College Sports

College Sports’ Most Beautiful Cheerleaders In Photos

Darren - April 27, 2023
College Sports

College Sports’ Most Beautiful Cheerleaders In Photos

Darren - April 27, 2023

Cheerleading is a grand old tradition in American college sports. Cheerleaders brighten events with their energetic routines and stunning outfits. These young women give everything to be the best and it’s an honor to represent their schools. Today we’ll look at the most beautiful cheerleaders across the nation.

Many young girls grow up wanting to become cheerleaders because these amazing ladies inspire them. They devote themselves to their athletic prowess but must maintain high academic grades too. It’s not a simple life because they make plenty of sacrifices. We chronicled college sports’ most beautiful cheerleaders right here. See if your favorite team or alma mater made the grade below.



The Cardinals cheer squad is arguably the most impressive one in the Atlantic Coast Conference. They perform jaw-dropping routines and risk breaking bones if something goes wrong. But it rarely does because these women are at the top of their game. They pour hours of their lives into practicing for big games (via Go Cards).

Sports Illustrated

It’s no surprise that the Kentucky school maintains a lot of pride in its beautiful cheerleaders. We can see a stunning feat of athleticism above as one of their members does the splits in mid-air. This takes an unbelievable amount of flexibility and strength. The Cardinals cheerleading team won the National Championships in 2023 for the ninth straight time.



The TCU Showgirls keep the grand tradition of cheerleading alive with their amazing routines. It’s not easy to impress with the word ‘Frogs’ emblazoned on their chests but somehow they rock it. Purple is a fantastic color for cheerleader uniforms because it stands out and not many schools use it.

Dallas Morning News

It also separates the Texan school from its major state rivals. We can see how they stay in touch with Lone Star State traditions with a nod toward Cowboy culture. Many of these blonde, beautiful cheerleaders become models and professional dancers after they leave college (via Dallas News).

The Spun

Miami Hurricanes

Miami’s spirit team has one of the most distinctive uniforms in the business. They sport orange skirts with black belts and sequined white tops with their school’s iconic logo. It’s a great look that separates them from most of their rivals. They look fantastic and it’s easy to see why they have so many fans.

The US Sun

Miami’s cheer team is also famous for its diversity because of the region’s diverse population. This is great because it makes for a more inclusive roster. Maybe it’s because they’re in the Sunshine State but they’re one of the brightest squads. Check out their big smiles in the picture above (via Bull Score).

The Bakersfield Californian

Fresno State

The Californian school’s cheer squad is extremely popular and more inclusive than others in the country. We can see this in the pictures above and below because there’s a wide range of ethnicities. It shows that anybody can become a great cheerleader as long as they work hard and maintain their physiques.

The Fresno Bee

Fresno’s cheer squad wears red uniforms that allow freedom of movement for the most complex routines. Their clothes mustn’t inhibit them because they would risk injuries. These beautiful cheerleaders support the Bulldogs football team in the Mountain West Conference (via Fresno Bee).

Ole Miss Athletics

Ole Miss

Everybody knows that Mississippi devotes itself to athletic development. They have an amazing football program and many professional sports stars emerged from the school. Meanwhile, they’ve got a brilliant spirit squad with some of the most beautiful cheerleaders in the United States.

Ole Miss Athletics

The only bad thing that we can say about them is that they might make their fans feel inadequate. These powerful women have amazing strength, flexibility, and bravery. This might seem like an overstatement but it takes courage to stand on one leg in the air in a short skirt (via The Oxford Eagle).


Florida Gators

We’re not sure how Tim Tebow maintained his vow of chastity when he was in Florida. The Gators spirit squad is one of the most stunning we’ve ever seen. They call Florida the ‘Sunshine State’ because of the great weather but maybe it should be because of these beautiful cheerleaders.


They dazzle in their blue uniforms with red trim. Meanwhile, the iconic Gators logo covers their chest for a distinctive look. They maintain a consistent appearance with the same hairstyle and wide smiles. The attention to detail is incredible but they want to prove that they’re the best (via Fansided).

Memphis Athletics

Memphis Tigers

Here’s another Tennessee school with beautiful cheerleaders. The Tigers spirit squad typically dons blue skirts with black tops. They change the sleeve length depending on the weather. Nobody wants to wear a skimpy sleeveless shirt in the middle of winter. Cheerleaders brave the elements to put on a great show.

CBS Sports

They also always keep smiling because they want to inspire their fellow athletes. Some sports fans don’t appreciate cheerleaders because they don’t understand how hard they train. Arguably, they make more sacrifices than many other sportspeople because there’s no professional option when they graduate (via CBS Sports).

Fox News


We give Vanderbilt a lot of credit because they went in a different direction than other schools on this list. Most teams pick bright colors but Vanderbilt’s beautiful cheerleaders usually wear simpler black or white uniforms. But that’s exactly why it’s so effective because few other programs do it. It gives them a stark appearance and makes them even more dramatic.

CBS News

They don’t wear bold colors but that doesn’t mean that they don’t brighten up games with their appearances. We can see that gorgeous and athletic students comprise their amazing roster. That’s why most experts rate Vanderbilt’s spirit squad as one of the best in the U.S. today (via CBS News).

Tennessee Athletics

Tenmessee Volunteers

Nobody is going to miss the Volunteers when they enter a football field or basketball court. These women stand resplendent in gorgeous orange uniforms and instantly radiate sunshine. The overall style is relatively modest compared to some of the others on this list but the color works and they feel safer.

Knoxville News-Sentinel

Clothing malfunctions are a cheerleader’s worst nightmare because they’ll go viral across the Internet. The Volunteers have beautiful cheerleaders and they don’t need to worry about spilling out of their outfits. Nonetheless, these stunning women continue to dazzle Tennessee fans (via Knoxville News-Sentinel).

The US Sun

Duke University

Duke has two cheerleading teams for different purposes. The Blue Squad is their most prestigious group and attends all of their football games. They also support the Blue Devils’ famous basketball team. Meanwhile, their White Squad also supports the men’s football team at home games. But they primarily follow the women’s basketball program on their adventures.

North Star-Journal

Nonetheless, both of their squads are amazing with talented cheerleaders. It’s no slight not to make the Blue Squad because openings are rare. They also put on a great show before Duke’s games regardless of the sport. We associate them with basketball but that’s not all they do (via North Star-Journal).

Clemson Tigers


Trevor Lawrence must be one of the mentally strongest men in the world. That’s because it must have been difficult to concentrate on football with Clemson’s beautiful cheerleaders on the sidelines. The photo above shows them in the middle of one of their heart-stopping routines (via The Sumter Item).

Clemson Tigers

However, it’s not all sequins and glamor because Clemson’s cheerleaders work hard. They must participate in community projects so that they have a positive impact on the area. This is admirable because it’s a big responsibility and changes the school’s relationship with the neighborhood.

Boise State University

Boise State

The Boise State cheer squad appears to exist to cause tension in marriages across Idaho. These beautiful cheerleaders have one of the most dynamic routines in the nation and maintain high standards. They support the Broncos on their adventures in the Mountain West Conference and do a brilliant job.

Boise State University

We can see from the pictures above that these cheerleaders love bearing their toned midriffs. They also wear short skirts that allow freedom of movement while emphasizing their long legs. The second picture shows that we don’t even need to see their faces to know that they’re gorgeous humans (via SBNation).

NBC Sports

Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooners have one of the most successful college football programs in the nation. But we feel as if they have a cheat code because of their beautiful cheerleaders. These dazzling women would inspire an alcoholic to stop drinking because they’re brilliant. They radiate health and positive energy with every appearance.


However, the Sooners cheer squad isn’t above mocking their opponents. They received a warning to stop doing the ‘horns down’ gesture when Oklahoma plays Texas. We think that the Longhorns were overly sensitive and should have come up with a better response. In the end, the Sooners had the moral high ground (via 247 Sports).

NBC Sports

Michigan State

The Spartans have one of the most interesting color schemes in college football. We can see that they wear green which isn’t a common color but they pull it off. Sometimes it’s good to be different and they show why. It’s all about how they use it and they do so brilliantly. Check out their different uniforms in the pictures above and below.


The sequin number glistens like a diamond like the shimmering pom poms. Michigan State appears to favor blonde and beautiful cheerleaders. These talented ladies put on exciting displays and risk injuries with their athletic feats. Many people underestimate how much work goes into their routines (via Fansided).

Dallas Morning News

Texas Tech

The Red Raiders have produced amazing athletes over the years like current NFL MVP and Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes. They also have some of the most beautiful cheerleaders in the state. Some people contend that their cheer squad is even better than their rival Texas Longhorns. It’s easy to see why these stunning women enjoy massive popularity.

The Spun

In the photo above they dazzle the crowd with their white uniforms and cowboy boots. They combine elite athleticism with stunning femininity on the field. These women have legions of followers on social media and we can see why. They represent the best that Lone Star State offers (via Dallas News).

Baltimore Times

Virginia State University

The famous VSU Woo Woos is one of the most iconic cheerleading squads in college sports today. They have a long and proud history of breaking cultural barriers. The all-black team is all about sisterhood and solidarity as they show that they have what it takes to be up there with the best (via WRIC).

Baltimore Times

It’s an honor to become a Woo Woo because they have many great traditions. Meanwhile, these beautiful cheerleaders combine stunning looks with graceful performances to inspire their school. They’re unique and that makes them even more special. Everybody loves the Woo Woos because of what they represent.



Everybody knows that UConn has one of the top basketball programs in the U.S. But they also have beautiful cheerleaders as we can see in these great pictures. These young women give everything to represent their school in front of the world. March Madness is the most exciting time of the year for them.


That’s because UConn always goes into the NCAA tournament with high expectations. The cheer squad receives more exposure than at any other stage of the year. UConn’s cheer team knows that everybody will be looking at them before the biggest games. It’s a lot of pressure but they always live up to it (via News-Times).

Sports Illustrated


Louisiana State has had brilliant athletes over the years like Joe Burrow and Angel Reese. They also have one of the best cheer squads in the nation because they want to support their bevy of young stars. Check out those dazzling purple and gold uniforms because they instantly stand out (via LSU Sports).

Sports Illustrated

It’s easy to mistake them for the L.A. Lakers because of the color scheme. It’s no surprise that they’re one of the most popular cheer teams out there. These beautiful cheerleaders placed fourth nationally in 2023 after an excellent competition. They didn’t let anybody down and remained fan favorites.

Michael Gomez Photography


Stanford’s amazing cheerleaders support the prestigious school wherever their athletes go. We can see them attending a volleyball game in the photo above. They look very cute in their dresses which evoke Santa’s little helpers. It’s a unique look but one that fans love and they’re stylishly rocking it (via NBC Sports).

Sports Wire

Furthermore, the elite school has one of the most diverse cheer rosters in the nation. This is great because they don’t exclude anybody regardless of their background. They make games more fun because they bring a sense of glamor and add to the atmosphere. No wonder many fans think they’re the nation’s most beautiful cheerleaders.

Auburn University

Auburn Tigers

Auburn’s beautiful cheerleaders are some of the most wholesome in college sports. They rock a traditional girl-next-door look as we can see from the pictures above and below. We love their stripy sweaters when they perform in cold conditions because there is something very charming about them.

Auburn University

The Tigers cheer squad is one of the busiest in Alabama because they have massive sports programs. Traditionally, we associate them with football but they have had brilliant athletes in other disciplines too. It’s difficult to perform badly when lovely ladies are supporting them like the ones above (via War Eagle Reader).


Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska maintains a dedicated squad of 18 beautiful cheerleaders to support their teams. Here we see them in action during March Madness but they also follow the football program. They’ve also had the privilege of performing around the world, including in Ireland when Nebraska played Northwestern.

Husker Athletics

Many people mistakenly think that cheerleaders are bimbos but that’s not the case. Usually, schools force their cheerleaders to meet high academic standards and levels of fitness. Nebraska’s gorgeous and talented team is a perfect example because they’re fantastic at both (via Extra).

Texas Sports

Texas Longhorns

The Spirit Squad represents the University of Texas and is one of the most unique cheerleading groups today. Texas prides itself on having some of the best sports programs in the nation. Longhorns football has a rich tradition while they are competitive in basketball, athletics, and other disciplines.

Texas Sports

These beautiful cheerleaders add some color to every appearance. They wear Texas’s traditional bright orange as their base color. Sometimes they mix it up and don chaps in tribute to the state’s rich cowboy culture. They always put on a great show and look amazing when they do their exciting routines (via Texas Sports).

The Spun

Georgia Bulldogs

The Bulldogs have one of the best football programs in the nation. It stands to reason that they’d also have beautiful cheerleaders who inspire their teams with pride. Check out these gorgeous women who deliver an incredible display with smiles on their faces. They look amazing and their skills are fantastic.

The Spun

It’s easy to spot them on the field because they wear bright red uniforms. Typically, they choose crop tops that reveal their toned physiques. Yes, they look great, but these women work hard for their lean bodies. They follow intense training regimes and eat properly because it doesn’t magically happen (via The Spun).

Sports Illustrated

Alabama Crimson Tide

There are no prizes for guessing what colors Alabama’s cheer squad wears. They’re strong candidates for the most beautiful cheerleaders in the U.S. because of their stunning looks and uniforms. The picture above shows them wearing sequin-covered hot pants and crop tops as they sparkle under the bright lights.

The Spun

These stunning women almost have an Amazonian appearance to them because they’re strong and statuesque. Some people think that Alabama’s uniforms push the boundaries of taste but we think they look amazing. These fantastic competitors don’t have any complaints so neither should we (via Tuscaloosa News).

Sports Illustrated

Oregon Ducks

Here we can see the amazing Ducks cheerleading squad in action. The first picture shows them performing before a football game. Meanwhile, they also showed up to March Madness in 2023 as they supported their team. The Ducks have some of the most beautiful cheerleaders in the nation because they’re stunning.

Bleacher Report

They also have one of the most distinctive uniforms ever because it’s impossible to miss them. The Ducks also wear skimpy bright yellow sports bras and skirts so it’s easy for them to move. Occasionally, they also opt for dark green or white instead. The university describes them as its ambassadors and these girls represent their school with pride (via Go Ducks).

The Spun


Many people think that UCLA has the most beautiful cheerleaders in college sports today. They have one of the best looks with their bright blue and yellow uniforms. The team instantly brightens every field or venue that they enter. This elite squad enjoys Nike sponsorship and their members enjoy a bunch of benefits.

The US Sun

However, this comes with a cost because they must maintain a 2.5 GPA average. Meanwhile, they learn a bunch of acrobatic stunts so this isn’t a walk in the park. UCLA cheerleaders are amazing because they dedicate themselves to the cause. They look glamorous but there’s a lot of work behind the scenes (via The US Sun).