All The Best Photos From Taylor Swift’s NFL Takeover In Kansas City

Darren - September 26, 2023

All The Best Photos From Taylor Swift’s NFL Takeover In Kansas City

Darren - September 26, 2023

The budding relationship between pop megastar Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is the romance we didn’t know we needed. It’s like watching an ’80s teen movie unfold in real life with the popular jock seducing the artsy girl. Swift’s appearance rocked the football world when she went to Kansas City to watch Kelce’s Chiefs destroy the Chicago Bears this past Sunday.

Here are all of the best photos from her time at Arrowhead Stadium, where she took over the NFL with all the hype it created. We’ll also be analyzing their potential relationship as we watch it unfold. Everybody thought Kelce missed his shot when she reportedly shot him down at her Eras Tour concert, but maybe he’ll have the last laugh.

Red and White

In the picture below, we can see Swift enjoying her time in a VIP box at Arrowhead Stadium. She beamed widely as she soaked up the atmosphere and set the internet ablaze. We can see her trademark red lip and she’s also wearing a red Kansas City jacket.

New York Post

Allegedly, Swift is a Philadelphia Eagles supporter, whom the Chiefs beat in last year’s Super Bowl, but she was willing to betray her team for Kelce. However, she isn’t a massive football fan overall and prefers watching hockey. Meanwhile, Swift enjoys hiking and outdoor activities in nature. But she reveled in this gameday experience (via New York Post).

Family Affair?

Maybe Kelce and Swift are playing with their fans’ hearts and creating a narrative for likes. After all, celebrities do this sort of thing. But if that’s true, Kelce took it to another level. That’s because his mother Donna was also involved. Swift stood beside Donna in the box as they watched Travis play.

AP Photo

Kelce’s mother is one of the NFL’s most beloved figures. She regularly watches Travis play for Kansas City while his big brother Jason stars for the Eagles. It says a lot about their potential relationship that Swift can spend time alone with Kelce’s mother. Some fans called Donna and Taylor the ‘real power couple’ (via ABC 7).

Let’s Go Crazy

The fairytale continued when Kelce scored a touchdown during the game. Here we can see Swift going crazy as she celebrated the moment. Even though football isn’t her favorite sport, she found herself loving the experience. That’s because she had an emotional investment in Kelce’s display.

AP Photo

There’s something very pure about these two young people living their love story in front of the world. Everybody knows that Swift struggles to find true love because of her massive profile. Meanwhile, Kelce is a notorious party animal with a big heart. Perhaps they’re perfect for each other (via Page Six).

Alternative Reality

Many fans couldn’t believe what they were watching as Swift took over Kansas City. It was one of the most unlikely stories ever because nobody thought that she’d do this. Typically, Swift dates musicians and actors, so Kelce marks a significant change from her usual type.


There’s no denying that she took this game seriously though. We see Kelce celebrating his touchdown above. But Swift also enjoyed the moment as fans heard. One tweeted: “I definitely did not have Taylor Swift yelling “LET’S F*****G GO” after a Travis Kelce TD on my 2023 bingo card.”

Emotional Investment

Here’s another snap of Swift in the VIP box watching the big game. Many people dismissed Kelce’s chances of dating the star and perhaps it’s all a big ploy. But Kelce doesn’t care because he’s making headlines. Furthermore, Pat McAfee asked him if he hated people talking about his love life.


Kelce told McAfee: “No, it’s life, baby. I threw it out there. “I threw the ball in her court and, you know, I told her, ‘I’ve seen you rock the stage at Arrowhead and you might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead and see which one is a little more lit.’” In the end, she couldn’t resist coming to watch him play (via Elle).

Elite Player

Some Swifties might want to know more about Kelce now. The tight end is one of the Kansas City Chiefs’ best players. He is a two-time Super Bowl winner and one of the NFL’s biggest stars. In this game against the Bears, he led the Chiefs in receiving with seven catches for 69 yards.

AP Photo

One source told Entertainment Tonight: “Travis has been into Taylor for a while and definitely has a crush on her. He is a simple guy that is very funny, charismatic, chill, and loves playing football.” Typically, Swift dates actors like Joe Alwyn or singers like John Mayer. Maybe a bit of simplicity is exactly what she needs.

Big Smile

After Kelce scored his touchdown the camera immediately panned to his face for a close-up. The tight end searched for Swift in the crowd and beamed up at the pop star. Amazingly, the entire watching world found itself invested in this ridiculous love story. But we couldn’t help ourselves.


Meanwhile, Kelce has every reason to smile because the Swift story is a goldmine for him. He gained over 300,000 followers on social media and merchandise sales increased by 300 percent. Kecle then broke the top five most popular NFL jerseys after the game. That’s the Swift effect (via Sportskeeda).


Make no mistake, Swift is a true superstar. The 12-time Grammy Award winner has 272 million Instagram followers and an estimated net worth of $740 million. In comparison, Kelce has three million followers and makes about $15 million per year. But he still tried to win her heart with a friendship bracelet and his phone number.


We love the romantic gesture because it shows Kelce is a surprisingly sensitive soul. However, likely, he can’t comprehend the level of fame that he is dealing with. Also, he’s taking a risk because if they break up, Swift’s future song will always play in the Kansas City locker room (via Page Six).

Fun Times

The reality is we don’t know if Kelce and Swift are dating. But it’s fun to speculate because it’s one of those stories that came from nowhere. Swift ended her longest relationship with Joe Alwyn earlier this year before dating Matty Healy. Meanwhile, Kelce and longtime girlfriend Kayla Nicole also broke up in 2023.


Fans tweeted a video of the pair walking side-by-side out of the stadium. One source told Entertainment Tonight: “Travis and Taylor are taking things slowly, and not rushing into anything serious. Both are very career-focused, so the focus is on that for now, but that’s not going to stop them from enjoying life when it’s the right moment.”

Fun Girl

Joe Alwyn ended his relationship with Swift after six years in 2023. After casually dating the 1975’s Mattie Healy, Swift is in her fun girl era. She had a rebound and now she’s looking to enjoy life at the age of 33. However, the fact that she’s standing beside Kelce’s mother in the photo below suggests more.

USA Today

One source alleged that Travis and Swift met before. They said: “She and Travis have hung out twice, and it’s nothing serious. She thinks he is very charming, and they have been texting this last week. He is a little embarrassed at how much attention they are getting, but he has told her he would love to continue seeing her (via USA Today).”

Out to Impress

Kelce owns multiple vehicles but he picked the classiest one in his garage for this special night. The tight end drove Swift through Kansas City in his burgundy 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. Some media sources called it a ‘getaway car’ because they immediately escaped from the masses.

The Today Show

It also says a lot about Swift’s upbringing that she enjoys being in a convertible. Many women don’t like them because they care about their hair. But the former country music star loves being outdoors. The cozy couple allegedly went to an exclusive Chiefs afterparty after a private restaurant meal (via The Today Show).

Perfect Day

Even Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes, who is no stranger to the biggest of stages, felt the pressure because Taylor Swift was there. “I heard she was in the house so I knew I had to get it to Trav,” he told reporters. “He does his own thing, he just makes up a route and I throw it to him. I think he wanted to get in the end zone just as much as the Swifties wanted him to.”

Prime Social

Then Kelce sealed the perfect day by paying for everybody in the Prime Social Club to leave. Some people didn’t like this power move because they said it was elitist and disrespectful. However, others said that Taylor Swift can do whatever she wants. They had an ‘affectionate evening’ before enjoying time with the Kansas City team.

Date Night

The photo below shows the couple zooming away into the Kansas City night. Allegedly, they went to a local restaurant where one TikTok user had an update. They wrote: “I just got a call from a friend and Taylor is going into a place, and she just paid for everybody in the restaurant so they would leave.”


Swift can’t go anywhere without attracting massive fanfare. That’s why it was easier to clear the restaurant to have a private space where they could relax. Many of her previous boyfriends struggled to cope with the intense media attention. We’ll see if Kelce can handle the heat (via Page Six).