Ancient Things That Were Popular The Last Time The Cowboys Won The Super Bowl

Darren - January 18, 2024

Ancient Things That Were Popular The Last Time The Cowboys Won The Super Bowl

Darren - January 18, 2024

Minnesota Twins V New York Yankees

New York Yankees

The Yankees are the baseball equivalent of the Dallas Cowboys. They’re a global commercial juggernaut and one of the most dominant franchises in sports. However, they didn’t win a World Series between 1978 and 1996. Overall, ’96 was an incredible year because both the Cowboys and the Yankees claimed glory.

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Meanwhile, they’ve also been very inconsistent over the following decades. They ended the ’90s with a dynasty as they won four titles in five seasons. But they’ve only won a single World Series since 2009 because they also suffer playoff meltdowns. They’re another franchise that should be doing much better (via The Athletic).

Action Man 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition
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Action Man

Barbie was for girls but Action Man was for boys. Children loved the hero who fought his evil nemesis Dr. X. The character began life in 1993 but became a cultural zenith in the middle of the decade. That’s because his popularity spawned a franchise of animated movies and comic books.

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The Action Man line finally came to an end in 2006 after a dip in sales. Videogame consoles became increasingly popular so children didn’t want to play with real toys. Some people also think that Action Man espoused toxic masculine values. Maybe like Mike McCarthy or Dak Prescott after a playoff defeat (via Collider).

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Bill Clinton

Clinton was one of the most dominant politicians of the ’90s. The former Governor of Arkansas sought to bring the different sides of the U.S. together. He proposed a middle ground and won election in red states despite his Democratic status. Clinton became a two-term President after an election win in 1996.

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Perhaps the Cowboys are more similar to Clinton’s wife Hillary because victory appeared to be inevitable for her but she threw it away. Everybody knows about Clinton’s controversies including the notorious Monica Lewinsky scandal. However, he always retained a Southern charm that made people like him (via The Guardian).

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Every young man had an earring in their left ear in the ’90s. It was the ultimate sign of rebellious youth and being against the system. There was even a bizarre trend that if men had an earring in their right ear it was a sign that they were gay. This didn’t make any sense but that was the 1990s in a nutshell.

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Nowadays many elite athletes wear very expensive jewelry. It’s one of the clearest signs that they’re going to have financial problems in the future because they have no self-control. An insane amount of NBA and NFL players end up bankrupt but this doesn’t stop them. People are strange but it makes life interesting (via Shiels).

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Golden Globes

Independence Day

Every year has big movies but Independence Day was one of the decade’s most iconic films. Will Smith became a superstar after his performance in the alien invasion blockbuster. Meanwhile, Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum also starred in the giant hit. Only Jurassic Park had more box office success in the 1990s than ID4.


Critics didn’t love it but audiences lapped it up as it made almost $900 million globally. This was a gigantic smash hit despite arguably not being very good. That sounds like the Dallas Cowboys today because they’re a commercial juggernaut whilw the on-field product keeps falling short (via USA Today).