All The Best Photos From Patrick Mahomes’ Lavish Kansas City Home

Darren - June 3, 2022

All The Best Photos From Patrick Mahomes’ Lavish Kansas City Home

Darren - June 3, 2022

Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now. The Kansas City Chiefs star also enjoys one of the most lucrative contracts in the sports world. This enables him to have the best of everything, including a lavish home and lifestyle.

Today, we looked at the best pictures from his house in Kansas City. It will feel like a personal tour of his property as we enter the Mahomes family world. Prepare to feel incredibly jealous because this is an amazing home. Check it out via


30. Prime Real Estate

It’s not surprising that Mahomes lives in one of the more upscale neighborhoods in all of Kansas City. Sunset Hills West is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city and is home to many of the region’s celebrities. He bought his mansion for about $2 million in 2019. Previously, Mahomes lived in a central penthouse but he wanted a bigger property for his young family.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this house is that it’s not gaudy. That’s because the architect wanted to combine elements of Zen Buddhism into the aesthetic. It’s lavish but tasteful, unlike the homes of many elite athletes (via Sportskeeda).


29. Clean Aesthetic

One of the nicest aspects of this house is how they maximize its use of space. It feels open and uncluttered despite its retro design. The open floor plan provides peace of mind with plenty of room to move around. Meanwhile, the furniture is tasteful and enhances the area.

The wooden details are beautiful because they are in sync with the green area outside. The interior designer wanted to bring nature into their home and they succeeded. Yes, it’s lavish, but it’s not too garish or overblown. There are no ridiculous chandeliers or gaudy displays of opulence (via Vogue).


28. Secret Space

Mahomes doesn’t enjoy a lot of privacy as he spends so much time with his teammates and is more often than not bombarded by fans when he goes out in public. In terms of just football, he travels across the nation and spends a lot of time on buses and planes. That’s a big reason why he probably enjoys downtime when he gets it.

Cozy spots like this corner in his garden will feel even more special to the Super Bowl winner. It’s easy to imagine him reclining here and closing his eyes in comfort. Mahomes’ lavish home is a very Zen place and this part of his property reflects this (via Marca).


27. Retro Vibe

Mahomes and his wife Brittney favor a retro vibe inside their family home. This restroom reflects this vision because they opted for bold red paint. It’s not easy to pull this off but they did so successfully. The poster of Lenin is an interesting touch for whatever reason.

Everything is carefully laid out and there isn’t any clutter. Some celebrities buy the most lavish and expensive decorations they can find because they want to flaunt their wealth. But money doesn’t always buy class. Luckily, Mahomes and Brittney don’t have this problem because they have good taste (via The Eagle).


26. Wet Bar

The Mahomes family loves to socialize with their friends and family. Both Patrick and Brittney regularly post on social media that they’re attending different events. They also have the option of hosting big groups in their lavish home because it has a nice bar.

Mahomes can make cocktails while Brittney entertains their guests on their comfortable couches. It’s fair to say that their home is modest compared to that of other celebrities like Evander Holyfield. But it’s still a magnificent place and a great place for parties (via N.Y. Post).


25. Chef’s Kitchen

One of the benefits of being a millionaire is the capacity to have a full chef’s kitchen. That’s exactly what Mahomes has in his lavish home. It has everything that a professional chef needs and has the perfect layout for a high-end restaurant (via Sportscasting).

Some fancy establishments are probably jealous of this kitchen because they equipped it so well. This means that Mahomes can easily host a large gathering and cater to them. Hired chefs will enjoy using this gorgeous and efficient space.


24. Period Home

According to Haute Living, the Mahomes house was built in 1953. The furnishings and classic lines reflect the tastes of this era but there are some modern touches. One example is his Google Nest table that Mahomes uses to control the ambiance and lighting in the house.

Technically, it’s not big enough to be considered a mansion, but it’s still a lavish property. It also reflects a lot about Mahomes’ personality because he isn’t a brash personality like his attention-seeking brother. Mahomes wants a calm and serene setting in contrast to all the action he gets in on the football field.


23. Dining Room

If Mahomes and his family want to sit down to a formal meal they can use this understated dining table. It seats six people but there are more chairs carefully placed around the room so it’s probably extendable. This means he can serve a lavish banquet to many guests in an intimate setting (via De Gruyter).

Furthermore, the furniture in the dining room uses wood as its main component. This is a trademark of the 1950s aesthetic because it was all about connecting with nature. The floor is also wooden while the walls are a cool grey. The long windows will make diners feel as though they are eating outdoors.


22. Breakfast Bar

Here is another view of their fabulous kitchen. Once again, they use a lot of wood to retain a natural appearance. There’s something very soothing about this aesthetic compared to the white minimalism many celebrities favor. This is warm but decluttered so it’s very cozy and effective.

Yet, Mahomes and Brittney ensured that there are some lavish touches. The barstools are extremely stylish and very expensive. Meanwhile, the refrigerator could hold enough food for the entire Chiefs roster. Well, maybe not, but it’s massive nonetheless (via 247 Sports).

Inside NFL Star Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City House
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21. Massive Shoe Collection

Mahomes possesses a prized shoe collection that requires its own closet. There are over 180 pairs in his closet and he even has a camera on them at all times. It’s safe to say that he loves his footwear more than some members of his family – we’re looking at you, Jackson (via CNBC).

These sneakers include limited editions from Adidas, his chief sponsor. It seems extremely lavish to most people because this is a massive shoe collection. Most men only possess three or four pairs. They’ll use one for daily wear, another for exercise, and finally, a third for formal occasions.

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews Home Tour: Photos
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20. Alternate View Of Mahomes’ Shoe Collection

This photo not only provides an alternate view of Mahomes’ aforementioned shoe and sneaker collection, but also some insight into what he and his wife’s mindset was when purchasing this mid-century abode. Many – if not most – professional athletes choose to build lavish new homes with their money, and for good reason.

But Mahomes chose to tear down much of his older home and rebuild it from the ground up in his image (via Life & Style Magazine). Based on this photo of his shoe closet that looks out onto the meticulously manicured grounds, it’s working out well for him and his wife Brittany. Their house has been redone with everything they want, and you can tell it’s simply a beautiful house in each and every one of these photos.

Inside Patrick Mahomes' $1.8M house in Kansas City

19. Outdoor Pool

It’s basically impossible to be rich and not have a massive outdoor pool that nobody uses. We can’t verify that none of the Mahomes family utilizes their swimming pool, but they have a lavish one nonetheless. Swimmers can do full-lengths in this massive aquatic feature (via Financial Times).

Pools are a lavish luxury but they’re also a money pit. First, there’s the initial cost of installing it. But the maintenance is also costly with high fees for electricity, cleaning, and heating. Then many people don’t even use it after they get one. But multimillionaire Mahomes doesn’t have to worry about that, so he probably won’t.


18. Bird’s Eye View

Here’s an overhead view of the entire Mahomes property. It’s not the largest in terms of athlete-owned homes, but it’s still a decent size considering the reality that it’s within the city boundaries. One aspect that appealed to Mahomes is the number of trees. That’s because they provide privacy from peeping paparazzi.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of outdoor space with a large swimming pool and a sporting court. There’s also a beautiful gathering path that leads away from the house. It’s a lovely property and many people will envy his good fortune (via Essentially Sports).


17. Prize Winner

Brittney Mahomes won the jackpot when she met Patrick in high school. She sank her claws into her sweetheart and refused to let go as he became a superstar. Now she’s reaping the rewards of staying true to the NFL superstar because she has the best of everything.

Here she poses with Mahomes’ shoe collection. We can also see several pieces of artwork on the wall behind her. There are a pair of dog pictures because the duo loves their pooches. Brittney also has a massive smile on her face because she’s living her most lavish dreams (via Heavy).


16. Outdoor Vista

Here’s an evening photo of the Mahomes’ home. It’s a romantic image with moody lighting as the sun is setting. Once again, it’s impressive how calm and sedate their house is. Some may even consider it a little boring compared to Tom Brady’s massive mansions.

But they’re missing the point because Mahomes doesn’t need a huge property. He recognizes that there is no point wasting space and it’s better to be cozy in a smaller house. It’s still huge and lavish compared to the homes of most urban dwellers (via


15. Bathroom

Mahomes’ main bathroom is twice the size of most New York Penthouses. He could probably charge Big Apple dwellers $2500 a month to live in the bath itself. It’s a beautiful room with a huge window and tasteful fittings. The brightness is also worth mentioning because light fills every space.

This is a wonderful place to take a bath because it’s so airy and expansive. We can imagine Brittney relaxing there after doing one of her home workout videos in the gym in the next room. The tiles are also notable because of their classic fifties aesthetic (via Work and Money).


14. Steam Room

It’s evident that Mahomes and Brittney are practical people and enjoy relaxing. One of the most important fixtures in their home is their shower. This doubles as a steam room and it’s possible to sit there for ages in the heat. It’s a healthy practice with many benefits for the mind and body.

There are no signs of a home sauna in his house but the presence of a steam room shows that he likes to chill out. Steam improves congestion and skin health. It can also enhance circulation while lowering blood pressure. Let’s hope that he makes full use of this great asset (via Healthline).


13. Home Gym

As a professional athlete, it’s no surprise that Mahomes has a home gym. However, it’s relatively small compared to some of his teammates. He probably used it a lot during the global health crisis because he couldn’t practice with the team (via Kansas City Star).

Furthermore, Brittney makes a lot of home workout videos. She can use their home gym as a safe facility for these clips because she has everything that she needs. Furthermore, Mahomes can keep in shape at home when it’s the offseason and he’s away from Arrowhead Stadium.


12. Classic Furnishings

Brittney and Patrick Mahomes enjoy a lavish home but it’s still relatively modest compared to other celebrities. None of the furnishings in this living room are gaudy or opulent. They preferred to keep the feel of the 1950s to enhance an airy and open space (via BolaVIP).

All of the money in the world doesn’t buy taste but luckily their interior designer has it in buckets. It helps that Mahomes and Brittney are conservative when it comes to spending money. The frugal couple stayed with Patrick’s mother before they moved into their new home.


11. Zen Details

This section of the home has a clear Japanese influence. Classic Japanese architecture uses wood to create a harmonious space. They carefully lay it out in an intricate but visually pleasing manner to create a Zen-like effect. It works well in the Mahomes property.

There is a timelessness to this type of design feature because people maintain the same values. They want to feel calm and relaxed in their homes. Japanese aesthetics are deceptively simplistic but the result is powerful. It’s subtle but very effective (via Meguri-Japan).


10. Master Bedroom

From the outside, the Mahomes’ house appears relatively modest because it is a bungalow. However, this is deceptive because it sprawls over a large area. This becomes clear when the master bedroom comes into view. It’s a huge space that’s bigger than most people’s apartments.

The bedroom effectively has its living room with a full couch and multiple comfortable chairs. There’s even a fireplace and a massive television set to complete the lavish fittings. Floor-length windows and gigantic plants bring nature into their sleeping space (via Today).


9. Ensuite

One of the advantages of having a big house is being able to install extra bathrooms. There’s nothing worse than waiting for the entire family to finish taking showers. Finally, it’s time to step under the hot water but it’s freezing. It’s safe to say that Mahomes will never have this problem.

Here’s an example of one of the ensuite bathrooms in their home. It has a toilet and plenty of storage for vanity products. There doesn’t appear to be a shower but there is a washbasin so they can brush their teeth before bed. It’s as tasteful as the other areas in the house (via Timaru Courier).


8. Guest Bedroom

Mahomes has a couple of guest bedrooms in his house. This means he can easily host family members like his mother or father when they want to visit. Family is very important to Mahomes and Brittney as they maintain a close connection to their parents.

This bedroom has a lot of cushions on the bed. We don’t understand why interior designers like these because they’ll just end up on the floor. Who decided that a bed needs 10 cushions and pillows? It’s a lavish but pointless purchase that nobody needs (via U.S. Weekly).


7. Massive Space

Here’s another view of the master bedroom that shows just how big it is. It’s probably twice as big as both of the guest bedrooms put together. There’s a huge amount of floor space and this is likely good for their minds. They don’t like clutter but they do enjoy natural details.

The bed is huge with classic details and lighting. They chose chocolate as the dominant color with cool grey walls. Meanwhile, there are many large plants to clean the air and bring that outdoors feeling. They want to feel immersed in nature and this home allows that (via The Sun).


6. Pool View

We already looked at Mahomes’ massive home pool but here’s another great view. The water appears to be very blue thanks to the carefully selected tiles. They want guests to confuse Kansas City for the Caribbean. There’s also lots of space for outdoor parties.

It’s a huge space with several tables and lots of room for seating. Even if they want to rent more seating for a large gathering it’s possible. No doubt Mahomes is a fan of Kansas City’s famous barbecue. Maybe he could start his own smokehouse out there (via Cheatsheet).


5. Wine Cellar

One of the benefits of immense wealth is being able to afford luxury products like fine wines. Wine is an expensive commodity because some bottles are very rare. The vintage also affects the cost because some years are better than others (via Decanter).

Mahomes and Brittney have their own wine cellar in their home. It’s a classy space with room for dozens of bottles. They have enough room for their favorites as well as exclusive bottles for special occasions. This is a lavish luxury but a fantastic one for Mahomes and his wife.


4. Cozy Room

Here’s another guest bedroom from Mahomes’ mid-century home. Notably, the styling is in stark opposition to the first spare room that we looked at. This time the bedsheets are a creamy gold color, while the walls are dark. Balance is important to the Mahomes and their interior designer.

Once again, wood is the dominant material. The bed appears to be a vintage design and there are no fewer than 12 pillows. We still don’t get why people do this but when somebody has tens of millions of dollars, it’s easy to splurge on a few extra (via Medium).


3. Walk-In Wardrobe

Yes, this is the Mahomes’ walk-in wardrobe. It’s amazing how many clothes average people possess so imagine what somebody with unlimited wealth will buy. Brittney probably has a dress for every day of the year and is still buying new outfits (via Fashion Viral).

This walk-in wardrobe is huge but it could probably double as an office space if they wanted to. That’s unlikely because they’re rich and don’t have limited space. But at least Mahomes can sit on a comfortable leather chair while he waits for Brittney to choose whatever she’s going to wear.


2. Summer Feeling

It’s difficult not to appreciate how lucky Mahomes is after looking at this beautiful picture of his garden. Imagine if America didn’t place value on a ball sport where huge men run into each other and give each other brain damage. But they do and Mahomes is brilliant at it (via Sporting News).

That’s why he has the most lucrative contract in quarterback history. The Chiefs will pay him $500 million over the next 8 years and that’s not including what he’ll make from endorsements. Mahomes could probably buy Kansas City, but he settled for this modest-yet-lavish property instead.


1. Final Look

Let’s take a last look at Mahomes’ home. Here is the front facade in the evening with the lights on. It’s relatively modest at a first glance but there are plenty of lavish details on the inside. Overall, Mahomes deserves some kind of credit because he doesn’t flaunt his wealth like other stars (via Forbes).

Yes, his shoe collection is outrageous but his sponsors provide most of them. Meanwhile, most of the rooms and furnishings are very functional including the gym and steam room. It’s a wonderful home and a practical one. We wish them the best of luck as they settle down into married life with their young daughter Sterling and a new baby on the way early next year.