The Rare Times Tom Brady Was Seriously Embarrassed

Darren - December 20, 2022

The Rare Times Tom Brady Was Seriously Embarrassed

Darren - December 20, 2022

New York Times

2010 Divisional Round

The Patriots met the Baltimore Ravens in the 2010 Divisional Round. This was the worst postseason game of Brady’s career and it seriously embarrassed him. He completed 23 of 42 passes with three interceptions. Meanwhile, a sophomore quarterback named Joe Flacco outshone the GOAT.

Baltimore Sun

In the end, the Ravens blew the Patriots away in a 33-14 victory. It wasn’t the performance that the Pats fans expected from Brady but everybody has a bad game. Overall it’s safe to say that Brady has had a brilliant career. But some moments hurt him as much as any other elite player (via Sky Sports).

SF Gate

The Water Slide

Brady loves his downtime as much as anybody else. The off-season is a great period for NFL players because they spend time with their families and relax. This means participating in fun activities and eating what they want. In 2011, Brady went on vacation and enjoyed a water park (via Boston Herald).

Sports Illustrated

An iconic photograph arose from the aftermath of this experience. It showed Brady rushing down a waterslide with his hands raised like a little girl. It was a beautiful shot that seriously embarrassed the quarterback. But it shows that he’s human like everybody else and enjoys the fun things in life.

Us Weekly

Goodbye Gisele

Brady married Gisele Bundchen in 2009 after a three-year romance. They spend the next 13 years together and appeared to have a solid relationship. Despite their public profiles, they managed to keep their private lives as quiet as possible. Their divorce was shocking in 2022 but it came after Bundchen lost patience with her husband.

Vanity Fair

The Brazilian supermodel didn’t appreciate the way Brady put football first. She wanted the 45-year-old to retire and spend time with his family. However, he continued risking his health because he couldn’t resist the bright lights. In the end, it cost him his relationship and they broke up (via New York Post).

Democrat & Chronicle

Week 1 2003

The first game of the 2003 season saw Brady post the worst display of his Patriots career. He never had a performance like this again in New England but this was terrible. He threw a career-high four interceptions and no touchdown passes in a blowout loss against the Bills (via CBS News).

This seriously embarrassed Brady because he sets high standards for himself and his teammates. However, most of the Patriots played horribly in this one as Buffalo won 31-0. In the end, this didn’t matter because it woke the Patriots up. They won Super Bowl XXXVIII against the Panthers.