All The Times Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Set The Internet On Fire

Darren - July 7, 2023

All The Times Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Set The Internet On Fire

Darren - July 7, 2023

Patrick Mahomes is the greatest player in the NFL today and it seems he can do no wrong. Maybe that’s why some of his fans and many haters hold his wife to brutally high standards. Many of them are very cruel to her as well. Mahomes and his wife Brittany Matthews were childhood sweethearts. However, sometimes she doesn’t help herself. That’s because Mahomes’ wife has set the Internet on fire many times with her outspoken behavior.

Brittany doesn’t seem to be a bad person but she lacks self-awareness at times. She’s not afraid to give her opinions but doesn’t realize or accept that many people don’t respect them. It’s certainly a highly discussed topic in NFL social media circles, so today we’ll look at all of the times Mahomes’ wife set the Internet ablaze. Some of these are positive while others blew up in her face. Check them out here.

Referee Abuse

Some people hate the way Brittany expresses her opinions online. She fearlessly and bluntly says what she thinks about opponents hitting her husband. In 2022, she even criticized officials during a game against the Bengals. Brittany tweeted: “I’m confused, we are allowed to tackle quarterbacks like that now? Got it. The inconsistency is BS.”

Sports Illustrated

Later, she added: “I’m tired of the dirty hits.” Rival fans had no sympathy for her concerning this post. One netizen offered to pass her a box of tissues while another told her that it wasn’t flag football. Furthermore, many of them told her to read the rules because there wasn’t anything wrong with the tackle (via Fox News).

Patrick The Photographer

Postseason is every football player’s favorite part of the year because they can enjoy some downtime. Many of them travel to exotic locations where they relax with their families. Unfortunately, Mahomes didn’t have the relaxing experience he expected. Brittany set the Internet on fire when she shared a series of images from their tropical vacation.

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

She dazzled in a tiny black bikini as she soaked up the Hawaiian sun. But another photo showed her long-suffering husband contorting his body as he tried to find the perfect angle. This is something that every young husband and boyfriend understands. Two Super Bowl rings don’t exclude a man from this miserable duty (via New York Post).

Dolphin Abuse

In 2023, Brittany set the Internet on fire and provoked outrage when she shared some polarizing images. She went to a dolphin sanctuary and outraged people when she cuddled the aquatic mammals. Some animal rights lovers thought that this was disgusting because dolphins belong in the wild, not in captivity (via The Spun).


Even Brittany’s fans got in on the act as they called her out. One wrote: “Kind of disgusting that our queen Brittany supports this kind of animal cruelty though. Dolphins deserve to be in the wild.” Brittany didn’t think that she was doing anything wrong and assumed that people would like the photos, but it backfired.

The Vegas Outfit

Nobody can say that Brittany lacks self-confidence because she happily flaunts her body. She regularly shares bikini photos and sometimes wears other revealing outfits. The fitness influencer set the Internet on fire in 2023 when she posted the image below. She left little to the imagination when she wore a sheer lingerie ensemble in Las Vegas.


Unsurprisingly, this polarized the masses because some people love to hate her. They described her as inappropriate and thought that it was wrong for a mother to wear these items. But others supported Brittany and said that she should be proud of her figure. They also pointed out that Las Vegas is a unique place and she had Patrick’s support (via N.Y. Post).

Home Workout

It’s not often NFL fans show Brittany love, but they did during the pandemic. That’s because she uploaded a series of workout videos with Patrick as they trained together. These cute clips showed their genuine affection for each other. Many Chiefs fans support her because she makes their star quarterback happy.

New York Post

One fan replied to her Instagram post with a funny response. They wrote: “Couples can work out together? I thought we were just allowed to eat chips and watch Netflix. Please don’t let my girlfriend know.” Meanwhile, others said that this type of content gave them hope for humanity because it was very wholesome (via Sportskeeda).

Time To Apologize

Travis Kelce raised eyebrows after the Chiefs’ 2023 Super Bowl win when he said that everyone counted them out. Then Brittany set the Internet on fire when she doubled down on this ludicrous claim. She tweeted (via BroBible): “I think a lot of people need to apologize for what they said about this team at the beginning of this season.”

Fox News

This was bizarre because most bookmakers had the Chiefs as one of the preseason favorites. They had played in the previous three AFC Championship Games as well as two of the past three Super Bowls. Meanwhile, their franchise quarterback was entering his prime. It was dumb and Internet trolls told her what they thought about it.

The Maternity Shoot

Many pregnant women feel insecure about their changing bodies. Brittany decided to deal with this in an inspiring way by having a sexy maternity shoot. She shared some of the photos on her Instagram and set pulses racing. Fans couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked as she appeared to be glowing.


Brittany opted not to wear underwear as she exposed her pregnant belly. Some fans described her as ‘ethereal’ and ‘perfection’ as they supported her. Furthermore, she shared workout videos as she continued training during her cycle. This was one of the rare times when she didn’t receive much hate (via Fansided).

The Jaguars Fan

It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes Brittany manages to make the Internet laugh. In 2022, she tweeted: “Just saw a Jaguars fan, whip it out and pee on a lamp post on ward parkway…while his friend videoed lololololol Today gonna be fun.” This was ahead of the Chiefs’ clash with Jacksonville.

Florida Times-Union

However, this devolved into an argument between Brittany and a Jaguars fan over a no-hit call. Unfortunately, she can’t do anything right in the eyes of many Internet users. They think she’s a master of cringe and can’t handle it. Nobody can say that she doesn’t have thick skin because she seems to take it on the chin.

Miss USA

Sometimes it feels like Brittany can’t do anything right. She set the Internet on fire when she partied with the former Miss Dallas USA, Paige Buechele. One Redditor wrote: “She is so insecure. She always has to be latched on to someone, either Patrick or so-called friends who are probably using her for clout anyway.”

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

This conveniently overlooked the reality that Paige was also the wife of KC backup QB Shane Buechele. Meanwhile, she was working as a realtor and was trying to sell the Mahomes family mansion. Brittany and Paige had a direct relationship but some people still accused her of being a social leech.

The Bachelorette Party

Some people hate the way that Brittany shares the fun things that she does in her life. She has a blessed existence because her partner is the best quarterback on the planet. That also means she has access to more money than most of us can imagine. Haters resent this because they think she rubs her wealth in their faces.

New York Post

She set the Internet on fire when she had her bachelorette party in 2021. The fitness professional took her best friends on a yacht and hired a teppanyaki chef. Brittany also color-coordinated her guests’ outfits because she didn’t want anyone to show her up. That’s the power of being one of the most important football player’s wives (via Us Magazine).

Baby Shower

Patrick and Brittany welcomed their first child Sterling Skye into the world in 2021. The quarterback treated his wife to her dream baby shower as they flaunted their love in front of the world. This was an excuse for Brittany to pose in front of dozens of pink balloons and to accept gifts from her loved ones.


Some fans thought that she looked amazing in her pink dress. But others criticized her for being tacky and wearing an inappropriate gown. We can see a full view of her choice above as she opted for a very high slit. Guests included their mothers as well as relatives and Brittany’s best friends (via Total Pro Sports).

“Gold Digger”

Some fans think that Brittany stays with Mahomes because of his money. This is an outrageous claim because the pair were high school sweethearts and stayed together. She’s been with him through thick and thin so she deserves credit for that. Meanwhile, she’s now the mother of his two children.


But this didn’t stop one cruel troll from calling her a ‘gold digger’ when she did an Instagram Live Q&A in 2023. To her credit, she laughed it off and replied: “I wish I found gold.” It’s fair to criticize some of her tweets or to dislike her personality. But it’s wrong to say she doesn’t care about her family (via Hollywood Life).

The Proposal

In 2020, the Chiefs ended their 50-year wait for a second Super Bowl win. However, Mahomes wasn’t finished celebrating with rings because he immediately proposed to Brittany after the game. She set the Internet on fire when she shared images of the proposal and the gigantic diamond engagement ring.


Meanwhile, she revealed her thought about the emotional moment. She wrote: “On a day that was meant to celebrate you, you turned it into celebrating us. You made this day perfect, you took my entire breath away and I could not have imagined anything better. Cheers to spending our life together and an inseparable bond.” (via TMZ).

The Man Purse

Many fans hate the effect that Brittany has on her husband. They didn’t support his relationship with her and hoped that he would find a more likable life partner. Brittany set the Internet on fire in a bad way when she posted a picture from Coachella. But all of Patrick’s supporters focused on one critical detail.


A Twitter user responded: “Oh God now she has Patrick carrying a man purse LMAO.” There were many replies like this because they thought she hurt his fashion. Maybe she had nothing to do with his choices and he liked it himself. Nonetheless, haters use all the ammunition they can dig up (via Sportskeeda).


It’s a harsh reality but Brittany provokes a strong reaction every time she posts on social media. She set the Internet on fire with a simple tweet in November 2022. Brittany attended the Chiefs’ victory over the Titans and shared a picture of her outfit. Let’s hope that she muted the replies very quickly because they came thick and fast.


Haters instantly shredded her outfit with one critic saying “Just hire a stylist please.” Other people admired her for traveling across the U.S. to support her husband. It’s difficult to know whether all the hate is good or bad but that’s the world she lives in. If she stayed quiet, they’d leave her alone (via Newsbreak).

Supporting Jackson

Many of Brittany’s most annoying moments arise when she’s with her husband’s little brother Jackson. The younger Mahomes decided to milk his brother’s fame by becoming a TikTok ‘influencer’. But he’s also an alleged sexual pest and is facing criminal charges. This didn’t stop Brittany from defending Jackson on Instagram Live (via Fox News).

Denny Medley

She set the Internet on fire with her powerful statement. Brittany condemned the haters as she said: “They are ignorant. He is a human just trying to live his life and find his way and until you walk a day in his shoes (which no one ever will) you have no right to say s*** about him.” It’s worth noting that she changed her tactics after the police arrested him.

Tik Tok Cringe

Paige Spiranac is one of the most popular female golfers on the planet today. But she set the Internet on fire when she lit up the Mahomes family on social media. She tweeted: “Patrick Mahomes is down bad. Imagine losing today and then having to go home to Jackson and Brittany making TikToks.”


Maybe it’s unfair to include this on this list because Brittany didn’t instigate this. But it shows the impact of her social media footprint and how people think she’s very annoying. Some fans thought that Spiranac was out of order and shouldn’t have criticized Brittany in this way. But others thought that it was fair and completely true (via The Spun).

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcasters on the planet with a massive reach. He also has a fiercely dedicated fanbase that listens to everything he says like it’s gospel. The comedian famously doesn’t care about ball sports but even he knows who Brittany is. He roasted her with his guests in 2023 and set the Internet on fire.


Brittany didn’t take this very well and responded on Twitter. First, she wrote: “Something about grown men talking s*** about someone’s wife is real weird.” Then she added: “Actually grown a** men hating on women in general is pathetic.” Shockingly this didn’t come across well as social media exploded (via Newsweek).

Champagne Spray

In 2022, the Chiefs overcame the Bills in one of the greatest postseason games ever. Mahomes kept his cool to win a quarterback duel against Josh Allen. But somehow, Brittany made it all about her when she celebrated by showering a bunch of fans with champagne. Instantly, she set the Internet on fire and attracted a ton of vitriol.

New York Post

Many of the responses were over-the-top and unfair because it was a mistake. But Brittany made a massive error when she tweeted later. She wrote: “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week.” Instead of apologizing or simply allowing it to fizzle out, she made the situation even worse (via Golf Digest).

The Wedding

Mahomes and Brittany officially tied the knot in Hawaii in 2022. Needless to say, they shared their experience with the world on their special day. This provided cannon fodder for Brittany’s haters as she set the Internet ablaze yet again. Many of them said that Mahomes didn’t look sure of his decision and that he sealed his fate.


More reasonable people offered their congratulations and wished them happiness in the next stage of their life. But, remarkably, Brittany attracts this kind of negative attention when she isn’t even doing anything wrong. They’ve been together for years so we should respect their relationship (via Essentially Sports).

Brittany’s New Car

Brittany bought a new family vehicle in 2023 but she couldn’t resist sharing it with her Instagram followers. She posted a series of pictures of her Cadillac Escalade in her Instagram story and called it her ‘Mom Mobile.” This instantly set the Internet on fire as some haters accused her of flaunting her wealth.


Escalades have a retail cost of upwards of $100,000. One critic tweeted: “She really is a ‘basic Midwestern b****. But on (figurative) steroids since she got Patrick’s money.” It’s worth noting that Patrick drives a Lamborghini with a reported value of half a million dollars. That makes the Escalade seem like a typical Toyota Camry (via Sportskeeda).