Darkest Deeds: These Elite Athletes Behaved Badly Off The Field

Darren - June 2, 2023

Darkest Deeds: These Elite Athletes Behaved Badly Off The Field

Darren - June 2, 2023

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Peyton Manning

The Manning brothers maintained clean-cut images throughout their careers. These All-American stars enjoyed amazing NFL success and appeared to be great role models. But Peyton had a darker side that he successfully disguised. He had a disgusting incident in college when a female trainer accused him of sexual harassment.

AP News

Allegedly, Tennessee covered up the incident after the trainer made her claims public. She alleged that Manning put his bare anus and testicles in her face against her will. In the end, the court ruled that there was insufficient evidence for them to convict Manning. Unfortunately, it’s not what people expect from their idols (via Sports Illustrated).


Steven Gerrard

Gerrard is one of Liverpool’s greatest-ever players and captained to glory many times. He played a pivotal role in their iconic 2005 Champion’s League victory. Then he drove them to FA Cup success the following year. But the quiet-spoken Scouser has a dark side and infamously behaved badly in a pub in 2008.


Allegedly, Gerrard assaulted a man in a fight over a karaoke machine. Gerrard loves Phil Collins but his rival didn’t want to play the song. It was an embarrassing event for the Liverpool icon. Meanwhile, it’s known that he has many close friends in the city’s gangland scene. The apple never falls far from the tree (via The Guardian).


Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather is the most financially successful athlete in history. The boxing legend became a marketing force in his prime and brilliantly managed his career. He earned hundreds of millions of dollars before he retired with an undefeated 50-0 record. But while he was a superb fighter he behaved badly outside of the ring.

Bleacher Report

‘Money’ served 60 days in jail after a reprehensible act of domestic violence. Meanwhile, his lack of respect for women became even more obvious when he opened a Las Vegas strip club. It’s safe to say that Mayweather considers women to be tools and nothing more. Unfortunately, his generational boxing talent doesn’t mean he’s a nice person (via Bleacher Report).

Sports Illustrated

Tom Brady

Brady is the most successful NFL player in history with a staggering seven Super Bowl rings. But this doesn’t mean that the quarterback is always a good person. He infamously dumped his family because he wanted to prolong his football career. Gisele Bundchen gave him a choice between them or playing ball.


However, the story of how he met Bundchen is even worse. That’s because he dumped his previous wife Bridget Moynahan for the Brazilian supermodel. The worst part was that Moynahan was pregnant when Brady met his new partner. He behaved badly in this situation and disrespected her (via People).