College Sports

The Best Photos Of Controversial Basketball Star Angel Reese

Darren - May 10, 2023
College Sports

The Best Photos Of Controversial Basketball Star Angel Reese

Darren - May 10, 2023

Champions United

LSU has had some sporting icons over the past few decades. Here we can see two of their brightest and most-recent athletic stars. Joe Burrow returned to his alma mater for the LSU spring game and met his fellow champion. The Bengals quarterback posed with Reese as they pointed to their ring fingers.


It’s a great moment for Reese because it shows the respect she receives from her fellow stars. She might not be a fully-fledged professional yet but she’s quickly becoming one of the most recognizable athletes in the nation. Reese doesn’t look overawed as she stands beside the Super Bowl contender (via Newsbreak).

Beautiful View

If Reese walked away from basketball today she’d instantly become one of the most coveted models in the industry. She’s a natural in front of the camera as we can see from this beautiful shot below. The basketball star is standing on a rooftop in Baton Rouge with an amazing panoramic sky behind her.

Angel Reese/Instagram

We’re not sure which is more beautiful: Reese or the cloudy backdrop. However, her fans didn’t have doubts and instantly jumped into the comments. They praised her for her body confidence and amazing style. Reese is a major advocate for femininity and wears long braids. She dresses impeccably and always paints her nails (via Pop Sugar).

Rising Star

Reese knew that she was destined for greatness but she never took it for granted. In the photo below she flexes her muscles as she shows her power. This was during her time with Maryland when she proved that nobody should take her lightly. LSU jumped at the opportunity to steal her from the Terrapins.

Maryland Athletics

The power forward is a physical specimen and outmuscles many of her rivals. LSU lists her as six-foot-three inches tall and says that she weighs 165 lbs. Some women would feel insecure about this size but Reese embraces it. She knows that her body will make her a millionaire and a star (via Hollywood Life).

Maxi Dress

This photo gives a good indication of Reese’s preferred style. She loves wearing cutout dresses that enhance her toned, lean physique. This blue bodycon hugs her in all of the right places and reveals some skin while leaving enough to the imagination. Meanwhile, she pouts with a bored expression on her face.

Angel Reese/Instagram

Reese always has immaculate nails and would grow them longer if she didn’t play basketball. This may seem like a stupid thing but it’s a minor example of the sacrifices that elite athletes make. They can’t do ordinary things like a drink with their friends or eat junk food when they feel like it (via The Sun).

Pure Joy

Many of Reese’s critics like to frame her as selfish and attention-seeking. This couldn’t be further from the truth because she is a team player. They hate her because she’s not afraid to say what she thinks or to be the person she wants to be. If everybody did this, the world might be a better place.

Baltimore Sun

She radiates joy in this photo as she celebrates victory with her teammate. The Maryland native knows that there’s nothing to gain by being a complete individual in a team sport. Anybody who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about. It’s interesting how many people had opinions about the sport after she became vocal (via Sportico).

Greatest Athlete

Reese won a lot of admirers during her incredible March Madness run with LSU. But she probably didn’t expect to impress the legendary Shaquille O’Neal. ‘Shaq’ spoke about how Reese was amazing during LSU’s championship run. He also had a strong take on her level compared to some of the school’s previous stars.

Fox News

According to the four-time NBA champion, Reese is a superior athlete to even Joe Burrow.“She’s probably the greatest athlete ever to come out of LSU sports. You heard it here first,” O’Neal said (via The US Sun). “Man and female. Did you hear what I just said? Male and female. Ever.” That’s high praise from a great LSU star himself.

Thirst Trap

The Tigers star loves to post a thirst trap and give her fans something to talk about. The photo below is a classic example of her Instagram poses. Some men find tall and strong women to be intimidating but Reese doesn’t care about them. She’s comfortable in her skin and she embraces body positivity.

Angel Reese/Instagram

Remember, women’s basketball also has many LGBTQI fans too so she’s not posting just for men. If they don’t like her pictures that doesn’t bother her. But she’s doing something right because her Instagram following exploded during her NCAA tournament run. Now she’s one of the biggest college stars out there today (via Prospects Nation).

Power Pose

In this shot, we see Reese perched on top of a basketball hoop. She wears a jersey with the number one and raises her finger to emphasize it. It’s safe to say that she’s the best female player in college basketball right now. Even her Iowa rival Caitlin Clark agrees that Reese is on another level.

Sports Illustrated

Reese was unapologetic after the iconic victory. She said: “So this was for the girls that look like me, that’s going to speak up on what they believe in. It’s unapologetically you. That’s what I did it for tonight. It was bigger than me tonight, it was bigger than me. Twitter is going to go on a rage every time, and I’m happy (via Basketball Insiders).”