easiest thing to do. How do you fix this?

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First of all, you could buy a medicine ball. But why not take it even further and get a medicine ball chair? Gaiam’s model means that you’re basically doing yoga by just sitting at your desk. It helps with your posture and reduces pressure in your spine. In sum, they make a lot of sense.

Find them here: [amazon link=”B0007VB4NE” ] [amazon fields=”B0007VB4NE” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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14. [amazon link=”B072MLTVS4″ title=”Interlocking Puzzle Mats” /]

Trying to do exercise on hard wooden floors or tiles isn’t really fun. Sure, it’s character-building, but it’s also one way to guarantee injuries. Furthermore, if your child is into a grappling martial art like BJJ or judo, then they’re going to need something safe to train on.

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Puzzle exercise mats are the solution to your problem. Available in three colors, with double-sided non-slip surfaces, they’re ideal training spaces. Their moisture resistant technology makes it easy to clean them as well. With interlocking sides, your kids should be able to assemble them. These are a useful purchase for families who got a stimulus.

Find it right here: [amazon link=”B072MLTVS4″ ] [amazon fields=”B072MLTVS4″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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13. [amazon link=”B07W5CMX7S” title=”Yes4All Roller” /]

Everybody has little injuries that they just start to live with it and accept. But you shouldn’t need to worry about that because there are solutions. One of the best is a foam roller because it’s easy to use at home and doesn’t take up a lot of space either. It’s like having your own in-house masseuse.

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With a foam roller, you can focus on specific spots on your body and roll out the sore spots. Yes4All has a fantastic product for a great price. It’s a very high-density piece of foam so new users might find it uncomfortable in the beginning. But it’s definitely worth it.

Find it here: [amazon link=”B07W5CMX7S” ] [amazon fields=”B07W5CMX7S” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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12. [amazon link=”B07DWH8VNR” title=”3d FitBud” /]

Technology is making its way into every form of exercise these days. One of the simplest and most useful devices is a pedometer. These can go from being incredibly basic to having infinite functions. Usually, a simpler model is better to make life easier on yourself. There’s no need to spend a ton of your stimulus on a complicated one.

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The 3D Fit Bud is great because it has a massive screen so you can easily keep track of your progress. As well as this, it only counts movements of over 10 steps. So it’s very difficult to cheat by walking back and forth from your refrigerator. A great device.

Find it here: [amazon link=”B07DWH8VNR” ] [amazon fields=”B07DWH8VNR” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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11. [amazon link=”B019MM7XVK” title=”Rivbos Reflective Sunglasses” /]

Now that we’re approaching summer, the sun should hopefully be in our lives a little bit more. That’s great, but if you’re cycling, running, or even driving, it can cause a lot of issues. It’s not fun to spend half of your life squinting. But most people don’t have hundreds of dollars to drop on a pair of shades.

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Rivbos has a variety of different types of lenses available to reduce glare, provide contrast in low light, and absorb blue light. As well as this, they also have an indestructible plastic frame. Unless you take a hammer to them, they’re not going to break. They’re not bad looking either.

Find them here: [amazon link=”B019MM7XVK” ] [amazon fields=”B019MM7XVK” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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10. [amazon link=”B07DXQTCQL” title=”Letscom Bluetooth Headphones” /]

If you go for a run or exercise in the gym, it’s nice to put on your headphones. Whether it’s to listen to music or your favorite podcasts, it helps you to immerse yourself in what you’re doing and time goes by quicker. But there’s nothing more annoying than when headphones slip off.

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With Letscom, you don’t have that problem. Their Bluetooth headphones wrap around the ear. Noise-cancelling, waterproof and lightweight, they’re perfect for all your fitness listening needs. Honestly, with their sound quality, they should probably be a lot more expensive than they are. That makes them a great stimulus purchase.

Find them here: [amazon link=”B07DXQTCQL” ] [amazon fields=”B07DXQTCQL” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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9. [amazon link=”B07PLHBGCL” title=”Powerlix Calf Compression Sleeve” /]

It’s a fact of life for many people that running is a painful activity. Between cramps, splints, and the impact it can have on your knees, it’s a high-stress activity. But there are several ways to alleviate some of that suffering so you can step onto your treadmill or the asphalt without a worry.

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Improve your circulation by wearing a Powerlix Compression Sleeve. They can prevent blood clots after surgery as well as boosting circulation and reducing pain. Wear them regularly to reduce symptoms like swelling, soreness, and fatigue This item has long-term benefits.

Find it here: [amazon link=”B07PLHBGCL” ] [amazon fields=”B07PLHBGCL” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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8. [amazon link=”B01AAH8CMA” title=”Walkers Razor Slim Muff” /]

It’s the perfect time for a pair of ear protectors. You’re stuck at home with your family, and let’s face it you love them but it’s tough to listen to them. So stick these on your head and enjoy the blissful silence. Then wear them at the range when it reopens. It’s a win-win situation.

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Delivering an impressive noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB, the Razor series are sure to protect your hearing, without interfering. The Razor series also feature Walkers’ new comfort fit headband for all-day shooting and come in a host of color options. Their low-profile design only adds to their appeal.

Buy them right here: [amazon link=”B01AAH8CMA” ] [amazon fields=”B01AAH8CMA” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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7. [amazon link=”B086MVY4R3″ title=”Qikafan Sports Mask” /]

Masks have never been more popular than they are right now. We’re pretty sure that all of those disposable medical masks aren’t all that good for the planet. So why not invest in one that you might actually use when this health crisis finally comes to an end.

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The Qikafan sports mask has a replaceable carbon filter that isolates 95% of dust and pollen. It’s perfect for all different kinds of conditions. You could wear them while running or cycling, or even playing airsoft. The mask provides a windproof and dustproof performance so your lungs stay clean while you’re active.

Buy it right here: [amazon link=”B086MVY4R3″ ] [amazon fields=”B086MVY4R3″ value=”price” format=”linked”]

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6. [amazon link=”B06Y5G3YBL” title=”CQR Men’s Tactical Pants” /]

A good hiker has all the right gear. You don’t want to go up a mountain in a pair of skinny jeans. No, you want a decent pair of pants. CQR Tactical Pants are amazing value for what you get. You could even choose to just wear them for work because they’re so durable and have a lot of pockets.

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There’s nothing fancy about these pants and that’s why we like them. Constructed with a hint of military and law enforcement performance design, these look like they mean business. Furthermore, their Duratex fabric repels liquid, dirt, and other contaminants. Even if you never go hiking, you’ll find a use for them.

Find them right here: [amazon link=”B06Y5G3YBL” ] [amazon fields=”B06Y5G3YBL” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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5. [amazon link=”B01D2GRTIE” title=”Saucony Compression Socks” /]

Regular runners know how important the right sneaker is. But did you know that the wrong pair of socks is almost just as bad? Many famous brands sell sports socks that are all but useless because they aren’t compression. This increases the chances of you getting blisters as well as swelling and other maladies.

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Saucony’s socks actively ventilate the feet. They create an airflow that cools and drys your feet in any running condition. They also manage to balance being both strong enough not to fall apart and light enough not to fill up your shoe. Seriously, get yourself a pair now and change how you run forever.

Buy them right here: [amazon link=”B01D2GRTIE” ] [amazon fields=”B01D2GRTIE” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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4. [amazon link=”B071L9DRPR” title=”Efitment Weighted Vest” /]

One of the most useful pieces of gym equipment you can buy is a weighted vest. Be careful though, because if you get the wrong one it will just tear at the seams and spread sand everywhere. If you don’t fancy picking up grains for the rest of your life and having to replace your vest, get a decent one.

Mandatory Credit: Efitment

Made of sweat-resistant material, the Efitment weighted vest is one of the best out there. Many lesser products just absorb sweat so they stink after a couple workouts. Furthermore, it has the bonus of an adjustable weight of up to 12kg. So really, you’re getting multiple weight vests in one. Finally, with double velcro straps, it doesn’t bounce around.

Find it right here: [amazon link=”B071L9DRPR” ] [amazon fields=”B071L9DRPR” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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3. [amazon link=”B07CZYTLQN” title=”LetsFit Resistance Bands” /]

Resistance bands are a wonderful tool because they’re so versatile. You can make almost every bodyweight exercise more difficult just by adding a band into the mix. Furthermore, you can replicate some free weight exercises like bicep curls and deadlifts if you use them right. In sum, your only limit is your imagination.

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When you get your own bands, it’s worth going after a multipack with different resistance weights. This will allow you to have more variety in your workouts. LetsFit offers five all-latex bands with color-coded resistance levels. The best thing is that they’re very light so you can easily stow them in your bag wherever you go.

Find them right here: [amazon link=”B07CZYTLQN” ] [amazon fields=”B07CZYTLQN” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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2. [amazon link=”B01GX09WUE” title=”Rawlings Player Preferred Glove” /]

Now is the perfect time to connect with your children. And what better way to do that than to play ball? Get them away from the computer or tablet and out to the garden. All you need are a ball and a glove. Rawlings is a classic brand that still offers a lot in this market. This glove is better than many that cost over $100.

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It has zero shock padding for increased impact protection while catching. With an easy, adjustable fit, it’s suitable for both baseball and softball. The leather is surprisingly supple so you don’t need to break it in. In short, this glove is ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.

Find it right here: [amazon link=”B01GX09WUE” ] [amazon fields=”B01GX09WUE” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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1. [amazon link=”B01GX09WUE” title=”Yiwskbo Oximeter” /]

Fast and small, this oximeter works out of the box with 99% accuracy. It measures and monitors your pulse and blood oxygen level. This is perfect for high-stress sports like high altitude climbing and skiing. Furthermore, it shows the reading in numbers as well as the bar graph to give a visual representation of your heartbeat.

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Each oximeter weighs only 50g and comes with a neck lanyard. In short, the fingertip oximeter is a reliable companion for quick and easy readings for oxygen saturation. Your health is more important than anything else, so this piece of equipment is definitely worth thinking about.

Find it right here: [amazon link=”B01GX09WUE” ] [amazon fields=”B01GX09WUE” value=”price” format=”linked”]

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