Ultimate Sports Cribs: The Most Expensive Athlete Homes

Darren - March 10, 2023

Ultimate Sports Cribs: The Most Expensive Athlete Homes

Darren - March 10, 2023

Elite athletes have unbelievable wealth and fame. This gives them opportunities that most of us mere mortals can only dream of. They have incredible supercars and the most luxurious homes in the world. Today we’ll check out some of the most impressive houses from across the world of sports.

These athletes earned millions of dollars during their careers and invested in real estate. Some of them live in these luxurious homes while others have flipped them for profit. They’re amazing places and will make many readers jealous. It’s also a fascinating insight into their personalities because of their different aesthetics. Check out the most expensive and luxurious athlete homes right here.

New York Post

Patrick Mahomes

Let’s kick this list off with the best quarterback in the NFL. Mahomes is a two-time Super Bowl winner with the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s no surprise that he has a lovely house because he has more money than he knows what to do with. However, the quarterback doesn’t live in a flashy mansion but in a restrained-yet-still-luxurious bungalow.

New York Post

He dropped almost two million dollars on one of the most comfortable homes on this list. This is his primary residency in Kansas City and has four bedrooms. It doesn’t have any tacky golden chandeliers but there is a room devoted to his sneaker collection. Meanwhile, there’s a beautiful garden where Mahomes and his family host parties (via New York Post).

San Francisco Chronicle

Stephen Curry

Curry is arguably the greatest NBA shooter in history. The Golden State star spent his entire career in San Francisco where he has one of the most luxurious homes on this list. He listed the property recently for $8.9 million but, amazingly, he can let go. That’s because it’s a fabulous piece of real estate with six bedrooms and a gorgeous garden.

San Francisco Chronicle

The pictures reveal how beautiful this Bay Area home is. It has a seven-car garage and a full home theater. Meanwhile, there’s an expensive custom kitchen and 30-foot ceilings. Curry and his wife, Ayesha, spent an extra $250,000 upgrading the garden. It’s fair to say that this was a great investment because it is amazing (via KTVU).

New York Daily News

Canelo Alvarez

Alvarez is one of the greatest boxers of his era. The four-weight world champion is also one of the most lucrative athletes on the planet. Unsurprisingly, he has a property empire with some very luxurious homes on his portfolio. He retains private residences in the U.S. as well as his native Mexico.

New York Daily News

This six-million-dollar mansion is in San Diego’s Rancho Pacifica community. It possesses glorious ocean views and has amazing fittings that make it one of the most enviable homes on this list. The massive kitchen even has a traditional pizza oven while there is also a one-bedroom pool house. Wooden fittings provide an airy and traditional aesthetic to the gorgeous home (via

JetSet Magazine

Kurt Warner

Warner famously came to the NFL later than most players after he missed out on the draft. He spent time working in a grocery store while playing arena ball before a move to NFL Europe. Finally, he broke out and led the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ to Super Bowl glory. Warner also achieved unimagined riches that gave him amazing opportunities.


This Paradise Valley home went on the market for $3.25 million. He bought the Arizona property during his time with the Cardinals and enjoyed his time there. The mansion has modern fittings with dual-master suites and an amazing foyer. It’s one of the most luxurious homes in the region (via AZCentral).

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Davante Adams

Adams spent the majority of his career with the Packers before he moved to Las Vegas. One of the benefits of joining the Raiders was the amazing Nevada property market. It’s fair to say that there were more exciting options than in Green Bay. Now the Pro Bowl wide receiver has a stunning $12 million mansion and an amazing lifestyle.

Fox News

There aren’t many opportunities to enjoy an outdoor pool in snowy Wisconsin. But Adams has a huge garden space with plenty of room for sunny festivities in Vegas. The house has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms with an eight-car garage. Furthermore, the master bedroom has a ridiculous $35,000 bathtub (via Las Vegas Review-Journal).

The Sun

Tiger Woods

Woods infamously said that he didn’t realize how big his Jupiter Island estate was until he broke his leg. The legendary golfer made hundreds of millions of dollars throughout his career. He dropped $47 million on this fabulous property with one of the most luxurious houses in Florida.

Golf News Net

Woods has a personal four-hole course so that he can practice his game. The development has over 10,000 square meters of living space so there’s plenty of room. He also has a gigantic swimming pool and ocean access with stunning views. Based on this home, it’s amazing to see how the richest athletes live (via The U.S. Sun).

NBC Sports

Kevin Durant

These days, it feels like Durant is on the move every season but the basketball star has luxurious homes across the nation. This Oakland Hills residence was his primary home when he played for Golden State. But perhaps he should buy an R.V. because he moves around so much. This house possesses outstanding views of the Bay Area from the huge windows.

NBC Sports

Durant spent about six million dollars on the seven-bedroom mansion. There are even a pair of apartments for guests so that they can live independently. It’s easy to see why elite athletes love living in California and Florida. The houses are amazing and the weather is fabulous too (via NBC Sports).

The U.S. Sun

Deontay Wilder

Wilder is one of the most frightening heavyweight boxers ever with devasting knockout power. He came to the sport later in life than many of his contemporaries after his daughter fell ill. The former WBC champion cares about his family more than anything else in the world. That’s why he bought this lakeside paradise in his native Alabama.

The U.S. Sun

He bought the $1.2 million property on Lake Tuscaloosa because he thought that it would be the perfect place to raise his children. Wilder owns several houses but this four-bedroom home is his favorite because of the location. It also has a panic room that came from the iconic Fort Knox (via The U.S. Sun).

Real Estate

Lionel Messi

Messi is the greatest soccer player of his generation and his bank balance reflects this. The Argentinian World Cup winner has a net worth of about $800 million. It helped him to accumulate an insane real estate portfolio with some of the most luxurious athlete homes in the world.

Real Estate

The mansion in the top picture was Messi’s primary residence when he lived in Barcelona. Meanwhile, the picture below shows his penthouse in Miami when he vacations in the U.S. The PSG forward also invested in the hotel industry as he looks to consolidate his wealth (via Real Estate).

L.A. Times

Aaron Donald

Donald is one of the best defensive players in NFL history. He played a crucial role in the Rams’ recent Super Bowl title and is a three-time Defensive Player of the Year. Donald is brilliant on the field but he’s also devastating when it comes to real estate. He knows how to find some of the most luxurious homes on the West Coast.


Currently, he is living in this Hidden Hills compound. It’s believed that Donald paid about $16 million for the staggering estate. Meanwhile, he recently sold his former mansion for six million dollars because he wanted an upgrade. Donald loves life in the Golden State with the weather and lifestyle (via Dirt).

Essentially Sports

Aaron Rodgers

NFL legend Rodgers has a crazy number of records and accolades to his name. He made a lot of money throughout his career because he is so successful. This allowed him to buy some amazing houses. During his relationship with Danica Patrick, he bought a dramatic $28 million Malibu home.


Since then, Rodgers broke up with the Nascar driver and dated actress Shailene Woodley. But he still owns this fabulous property with divine ocean views. It also counts Robbie Williams and Janet Jackson as former owners. The walls in this house have seen and heard some crazy things. But Rodgers may be the craziest owner of them all (via Firstsportz).

The Irish Sun

Novak Djokovic

Everybody thought that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal would dominate tennis forever. But then Djokovic entered the picture and usurped them as the greatest of his era. The Serbian won many Grand Slams and took home a lot of prize money. This allowed him to build an impressive real estate portfolio.

The Irish Sun

He spent almost five million dollars on this amazing Miami Beach apartment. It has a spa and access to a beautiful swimming pool. But Djokovic refuses to accept U.S. health regulations so he can’t enter the country. It’s a shame that he wasn’t able to enjoy this mesmerizing apartment because it’s special (via Harper’s Bazaar).

The U.S. Sun

Tyreek Hill

It’s amazing to see the different luxurious homes on this list. Some athletes favor a more old-fashioned and restrained style. Others prefer to flaunt their wealth with ostentatious purchases. Hill fits into the latter category after he bought this ludicrous Miami mansion. He’s enjoying the tax benefits of living in Florida because this is ridiculous.

Sky Sports

The wide receiver left Kansas City and didn’t look back. Now he is the proud owner of a seven-million-dollar mansion with a shark tank and a vintage arcade room. Hill also gave the world a tour of his home on YouTube because he doesn’t have any security concerns. We’re not sure that was the smartest move ever (via The U.S. Sun).

Naomi Osaka

Osaka’s on-court success combined with her dual nationality makes her one of the most lucrative athletes in the world. The Japanese tennis star lives in the U.S. where she grew up. She made millions of dollars from multiple Grand Slam victories. Now she owns several outstanding houses like this Beverley Hills mansion.

She bought this one in Lose Angeles from Nick Jonas for about seven million. It sits in the mountains overlooking the city and enjoys a lot of privacy. The pictures tell the full story of this gorgeous house. There’s an amazing pool for Osaka and her young family as well as a beautiful natural aesthetic (via

Sports Illustrated

Michael Jordan

Jordan became the first billionaire in NBA history. It’s no surprise that he owns some of the most luxurious homes in the nation. The house above is in Chicago and has a value of over $20 million. The luxurious features include a cigar lounge and a full-size basketball court where M.J. practiced his game.

Jordan tried to sell the house for eight years without success. Meanwhile, he has this beautiful Park City mansion in Utah. He listed this one for about eight million dollars. The eight-bedroom home has views of the surrounding mountains and access to a private golf course. It celebrates the great outdoors in the best way (via

Business Insider

Landon Donovan

Donovan is a soccer icon on the West Coast after his exploits with the L.A. Galaxy. He remains one of the most important players in USMNT history. Meanwhile, his profile and success helped him to achieve a lot of wealth. Donovan bought some luxurious homes including this Manhattan Beach gem.

Business Insider

The forward enjoyed life in this five-million-dollar compound during his heyday. It feels like a little slice of paradise with one of the best gardens on this list. The pool and surrounding greenery create a private Eden for the residents. Amazingly, Donovan recently sold this divine property (via Los Angeles Times).


LeBron James

Allegedly, ‘King James’ has a property portfolio worth $108 million. The NBA icon is the first active NBA player to become a billionaire. That’s because he’s also a brilliant businessman and is constantly seeking ways to generate income streams. Real estate is one of the most reliable ways to make money because he can flip houses.

L.A. Times

It’s difficult to say where James’s main residence is because he owns at least three mansions in the L.A. area. Meanwhile, in the second picture, we can see another one he bought in Miami with access to two yachts. LeBron lives in a different universe from most of the ordinary people reading this list (via Architectural Digest).

L.A. Times

Matthew Stafford

Stafford spent a decade in Detroit as one of the most underrated NFL quarterbacks. Then Sean McVay changed his life by bringing him to L.A. The signal caller enjoyed a new lifestyle in the Golden State with a beautiful home. He also bought a private vineyard to produce wine.


Amazingly, it may not have been easy for Stafford and his wife Kelly to give up life in Michigan. The pair had the state’s largest infinity pool outside of their old house. The duo is no strangers to luxurious homes but the Californian weather is a game-changer. We wish them all of the happiness in the world (via Detroit Free Press).

Charlotte Observer

Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey and his long-term girlfriend Oliva Culpo enjoy one of the most lavish lifestyles in the NFL. The popular duo live in San Francisco after McCaffrey signed with the San Francisco 49ers in 2022. But it was hard for him to depart Charlotte because it meant that he left the fairytale castle above. He lived in this beautiful $7.5 million chateau during his days with the Panthers.

Page Six

Most people might not expect an NFL running back and his model girlfriend to love living in nature. But that’s precisely what they enjoyed about one of the most luxurious homes in North Carolina. It’s believed that they rented a property in the Bay Area before entering the market again (via Page Six).

GQ Australia

Cristiano Ronaldo

Allegedly, Ronaldo owns eight homes including this $2.3 million mansion in Australia above. The Portuguese superstar uses this property as a holiday residence but doesn’t go there every year. This is something that most people couldn’t fathom but he lives in a different universe because of his insane wealth (via GQ India).

GQ India

Meanwhile, the former Real Madrid star bought the most expensive house in Portugal. He added the Madeira mansion to his portfolio for about seven million dollars. The superstar maintains a close connection to his home and wants to return there when he retires. He’ll spend his remaining days staring out over the stunning Atlantic Ocean.

Architectural Digest

Serena Williams

Williams is arguably the most successful female athlete in history. She earned hundreds millions from a legendary tennis career that saw her become a role model for women across the globe. After she retired, she returned to the Florida home that she designed with her sister, Venus. It’s a striking property that suits her needs (via Architectural Digest).

Home & Garden

But this isn’t the superstar’s only property. She also has luxurious homes in Beverley Hills and Paris after spending a fortune on them. The picture above offers a glimpse into her Bel Air house and shows the stylish fittings. There’s no denying that Williams has better taste than some of the people on this list.

The Sun

Floyd Mayweather

‘Money’ has more cash in his bank account than he knows what to do with. That’s why he has a $20 million car collection and a wild real estate portfolio. He recently bought this outrageous Las Vegas estate for $10 million. But he owns many more homes across the world of various sizes (via Sportskeeda).

Mansion Global

This sprawling estate has two private guest houses as well as a vineyard. The 16,000 square-feet mansion has every feature that a billionaire could dream of. It’s one of the most luxurious homes in the region. Mayweather has many business ventures including his Las Vegas strip club, ‘Girl Collection.’

Mansion Global

Terry Bradshaw

Bradshaw is one of the Steelers’ greatest-ever players and remains ever-present on TV screens. When he’s not insulting Andy Reid’s weight following the Super Bowl, he’s giving his views on the modern sport. Meanwhile, the veteran Pittsburgh legend owns an amazing ranch in Oklahoma with his wife, Tammy (via Forbes).

The Business Journals

The former quarterback lives in the Red River Valley area of the Sooner State. This ranch is an equestrian’s dream with stalls for 50 horses and various equestrian facilities. There’s also room for other animals including cattle and pigs. It might not suit every athlete but Bradshaw loves country life. That’s why he spent over $20 million on this staggering ranch.

Boss Hunting

Dak Prescott

Few NFL players devote themselves to their craft like Prescott. He bought his massive Dallas home because of the huge grounds. Furthermore, he used the same contractor as AT&T Stadium for his practice area. Technically, Prescott lives in the suburb of Prosper where he bought this house for about $3.3 million.

Boss Hunting

It has all of the regular indoor features that millionaire athletes want. But this amazing property comes to life outside because it has a golf course, patios, and gardens. Allegedly, Prescott spent almost three million dollars on landscaping. It’s a shame that he suffers so many injuries on the field (via Boss Hunting).

House Beautiful

Derek Jeter/Tom Brady

This is one of the most interesting luxurious houses on this list. Baseball legend Derek Jeter invested in this fabulous Tampa Bay mansion with an estimated value of $34 million. Brady and his ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen, spent $75,000 per month on rent. The seven-bedroom mansion has a giant pool and entertainment theater.

Sarasota Magazine

Meanwhile, there is a private dock for multiple boats and three garages for land vehicles. The amazing design embraces natural light and avoids being too tacky. It’s an outstanding property but it’s a shame that Brady didn’t spend much time with his family there. He infamously divorced Gisele in 2022 (via House Beautiful).