Gorgeous Women Who Only Date Superstar Athletes

Darren - September 1, 2023

Gorgeous Women Who Only Date Superstar Athletes

Darren - September 1, 2023

Superstar athletes are usually in stellar physical condition and also make insane amounts of money. They’re elite members of society and can date some of the most beautiful women on the planet as a result. And rest assured that there are plenty of women who only date top sports stars because that’s their type.

So today we’ll look at these gorgeous women and their history of dating the greatest athletes ever. Some of them have dated others too, but when they date sports stars, it’s only the very best. Others exclusively date athletes and don’t go near other men. It’s a fascinating list so check them out right here.

Entertainment Tonight

Khloe Kardashian

Kardashian infamously had an ill-fated relationship with Lamar Odom. It saw him cheat on her multiple times with prostitutes before he finally overdosed in a Reno brothel. But the former Lakers star wasn’t the first athlete she dated. She has a thing for basketball players and was with Rashad McCantis for seven months.


Meanwhile, she had a short tryst with James Harden but it didn’t go anywhere. But unfortunately, her type has come back to haunt her. Recently, she began a relationship with Tristan Thompson but he cheated on her. Nonetheless, she gave him a second chance too, and now they have a son together (via Us Magazine).


Jordyn Woods

Woods is blossoming into one of America’s most powerful influencers. She has a thing for superstar athletes but focuses on basketball players. One of her most shocking romances saw her have an affair with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. This killed her relationship with the Kardashian clan for several years.

Teen Vogue

However, now she has a healthier relationship with Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns. Now there’s no cheating involved and the pair are on a level playing field. There were even rumors that Towns proposed to her but they appeared to jump the gun. Nonetheless, this young couple makes each other very happy (via Us Magazine).


Tara Reid

A generation of teenagers grew up watching the American Pie franchise. Tara Reid became one of the sex symbols of the decade before she went crazy with bad plastic surgery. She is one of several women on this list with links to Tom Brady. Meanwhile, she also dated several other football players including Kyle Boller and Jeremy Shockey.

Fox News

But Reid didn’t discriminate against other sports because she had a relationship with the NHL’s Sergei Federov. Let’s also mention her former Australian tennis beau, Mark Philippoussis. It’s safe to say that Reid enjoys dating superstar athletes and that they also like spending time with her (via In Touch Weekly).


Alyssa Milano

Reportedly, Milano rubbed her Charmed co-stars the wrong way and they didn’t like her. However, she cast a very different spell on the men in her life. Before she married, she enjoyed dating superstar athletes, especially Major League Baseball players. Her first publicized relationship was with hockey star Mayne McBean but then she cast her eyes toward baseball.

Page Six

Carl Pavano, Barry Zito, and Brad Penny found themselves on the sultry actress’s hit list. We doubt that they were complaining because she was one of the most desirable actresses of the 2010s. Finally, she married talent agent David Bugliari and settled down, but she enjoyed herself first (via Variety).

GC Images

Olivia Culpo

These days Culpo and Christian McCaffrey are one of the NFL’s most glamorous couples. The Niners running back won the lottery when he captured the heart of this gorgeous model. However, Culpo has a history of dating superstar athletes before McCaffrey. The former Miss Universe also dated the likes of Tim Tebow and Danny Amendola.


Allegedly, Tebow’s notorious virginity vow was too much for Culpo to handle. Later, she had a relationship with Super Bowl winner Amendola but it didn’t survive. He moved from L.A. to Miami when she was in an essential stage of her career. However, their loss was McCaffrey’s gain because he won her heart (via The Nerd Stash).

Rolling Stone

Nicole Scherzinger

The PussyCat Dolls were one of the biggest girl bands of the 2000s. Scherzinger was the face of the group and embarked on a successful solo career. Meanwhile, this gorgeous beauty knows how to seduce superstar athletes. She famously had an on-off relationship with legendary racing driver Lewis Hamilton.


In the end, they went their separate ways, but Scherzinger wasn’t finished with sports stars. She began dating Scotland rugby star Thom Evans and they announced their engagement in 2023. This news delighted Scherzinger’s fans because it’s clear Evans adores his pop princess. We wish them all the happiness in the world (via People).


Abbey Gile

Gile rose to prominence after her college sweetheart Zach Wilson made it to the NFL. The quarterback became the second-overall pick in 2021 when the Jets selected him. However, the fame went to his head and she broke up with him. But first, she went public with the shocking allegation that he slept with his mother’s best friend.

IB Times

Nonetheless, this reported cheating scandal didn’t dissuade her from dating elite football players. She began a relationship with Wilson’s former best friend, Dax Milne. Fans immediately called her a ‘homie-hopper’ and accused her of breaking up a friendship. It’s a wild story but she remains with the Washington wideout for now (via NY Post).

National Today

Kaley Cuoco

Cuoco is a household name after her star turn as Penny in The Big Bang Theory. She famously dated her co-star Johnny Galecki but it didn’t work out. But she also has a history of dating athletes and even married two. But these relationships didn’t go well and she divorced both of her partners.

Women’s Health

First, there was the former PGA Tour star Ryan Sweeting. They spontaneously married after three months but this went as smoothly as most people expected. Cuoco also loves horseriding and managed to snag top equestrian Karl Cook. But they also divorced, so perhaps she just likes wedding cake (via Women’s Health).

Terrace Standard

Paris Hilton

There was a time when Paris Hilton was everywhere. The socialite was the original influencer and Kim Kardashian wouldn’t exist without her. Hilton had a history of dating superstar athletes when she was at the height of her fame. She spent time with Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart but quickly moved on from him.

Euro News

The most famous names on her list include Cristiano Ronaldo and Oscar De La Hoya. Meanwhile, she also had relationships with tennis star Andy Roddick and NHL goaltender Jose Theodore. In the end, she settled down with Carter Reum, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur (via Express).


Gabrielle Union

Prolific actress Union is a familiar face on TV screens across the U.S. She appeared in dozens of movies including Bad Boys II and Breaking In with varying degrees of success. Meanwhile, she enjoys living the high life and meeting other celebrities, including superstar athletes. Most famously, she married NBA legend Dwayne Wade in 2008.


But he wasn’t the first elite star that she had a romance with. Her first marriage to NFL star Chris Howard broke down after about four years. She also had a dalliance with the former Saints player Darren Sharper. But it appears that she has a happy marriage with Wade except for when he cheated and had a baby with another woman (via Essentially Sports).

Vanity Fair

Jessica Simpson

Simpson was a massive star in the 2000s but these days she has a quieter existence. That’s probably a relief after some high-profile and controversial relationships. She has a history of dating superstar athletes, especially NFL players. First, she was with Tony Romo but this didn’t go well. Furthermore, his on-field performances declined when they were together.

NY Post

She had the surreal experience of hearing President George W. Bush commenting on her love life. However, her second experience with an NFL star was more positive. She married tight end Eric Johnson and the pair have children together. He helped her overcome addiction and other personal problems (via NY Post).

Head Topics

Savannah Montano

Montano is one of the new generation of Instagram models. Maybe people won’t recognize them from their magazine overshoots. But they still have millions of fans online and thrive in that world. Montano first came to prominence when she was dating Dillon Danis. The BJJ star worked with UFC megastar Conor McGregor and also fought for Bellator.


However, she broke up with her dysfunctional boyfriend and cast her eyes toward the NFL. In 2022, the media spotted her greeting Isaac Yiadom after a game. While she loves to be with physical specimens she’s also open to dating fellow Instagram stars like Jessey Stevens (via Sportskeeda).


Kendall Jenner

All of the Kardashians and Jenners love dating elite sports stars, and Kendall is no exception. Her list of partners is impressive because she has been with some of the biggest NBA names today. Devin Booker and Blake Griffin are two of the most recognizable basketball players in the league right now.

Architectural Digest

Meanwhile, she also has links to Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma, and Jordan Clarkson. This led some fans to joke about naming a playoff team after Jenner’s conquests. Jenner has been with many celebrities too including Harry Styles and Nick Jonas. The list goes on and on (via Us Weekly).

Teen Vogue

Shailene Woodley

Woodley is a major star after strong performances in The Fault in Our Stars and the Divergent series. But she’s also won acclaim for her charitable efforts because she cares about the environment. Many people find it surprising that she likes dating superstar athletes. First, she had a relationship with Ben Volavola, a major Australian rugby player.

L.A. Times

There must be something about big strong men that she likes because she turned her attention to the NFL. Somehow Woodley began dating one of the most eligible bachelors in the U.S. We’re talking about legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers. They became engaged but broke it off in 2022 (via Vanity Fair).

The Irish Sun

Adriana Lima

Lima is arguably the greatest Victoria’s Secret model ever. This Brazilian temptress is one of the most stunning women to walk the earth. She exclusively dates the world’s rich and famous including superstar athletes. Lima famously married Marko Jaric but divorced the NBA star after a few years.


Meanwhile, she also dated the NFL’s Julian Edelman for a short spell. However, now she appears to be in a committed relationship with Andre Sommers, a film producer. They’re raising a family together and it seems like this Brazilian beauty is finally settling down (via Harper’s Bazaar).

Sports Mole

Gemma Atkinson

Atkinson is a former British glamour model. This meant that she made a lot of money after she took her clothes off for various magazines. However, soccer players like this sort of thing, and that’s why she has racked up several famous players from the sport. She dated former England star Alan Smith before she moved on to his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Sun

This was before Ronaldo was one of the biggest superstars on the planet but she made a man of him. But she didn’t stop there because she also had relationships with Birmingham’s Marcus Bent as well as Ryan Giggs. Later in life, she settled down (via Hello!).

Women’s Health

Kate Hudson

Alex Rodriguez has dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. We automatically think of J-Lo of course, but he was also with Hudson for a while. Hudson went through a spell of appearing in dumb rom-coms but it’s easy to forget that she’s an Academy Award nominee. She’s going through a career revival now.

Sunday Times

The actress dated Lance Armstrong before his shocking doping scandal blew up the sports world. Meanwhile, she had a short relationship with the golfer Adam Scott. However, while she likes elite sports stars it appears that she prefers musicians like her husband, Danny Fujikawa (via Hello!).

The TODAY Show


Latin temptress Shakira is one of the greatest performers on the planet. The talented Colombian star is a three-time Grammy winner and most people agree that she’s stunningly beautiful. She married Gerard Pique in 2011 and they quickly became a power couple. But in 2022, he cheated on her and they were divorced.

OK Magazine

Most men agreed that this was one of the most moronic things ever. Anyway, Pique’s loss was Lewis Hamilton’s gain because the Formula 1 legend had several dates with her. They secretly met in Ibiza and spent time on a boat together. Furthermore, sources told The Sun that they were ‘more than friends.’

Women’s Health

Tyra Banks

Banks dominated TV screens for a decade on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ The legendary supermodel was once one of the most stunning women in the world. That’s why she has no trouble finding romantic partners even if she can’t maintain a relationship to save her life.

Glamour UK

She enjoys dating superstar athletes like Tiger Woods, Mark Messier, and Chris Webber. However, she departed from the mainstream when she began a long relationship with a Norwegian photographer. Unfortunately, that came to a bitter conclusion like all of her romances (via Glamour UK).

Oggi Scuola

Elisabetta Canalis

Sometimes people wonder why superstar athletes date models and actresses. The reality is that these men simply want to be with the most beautiful women possible. That’s why several of them have even dated the same people. Canalis is one of Italy’s most famous personalities (via New York Daily News).

Designer Women

She has a history of dating top soccer players including Reginaldo and Christian Vieri. The latter was the world’s most expensive player in 1999. She also had relationships with George Clooney and racing car driver Valentino Rossi. We can’t blame any man who succumbs to her charms.


Elisha Cuthbert

Cuthbert is the original girl next door and one of the world’s most gorgeous women. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this Canadian beauty has a thing for winter sports athletes. She famously dated Sean Avery but broke the hockey star’s heart. However, he didn’t respond well because he went on an abusive tirade about her new boyfriend.


The man was Dion Phaneuf, the former Maple Leafs star. The NHL hit Avery with a lengthy suspension because it was over-the-top and set a bad example for young men. Meanwhile, Cuthbert also allegedly dated snowboarder Shaun White. There’s something about these ice-cold men that she loves (via Nicki Swift).

Belfast Telegraph

Vanessa Perroncel

Perroncel is one of the most controversial figures on this list because she was in the middle of a major scandal. First, she dated former Chelsea star Wayne Bridge. But then a furor erupted when it emerged that his teammate John Terry also secretly spent time with her. The former England captain cheated on his wife with Bridge’s girlfriend.

Daily Star

Allegedly, she also had trysts with three other soccer players during this time. The UK press vilified her but she became very rich after she sold her story to the French media. Then she returned to Paris with a Gallic shrug and left the chaos behind her. We respect that because she didn’t allow them to break her (via Bleacher Report).


Pamela Anderson

We know that most people think of Tommy Lee when talking about Anderson’s relationships. They were one of the most notorious couples of the 1990s but he’s not the only man she dated. She also loves superstar athletes and has a lengthy list of conquests. The Baywatch actress had links to sports stars across multiple disciplines.

South China Morning Post

Anderson reportedly dated Formula 1 legend Eddie Irvine. It’s also safe to say that she loves the beach in real life because she was with pro surfer Kelly Slater for a while. Then there were her links to former Chargers star David Binn. Anderson was one of the most desirable women of the ’90s so she could have anybody she wanted (via The Skinny).


Kim Kardashian

Like her sisters, Kardashian loves dating superstar athletes. She famously married NBA star Kris Humphries but that lasted as long as the average YouTube video. Football players have a unique effect on her because she has a long history of dating them. Kardashian was with Miles Austin and also Super Bowl winner Reggie Bush.


Meanwhile, she had an alleged romance with Tom Brady. They both attended Michael Rubin’s celebrity party in 2023 and it appeared that they had good chemistry. However, sources later claimed they were just friends. Nonetheless, Kardashian has a type and she’s not afraid to pursue it (via Seventeen.com).


Irina Shayk

Shayk is one of the most powerful supermodels in the world today. The Russian beauty queen also has a penchant for dating superstar athletes. But she takes it to the next level because she’s been with some of the most successful on the planet. First, she spent six years with soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo.

E! Online

Then she turned heads in 2023 when reports emerged that she was dating Tom Brady in New York City. Only time will tell what happens but it’s quite the rebound for the former NFL quarterback. Brady famously divorced Gisele Bundchen in 2022 but it looks like he’s recovering well from that time period (via Page Six).