All The Reasons Travis Kelce Struck Out With Taylor Swift

Darren - August 7, 2023

All The Reasons Travis Kelce Struck Out With Taylor Swift

Darren - August 7, 2023

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Cheating Rumors

Before Kelce’s long-term relationship with Kaya Nicole, he dated Maya Benberry. The pair met on the reality TV show Catching Kelce where 50 women competed for the honor of becoming his girlfriend. They were together for eight months before they called it quits. But it didn’t take long for Benberry to reveal a shocking truth.


She tweeted: “When you and your ex broke up 5 months ago but you find out via social media that he’s supposedly been in another relationship for 6 (via Us Magazine).” This was an instant red flag and maybe another reason why he struck out with Swift. She doesn’t need that kind of drama in her life.

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Party Animal

Kelce follows the time-honored tradition of being a tight end who is a party animal. He loves living the high life more than playing football. The NFL star once showered club-goers with a six-liter bottle of champagne. Meanwhile, there are dozens of pictures of him dancing and having a great time in bars and nightclubs.

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He even organized a festival and booked Machine Gun Kelly as the main event. However, it’s safe to say that this isn’t compatible with Swift’s lifestyle (via CBS News). Swift told Lesley Stahl: “I don’t really like drinking. I’m not like ‘Man, that’s my favorite thing to do.’ And I don’t drink to get drunk, because that’s just not cute.”

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50/50 Rule

Reportedly, Kelce applied strict rules to his relationship with Kaya Nicole. Various media outlets reported that he applied a 50/50 rule when they did anything together. This forced her to pay half of everything. Allegedly he didn’t want her to take advantage of his wealth. Remember, Nicole is a successful model, author, and entrepreneur so she’s not struggling.

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The pair tried to shut this down after articles emerged following their breakup. But where there’s smoke there’s fire. It’s safe to say that Swift wouldn’t appreciate it if Kelce tried to shove his rules down her throat. After all, she’s one of the most powerful women on the planet and wouldn’t tolerate it (via Sportskeeda).


Punching Teammates

Violence is rarely the answer but Kelce didn’t think about this during one recent practice. He punched Jack Cochrane during training camp after the linebacker hit him late. Patrick Mahomes tried to brush it off by saying it shows the team’s desire and competitive spirit. But it wasn’t a good look for the tight end because he’s one of the team’s superstars.


Later, Kelce admitted his mistake and tweeted: “Gotta be a better teammate gotta be a better leader… plain and simple.” However, random acts of violence are unlikely to endear him to a pop icon like Swift. She has a history of dating sensitive artistic types, not animalistic NFL players (via New York Post).


Out of His League

Kelce has a history of dating social media personalities and reality stars. No disrespect to the tight end, but Swift is out of his league. We’re not talking about physical appearance because Kaya Nicole is a gorgeous woman. But there’s no comparing her achievements to Swift’s because the pop star is one of the world’s most powerful women.


We know that Kelce enjoys being the provider and the dominant half of the relationship. Arguably, the only time Swift has been the B-side was when she was with Jake Gyllenhaal. Even Loki-star Tom Hiddleston doesn’t have the same profile that Swift does. Kelce struck out because he isn’t in the same stratosphere as her (via Women’s Health).


“Talented Idiot”

Jason Whitlock once described Kelce as a “talented idiot.” This aptly describes the tight end who doesn’t appear to have a bad bone in his body. But he also makes some moronic decisions and creates dumb situations for himself. While it’s fun to watch him as an outsider, it doesn’t mean he’s relationship material.

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A major star like Swift will know that this could introduce a lot of unnecessary stress and drama into her life. She doesn’t want someone else’s mistakes to negatively impact her brand. That’s why there are plenty of celebrities who she wouldn’t look twice at. It’s a cutthroat world and that’s why Kelce struck out (via Today).

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Gronk’s Approval

Some people call Kelce a Walmart version of Rob Gronkowski. They think that he’s trying too hard to be like the legendary tight end. ‘Gronk’ is a party animal and received almost universal love from across the NFL landscape. That’s no small feat because he played for the hated Patriots for so long (via Clutchpoints).


‘Gronk’ gave his endorsement to Kelce on the Up and Adams Show. He said: “Travis is a very thoughtful guy and if they started dating, that would be hands down the No. 1 Ken and Barbie in the NFL. Come on Taylor, let’s make it happen.” However, this may not help Kelce because Gronkowski also dated porn stars.

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Eagles Fan

Another reason why Kelce struck out with Swift is because he plays for the wrong team. We all know that Kelce is one of the Chiefs’ star players but there’s a big problem with this. Swift is an Eagles fan and we know what happened in Super Bowl LVII. Kansas City broke Philly’s hearts as they shattered their championship dream.


Maybe Jason Kelce has a better chance of dating Swift than Travis! She saw the way that Kelce celebrated after he helped inflict a cruel victory. Yes, that’s his job and he’s a professional but logic goes out of the window when we talk about sports. Maybe Swift feels the same way about her Kansas City suitor (via Fox Sports).