30 Sports Fans’ Horror Stories Of Clashes With Opposing Fans

Darren - March 9, 2021

30 Sports Fans’ Horror Stories Of Clashes With Opposing Fans

Darren - March 9, 2021

13. Niners Nightmare

Another fan, another Niners’ horrorshow. In 2011, the Pittsburgh Steelers traveled to San Francisco for a Week 15 clash before the playoffs. Pittsburgh rested players and duly lost the game 20-3 in Candlestick Park. But this wasn’t why it was a real horror of an experience for one Steelers fan. He explained that his treatment by the San Francisco supporters was appalling.

We don’t like to paint an entire franchise with one brush but the writing is on the wall for the 49ers at this point. According to the Steelers’ fan, he endured death threats in the restroom and received unwanted beer showers. “Walking through the parking lot at night after the game was even worse,” he said. “I was surprised that the beer didn’t soak all the way through my clothes from how much was poured on me.”

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12. Time and a Place

Usually, most self-aware adults restrain their behavior in front of children. But the combination of a few beers and a herd mentality can cause this to go out of the window. One Jets fan revealed his disgust upon a visit to Foxborough. Everything was going well until some Patriots fans saw that he was wearing a New York jersey and they wanted to fight him.

“I was cheering for the visiting team and at least three fans tried to fight me, in front of my kids,” said the fan. Sadly, there is some degree of risk if a fan wears an opponent’s colors in another stadium. There are a lot of morons out there. Imagine the horror of this man’s children though. It’s one thing to target an adult but will somebody please think of the children.

11. “A Scary Moment”

Nottingham Forest and Derby County have one of England’s most intense soccer rivalries. However, it went too far in 2015, when a fan ran onto the pitch and punched Forest’s Kelvin Wilson, to everyone’s horror. Nottingham scored an injury-time winner and the outraged Derby supporter took to the field. Zoe Potts, a Forest fan group leader, told the Daily Mirror that it was shocking because he could have had a knife.

“There have been pitch invasions at the City Ground before, but mainly people just running on and making themselves look like idiots,” said Potts. “I’ve never seen anything like this before first hand, and it is a shame because the match had a really good atmosphere throughout.” Meanwhile, Derby fans also vandalized the Forest chairman’s car after the game.

10. Lin Maniac

Jeremy Lin was a phenomenon when he broke through with the New York Knicks. Lin-Mania was a real thing but it didn’t enthuse everybody. One NBA fan described how he endured a horrible experience at TD Garden. The Boston Celtics played the Knicks in a game where Lin received less love than usual. The fan, who was Asian-American, said that one grizzled Celtics supporter spewed racial abuse toward Lin.

He also spent the entire game swigging from a hip flask he snuck into the arena. Overall, his behavior toward Lin was unforgivable. The kicker in this story was the fact that it was an Asian-American night in Boston. However, to the horror of fans around him, this old man let the crowd down. It’s a shame that one person can tarnish the experience of others like this.

9. The Foot Stomp

Preseason games literally don’t mean anything. Players feature knowing that they will never play a game for the franchise. It’s all about putting the coaches’ tactics into practice, building game fitness, and working on plays. However, for some fans, it’s a good opportunity to see their team in action. Unfortunately, one Packers’ supporter had a bad day in Foxborough.

First of all, he admits that he drank a bit too much on the day. There’s no shame in that because it’s all part of the experience. However, security yelled at him for cheering his team too loudly. But worse was to come. He explained the situation: “Also, a security guard broke one of my toes. I was walking past a security guard and he stomped on my foot and told me to hold up.”

8. Golden Bandwagon

It’s fair to say that before 2015, not many people would bandwagon the Golden State Warriors. But then they emerged as one of the NBA’s strongest franchises. This means that they now have a lot of young fans but this doesn’t make everybody happy. One Cleveland fan described the agony he endured during one game between his team and the Warriors.

He explained that there was an annoying teenager sitting behind him who continued to trash-talk for the entire game. “Let’s go, Steph!” “You’re done, LeBron! Too old!” “Cavs suck!” were just some of the things that he said relentlessly. To make matters worse, the Warriors blew the Cavs out 132-98. This just made him even more insufferable as he annoyed everybody around him.

7. Supersonic

The Seattle Supersonics sadly went out of existence and the NBA misses them. However, it definitely doesn’t miss all of its supporters. Like every fanbase, they had some bad eggs. This isn’t hating on them, it’s just the truth. One man told the Sports Drop about a shocking experience that he had when he was about 10 years old. It all kicked off between a fan and a security guard.

The security guard told the Sonics fan that he had drank enough. To the youngster’s horror, the fan responded by knocking the guard down with one punch. Security swarmed him and overwhelmed him but it was a real learning curve for the then-10-year-old boy. Incidents like these can have a profound effect on a child as they are growing up.

6. No Respect

There are bad fans at every game in every sport. Some of the biggest franchises in American sports are the worst because they have a lot of bandwagon supporters. They just want to take pictures for Instagram and get drunk. For real fans, this is a stressful experience. One Lakers’ supporter described how he received tickets for his birthday. It was rare he saw them play because tickets are expensive.

But to his horror and dismay, it was a miserable experience. The group behind him was extremely toxic and behaved outrageously. They cursed like soldiers and spilled beer everywhere. Finally, the fan called security, who moved him to a different seat. Unfortunately, the damage was done and ruined the day for him. It should have been special but it was painful.

5. Fun Facts

College fans can be just as annoying as fans of the pro leagues. In 2013, Syracuse played Villanova and one fan discovered this the hard way. He was a Syracuse graduate and wore a shirt with a bunch of facts about the school emblazoned on it. However, to his horror, he found out that sports fans can mock anything. The Villanova supporters proceeded to read out the messages on his shirt and mock him for them.

It was extremely dumb but very annoying. “At one point, one of my friends left to say something to an usher, but I guess they can’t do anything about terrible people whose only crime is being annoying,” said the fan. “To make it worse, Syracuse lost the game in overtime, so those fools got the last laugh.” Unfortunately, those are the breaks when a fan goes away from home.

4. Detroit Hates Peyton

One Indianapolis Colts fan described his experience as an away fan in Detroit. He was actually a resident in the city so it was rare that he had an opportunity to watch his favorite team live. After falling behind the Lions, the Colts came back and won the game. But the Detroit fans didn’t respond well to this turn-of-events and to his horror, they proceeded to unleash their venom.

The Colts fan said they said some incredibly disgusting things. “At least our coach doesn’t have cancer,” was one of the worst they allegedly said. This was just weeks after Chuck Pagano revealed that he suffered from the horrible disease. There are some things that cross the line and mocking a man’s life-threatening illness is definitely one of them. Not classy.

3. Oil and Water

In 2018, Conor McGregor fought Khabib Nurmagamedov for the UFC lightweight title. He lost the bout but that wasn’t the end of the fight. The two men and their teams clashed immediately after a brawl broke out in Madison Square Garden. This carried over into the crowd as Irish and Russian fans fought on the way out of the arena. One witness put it perfectly: “The Irish and Russians mix like oil and water.”

Video footage showed a Russian man send a McGregor supporter into unconsciousness with a single punch. Security had their hands full with the two groups. The Irish had drunk the city dry while the Russians were prepared to go to war for their champion’s honor. But normal people around them still reacted with horror to the chaos that emerged around them.

2. Welcome to Washington

One Buffalo fan discovered to his horror that Washington fans aren’t fond of his fanbase. He traveled to the nation’s capital to watch his franchise face the Redskins and endured an onslaught of abuse. There were all of the usual chants like “We love losing Super Bowls.” That’s actually pretty funny but one man actually threatened to fight him. The kicker was that this was a father whose daughter was present.

But there was more to come. The fan described how he received one of the weirdest insults of all-time. He said, “Finally, as I was leaving the stadium, some wasted jerk in a Redskins jersey drove past me and yelled: “Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time!” To be fair, it’s probably true but it doesn’t exactly offer an amazing reflection on the Washington franchise either.

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1. Unprovoked Tragedy

In 2018, Liverpool played Roma in the Champion’s League. However, the game saw one fan’s life change forever. Sean Cox traveled to Liverpool from Ireland for a dream experience. But it became a nightmare after a Roma fan unleashed an unprovoked attack upon him. Cox did nothing to instigate the random violence. In the end, he suffered permanent brain damage and was unable to walk or speak.

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Cox’s wife Martina issued a harrowing statement after the legal verdict. She said, “Today brings to a close to the court process. However, the effects of the attack on Sean will remain with us for a lifetime. While it is pleasing to know that Mr. Mastrelli (the attacker) will serve three-and-a-half years, he has given Sean and our family a life sentence.” No sports fan should have to endure that kind of horror.