Brutal Blowouts: The Most One-Sided Beatdowns In NFL History

Darren - September 28, 2023

Brutal Blowouts: The Most One-Sided Beatdowns In NFL History

Darren - September 28, 2023

There’s nothing quite like an NFL game in terms of pure sports drama. It’s a battle of brawn and brains with moments of incredible athleticism and entertainment. These days it’s unusual for one team to destroy another but sometimes it happens. Today we’ll look at some of the biggest beatdowns in NFL history.

Here we have ridiculous blowouts and games where the winner’s offense was on fire. Some of these victories came out of nowhere and still don’t make sense. Others were just symptoms of horrific seasons and terrible coaching. Check out the biggest NFL beatdowns since 1950 now.

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Cowboys 40 – Giants 0 (2023)

The Cowboys demolished the Giants in Week One of the 2023 season and set a new record. It was a crushing display and New York’s worst shutout loss ever. However, Dallas celebrated because they achieved the biggest Week One win in history. Meanwhile, it was the franchise’s biggest shutout win too.


Tony Pollard provided a pair of touchdowns to put the game beyond the Giants’ reach. Meanwhile, the ‘America’s Team’ defense smashed Daniel Jones as they sacked him seven times. The narrative before the game was that New York had an improved offense. Yet in the end, they suffered one of the biggest beatdowns ever (via AS).

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Chiefs 49 – Cardinals 0 (2002)

This shutout loss came out of nowhere because the Chiefs had the worst defense in the league. The Cardinals suffered the NFL’s most significant defeat since 1989 as they capitulated for their sixth-straight loss. Priest Holmes rushed for a pair of touchdowns and also 169 yards (via L.J. World).

Arrowhead Pride

It hurt Arizona’s players because they didn’t show up on the day. They couldn’t understand why they failed to put any points on the scoreboard against a horrific defense. Yes, they had plenty of injuries but that didn’t excuse their lack of heart and effort. This was one of the biggest NFL beatdowns we’ve ever seen.

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Bills 51 – Raiders 3 (1993)

The AFC Championship Game isn’t the best time for a team to suffer a record defeat. But that’s exactly what happened as Buffalo inflicted one of the biggest beatdowns in postseason history. Ironically, the Raiders scored first but they quickly fell behind as Buffalo took a 15-3 lead (via USA Today Sports).

The Athletic

This score suggests that the game was all about the Bills’ offense. But their defense was also on fire as Oakland’s two quarterbacks completed just 15 of 39 passes. Kenneth Davis scored a pair of touchdowns as they took a massive lead into halftime before adding 10 points after the break.

Browns 51 – Eagles 0 (1950)

This is an oldie but a goodie and one of the weirdest wins ever. The Browns demolished Philadelphia without trying a single pass attempt. It’s a ridiculous statistic because it never happened again in the 63 years after. Otto Graham handed the ball off to his running backs with outstanding effect.

Cleveland Browns

Another crazy aspect of this game is that the Eagles had 10 first downs while the Browns only had one. But Cleveland’s punter Horace Gillom was the real MVP because he pinned Philly deep in their territory. It’s a wacky result but remains one of the biggest beatdowns ever (via Cleveland Browns).

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Raiders 51 – Broncos 0 (1967)

This was a seminal year for the Raiders because they made it to the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, they kicked off the season with a bang as they smashed Denver in the second week. Hewritt Dixon’s touchdowns put the game beyond Denver when he caught one and ran for another.


It was the biggest margin of victory between these teams and a chastening moment for the Broncos. Denver’s season recovered and they improved on the previous year but this game hurt. Meanwhile, the Raiders went to the AFL Championship Game for the first time (via Pro Football Reference).

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Packers 52 – Saints 3 (2005)

It seems obvious but losing the ball isn’t a good way to win games. The Saints discovered this the hard way when they made the trip to Lambeau Field in 2005. Nobody saw this dominant victory coming because the Packers lost their first four games of the season (via 247 Sports).

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But New Orleans beat themselves with five turnovers. Al Harris intercepted the ball twice and Green Bay returned it for touchdowns. Meanwhile, Brett Favre threw three touchdown passes with no interceptions or sacks. The Packers had a clutch of injuries but it didn’t matter on the day.

The Press Democrat

Rams 52 – Raiders 0 (2014)

The Edward Jones Dome witnessed one of the biggest beatdowns in NFL history. Oakland traveled to Missouri for this November game but went home with their tails between their legs. This also left them with a pathetic 1-10 record as they left fans shaking their heads (via

The Sacramento Bee

St. Louis soared into a 21-0 lead in the first quarter as they exploited Oakland’s garbage defense. There were mistakes all over the field. Finally, the Raiders threw Schaub threw a pick-6 and suffered sacks as the Raiders went down hard. It’s tough to shake off this lopsided of a loss.

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Dolphins 52 – Patriots 0 (1972)

This was one of the most special days of Don Shula’s career. The Dolphins crushed the Patriots in one of the biggest beatdowns of the year. Meanwhile, it was also Shula’s 100th victory as a coach, and what a way to do it. This unstoppable Miami Dolphins blew through New England like a gale.

Sports Illustrated

Eugene Morris scored three touchdowns on a day when everything went right for Miami. Even their backup QB Jim DelGaizo threw three touchdowns despite never making an NFL pass before. This was a stepping-stone for the Dolphins on their way to the NFL’s only-ever perfect season (via Sporting News).


Packers 55 – Titans 7 (2012)

The Packers polished off their regular season with a bang at Lambeau Field as they humiliated the Titans. This was a tale of two quarterbacks because Aaron Rodgers had a great performance with three touchdown passes. Meanwhile, opposiing QB Jake Locker had a dismal display with a string of interceptions.

Sports Illustrated

It was a bad year for Tennessee as they suffered multiple heavy defeats. But this was the worst of the bunch for the franchise. The Packers made it to the divisional round before San Francisco proved a bridge too far. Somehow the Titans’ Mike Munchak made it to a third season as their head coach (via ESPN).


Patriots 56 – Bills 10 (2007)

Everybody remembers 2007 as the year when the Patriots almost had a perfect season. They were at the peak of their powers in this dominant Week 11 victory. Tom Brady and Randy Moss combined to destroy Buffalo. It was a breathtaking display in one of the biggest beatdowns of the year (via ESPN).


Brady threw five touchdowns for the third time that season. Meanwhile, Moss caught four touchdowns as he proved to be too hot to handle. Ultimately, the Patriots fell short of the ultimate achievement as the Giants shocked them in the Super Bowl. But games like this one show why that shouldn’t have happened.

The Patriots Hall of Fame

Patriots 56 – Jets 3 (1979)

Few franchises create chaos for themselves like the Jets. They’ve suffered many horrific moments over the years but this was down there with the worst. This was statistically the worst loss in their history and it came at the hands of the hated Patriots. It was one of the biggest beatdowns ever.

New York Times

Steve Grogan passed for 315 yards and five touchdowns as he sliced through the Gang Green. Meanwhile, Harold Jackson scored three of those touchdowns in a breathless display. The Jets’ two quarterbacks suffered nine sacks between them while they had three fumbles and three interceptions (via

The Columbian

Seahawks 58 – Cardinals 0 (2012)

This blowout was one of the biggest beatdowns of the past decade. The Cardinals didn’t know what happened as Seattle dominated them. They couldn’t do anything right as the Seahawks defeated them in every aspect of the game. It’s rare for even the worst teams to suffer this type of crushing loss.

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Arizona turned the ball over eight times to hand Seattle the initiative. They had an insurmountable hill to climb at half-time because the score was 38-0. But they couldn’t get any points on the board as they went down to one of the worst losses in franchise history (via Arizona Sports).

Atlanta Falcons

Rams 59 – Falcons 0 (1976)

The Rams claimed the NFC West in style in 1976 with one of the biggest beatdowns of the year. Lawrence McCuttheon’s three touchdowns added the gloss to their sublime victory. Meanwhile, Los Angeles secured the biggest points total in franchise history in a dominant display.

Atlanta Falcons

This was also the worst defeat in the Falcons’ history as they suffered a shocking meltdown. Atlanta had a horrible record on the road in 1976 but this was the next level. Many people expected the Rams to win the Super Bowl but the Vikings rocked them in the NFC Championship Game (via The Football Database).


Ravens 59 – Dolphins 10 (2019)

The Dolphins feature a couple of times on this list but this remains one of the most chastening losses in their history. This was generally a dismal year for the franchise as they finished with a miserable 5-11 record. Lamar Jackson threw an outstanding five touchdown passes in this ridiculous game.

The Guardian

He also matched and broke multiple franchise records in his scintillating display. The Dolphins were never in the game as Baltimore took a 42-10 lead into halftime. It was also the Ravens’ franchise best for points on a brilliant day for the team. Miami prays that these days are behind them (via Palm Beach Post).

The Athletic

Bears 61 – Packers 7 (1980)

Chicago put eight touchdowns on Green Bay on this harrowing December day. Christmas came early for Chicago but the Packers were like deer in headlights. Quarterback Vince Evans threw for three touchdowns as he overshadowed his rival Bart Starr. The legendary QB’s main contribution was to confront Chicago’s head coach.


This was one of the biggest beatdowns of the decade. It was also Evans’ best day in a Chicago jersey because he couldn’t top this. Bears fans don’t often see their quarterbacks reach this level. Walter Payton also had an amazing game as he rushed for three touchdowns (via Chicago Sun-Times).


Bengals 61 – Oilers 7 (1989)

The Bengals had a phenomenal team in the late ’80s and fell narrowly short of Super Bowl glory. Houston became one of their victims when they suffered a massive blowout. Cincinnati also attracted criticism because they intentionally ran up the score to humiliate their opponents (via SBNation).


Sam Wyche despised Jerry Glanville so he pushed his team forward. He said: “We don’t like this team we don’t like their people. When you get a chance to do it, you do it. And I wish today this was a five-quarter game because I just don’t like Jerry Glanville. I don’t like phonies, and I don’t think Jerry is a very genuine guy.”

Bleacher Report

Patriots 59 – Titans 0 (2009)

This was a memorable game for many reasons. Firstly, there’s the ridiculous scoreline as New England inflicted one of the biggest beatdowns ever. Tom Brady was outstanding before the Titans took him out. The legendary quarterback threw six touchdowns with zero interceptions.

New England Patriots

Meanwhile, they did it in their retro red uniforms with their classic franchise logo on their helmets. The Titans also wore their old powder blue but it didn’t help them. Tenessee somehow contrived to finish the game with negative passing yards while the Patriots broke multiple franchise records (via

Philadelphia Eagles

Giants 62 – Eagles 10 (1972)

Philadelphia traveled to Yankee Stadium with big hopes but they left town in a broken state. That’s because the Giants inflicted one of the biggest beatdowns they’ve ever suffered. It’s not the biggest points margin ever between the two teams but it’s the most that Big Blue put past the Eagles.


Randy Johnson and Norm Snead threw a combined five touchdowns as they wreaked havoc. Elsewhere, Don Hermann had a couple of touchdowns while Pete Gogolak kicked well. This was a classic result that few people remember now. New York didn’t have much “brotherly love” for their neighbor (via


Falcons 62 – Saints 7 (1973)

Archie Manning is a football legend but nobody would know if they only saw this game. The quarterback had a nightmare against the Falcons as the Saints came up short in every department. He threw five interceptions on a day where nothing went right for him. Atlanta even returned a 65-yard pick-six in one of the biggest beatdowns of the decade.

Many people think that this is one of the NFL’s best rivalries but it was one-sided in their early days. The 55-point win margin remains the biggest between these two great franchises. Soon New Orleans found their feet and improved but this was a symptom of their early struggles (via Clarion Herald).

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Saints 62 – Colts 7 (2011)

This is a day that Drew Brees remembers fondly because it was one of the best of his Saints career. He threw five touchdowns as he completed 31 of 35 passes for 325 yards. Meanwhile, New Orleans demolished the Colts as the latter threw in the towel (via ESPN).

Inc. Magazine

Peyton Manning’s injury kept him out for the entire season. They tanked the year so that they could select Andrew Luck in the Draft. In the end, they had nothing to hurt the Saints who gleefully took advantage. Marques Colston and John Kasey did the early damage to finish this contest.

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Jaguars 62 – Dolphins 7 (2000)

Dolphins fans remember this game because it marked Dan Marino’s final Miami appearance. The legendary quarterback hoped that the Dolphins would win the Super Bowl in his last playoff run. But the Jaguars scoffed at his dream and destroyed Miami on a sad day in Florida.

CBS Sports

Fans recall Fred Taylor’s mesmerizing 90-yard run as the Jags went 41-7 up before halftime. It was a shocking way for Marino to finish his career as he walked away with a whimper. He remains arguably the best quarterback to retire without winning a Super Bowl ring (via Fansided).

Pride of Detroit

Rams 65 – Lions 24 (1950)

There are several entries on this list from 1950, but this one is a doozy. The Rams achieved the highest passing yards for the season in this game. But they fell narrowly short of sealing the overall points record. Amazingly they scored 65 points or more in back-to-back games, a feat no other team ever achieved.

Fordham News

Almost 30,000 people watched the Rams turn the Lions into kittens at the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium. It was a shocking display because nobody expected this kind of result. However, football infrequently throws these mad moments out there and that’s why we love it (via Pinkvilla).

The New York Times

Dolphins 70 – Broncos 20 (2023)

We don’t see results like this in the modern game well, ever. Sean Payton was speechless as he watched Miami’s lethal offense tear his team apart. The Dolphins became the third team ever to score 70 points or more in the regular season. It was one of the biggest beatdowns in NFL history.

The Denver Post

Raheem Mostert scored four touchdowns while Devon Achane rushed for two. Meanwhile, Tua completed 23 of 26 passes for 309 yards and four touchdowns. It was a day when everything went right for Miami as they ripped through the pitiful Broncos (via NBC Sports).

Fordham News

Rams 70 – Colts 27 (1950)

The Rams smashed the Colts in this shocking victory that saw them overwhelm their foes. Baltimore had no answer for the onslaught that they faced after they arrived from the AAFC. This was part of a crazy couple of weeks for the Rams because they also put 65 past Detroit.

San Francisco Chronicle

This shows how dominant the Rams’ offense was. But Baltimore’s defense also deserved harsh criticism because it was useless. A peewee team would have done more than their garbage effort. Four turnovers and 15 penalties were the story of this game (via 365 Scores).

Washington Commanders

Washington 72 – Giants 41 (1966)

Washington is very proud of this outstanding result because they set an amazing record. They scored the most points in a regular season contest as they obliterated the Giants. This was also the worst season of the Giants’ history to that point as they only won a single game.


New York manufactured its destruction because it committed too many turnovers. Sonny Jurgensen didn’t have a great performance but he still threw three touchdowns. This was a crazy game that saw defenses capitulate while Washington’s offense went crazy (via StatMuse).