Heartbreakers: Shocking NFL Injuries That Ruined Games

Darren - September 12, 2023

Heartbreakers: Shocking NFL Injuries That Ruined Games

Darren - September 12, 2023

Pro Football History

Steve Smith

The Panthers had high hopes in 2004 but it all fell apart out of nowhere. Everybody expected them to bounce back from their Super Bowl defeat with a vengeance. But a series of injuries meant that they suffered a serious hangover. Smith’s broken leg in their first game of the season was a massive blow.

Bleacher Report

He was Jake Delhomme’s most important weapon and his absence blunted Carolina’s attack. It ruined games because fans didn’t get to see the Panthers at their best. Meanwhile, their much-vaunted defense deteriorated as they started 1-7 in one of the most disappointing years ever (via ESPN).

Boston Globe

Tom Brady

Brady suffered a season-ending ACL injury in 2008 that cost the Patriots dearly. This gave Matt Cassel the keys to the quarterback engine out of nowhere. The backup guided New England to an 11-5 season and they narrowly missed the playoffs. Cassel fit into the system but Brady elevated it when he played.

The Athletic

That’s why his prolonged absence was a massive blow to the franchise. They had a strong roster but without their top signal-caller, they couldn’t reach their full potential. Meanwhile, Cassel tricked the world into thinking he was a decent NFL starter. Later, the Chiefs discovered this the hard way after they paid him (via Bleacher Report).

Sporting News

Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs suffered a tough start to their title defense in 2023. Their star tight end Kelce suffered a freak knee injury in a practice that prevented him from playing. Reportedly, he hyperextended his knee and it took him out of their season-ending game against the Lions.

The Spun

In the end, it was a major blow because the Chiefs narrowly lost this game. Detroit stole it after Kansas City made several key mistakes. Some people also said that it was a sign that Patrick Mahomes couldn’t win on his own. The brilliant quarterback struggled to find his weapons without Kelce as an option (via USA Today Sport).


Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers joined the Jets in the most significant blockbuster trade of the 2023 offseason. The legendary quarterback ended his relationship with the Green Bay Packers and became Gang Green’s new big hope. Everybody knows that the Jets are one of the unluckiest franchises in U.S. sports but they believed Rodgers would end this.

AP Photo

He finally made his much-anticipated debut against the Bills on September 11. But then disaster struck as he went down with an ankle injury after just four snaps. It was later revealed that it was a torn Achilles and his season was over. This also ruined the game for many people and it also may have signaled the end of Rodgers’ Jets tenure in only four plays (via AP News).