25 Best Photos From Patrick Mahomes’ Lavish Hawaii Wedding

Darren - March 17, 2022

25 Best Photos From Patrick Mahomes’ Lavish Hawaii Wedding

Darren - March 17, 2022

Patrick Mahomes is off the market. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback married his high school sweetheart, Brittany Matthews, in a lavish wedding in Hawaii. It appeared to be a wonderful day for the loving couple as well as their friends and family.

The Mahomes also shared some of their pictures with their fans across the globe. Let’s look at some of the best images from this special occasion. No doubt all of their followers will be pleased for them both. Check out the 25 best photos via Kansas City.com.

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25. Stylish Couple

Mahomes and Matthews wanted to make the most of their wedding. That’s why they had it in the incredible surroundings of Maui, Hawaii. Matthews stunned onlookers in a magnificent Versace gown. Its train was longer than the Orient Express and had many crystal accents.

Meanwhile, Mahomes wore a stylish light grey suit. The pair were the picture of elegance as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife. This image above shows the pair after they made their vows and kissed each other. They’ll remember this day forever (via Daily Mail).

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24. The Long Walk

This epic wedding photo reveals Matthews’ gown in all its glory. It has a dramatic veil and a remarkably long train. It might not be the most practical outfit for day-to-day wear, but she looks incredible. Mahomes is a lucky man (via Yahoo).

Meanwhile, Matthews’ father escorted her down the aisle. Of course, this is a special moment for every dad. It’s also very emotional because it means that their daughter is no longer a child. No doubt, he was very proud of her on her special day.

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23. Marriage Bliss

Here is a stunning image of the newly-married couple in front of the ocean. Hawaii is a glorious location for a wedding. It’s unknown where exactly they had their wedding because they haven’t publicly thanked the resort yet. No doubt they will eventually.

But clearly, the resort made their day a special one. This is a magnificent shot as the husband and wife kiss by the sea. They say that money can’t buy happiness but this perfect image makes us doubt that one! Congratulations to the Mahomes family (via TMZ Sports).

Mandatory Credit: Kansas City Star

22. Worse for Wear

One of the most important parts of any wedding is the party. After all, that’s why most of the guests want to attend. Here Mahomes and Matthews are a bit worse for wear. However, they earned to right to enjoy themselves after a stressful day.

Weddings aren’t easy because so many things can go wrong. But the look on Mahomes’ face says it all. He’s completely content with his place in life right now. Meanwhile, his new wife also looks like she is having the time of her life (via The Spun).

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21. First Kiss

Here is the most iconic moment from every wedding. When the groom and bride kiss each other, it is a symbol of their newfound contract. Matthews seizes the moment with gusto and raises her bouquet high into the air. She’s won the jackpot with this marriage.

Their guests also have smiles on their faces because they are witnessing an amazing scene. This must have been a wonderful wedding to attend because of the lavish ceremony and location. It’s not the type of nuptials that everybody can afford (via Eton Live).

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20. Bachelor Party

Before the wedding comes the bachelor party. Here is Mahomes and his friends in Las Vegas in the early stages of a night out. Some people have doubts about bachelor parties in Sin City because there is so much temptation. But it’s difficult for a star of Mahomes’ magnitude to misbehave too much!

There were cameras on him at all times. Mahomes’ family members were in attendance. Meanwhile, some of his Kansas City teammates also made the journey. There were cameras on Mahomes everywhere he went. This was probably a relief for Matthews (via US Magazine).

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19. Happy Family

In 2o21, Matthews gave birth to her and Mahomes’ first-child, Sterling Skye. This photo is the first of the happy family together after the couple made their vows. Sterling has an oblivious expression on her face but one day she’ll realize how special this moment was.

Furthermore, her parents are in a state of bliss. Flowers surround them and the ocean lies as a backdrop behind them. In short, it’s a glorious image from a special day. This is a power couple who will give their daughter the best of everything in life (via E-News).

Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes, Honeymoon

18. Honeymoon Fever

After the loved-up couple tied the knot, they left tropical Hawaii for another location. The new Mrs. Mahomes gave a glimpse into their honeymoon with a selfie on Instagram. They appeared to be content in their hotel room as they began their life together in earnest (via EOnline).

It’s unknown where they went for their honeymoon because they want to keep it a secret. That’s no surprise considering the attention that their wedding attracted. Hopefully, they have a wonderful time together before returning to normality in Kansas City.

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17. Father and Daughter

This is another wonderful picture of Mahomes and his daughter, Sterling. Perhaps Mahomes is realizing how lucky he is because he appears to be lost in the moment. Also, Sterling is delighted to be in her father’s arms. Not everybody experiences having their children at a wedding.

That’s because some couples wait until after the ceremony to try and conceive a child. However, Mahomes, with his vast fortune, didn’t want to wait. It’s a fortunate position to be in. Mahomes is the highest-paid NFL player in history and has a stunning family to boot (via New York Post).

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16. Sister-Girl

“Having your daughter a part of your wedding just hits different,” Brittany wrote on Instagram. “I love you sister girl.” It’s a beautiful sentiment because this is such a special moment to share. The mother and daughter are in an amazing state of happiness in this photo.

Okay, the term ‘sister-girl’ is cringeworthy, but we can forgive her because it’s her wedding. Also, it’s safe to say that Sterling has won the gene pool. Her father is an elite NFL superstar. Furthermore, her mother was also a professional soccer player (via Hollywood Life).

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15. Hand In Hand

Next, check out this photo of the happy couple holding hands. Both Mahomes and Matthews are elite athletes. Everybody knows that Mahomes is the Chiefs’ Super Bowl-winning quarterback. He inspired them to their first title in 50 years (via The Guardian).

However, Matthews is also an exceptional athlete. She played college soccer before moving to Iceland to play professionally. Matthews is also heavily involved in the Kansas City Current. This is an NWSL soccer team and she wants to bring them to the next level.

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14. Still Single

We already showed a picture of Mahomes’ bachelor party. But of course, Matthews also celebrated the wedding. She went all out with her friends on another lavish occasion. This wasn’t even her first pre-wedding event because she also had a bridal shower.

Some fans didn’t like this because they thought she was milking the wedding for all its worth. After all, Mahomes is more famous than her so this would be a good way for her to raise her profile. However, that’s very cynical. She looks like a picture of health in this bikini (via Sportskeeda).

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13. Brothers

Not everybody can say that their older brother is the best quarterback in the NFL. However, Jackson Mahomes can make that argument. Green Bay fans will disagree but Mahomes doesn’t care. He has also benefited from his sibling’s success.

The younger Mahomes is now a Tik Tok star and famous in his own right. He tweeted the above image after Patrick asked him to be his best man. It’s a massive honor for every man because it may only happen once or twice in their life (via New York Post).

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12. The Best Man

Later, at the wedding, Jackson tweeted the above image with his older sibling. It’s not amazing quality but it shows the bond between the two brothers. The pair are in Hawaii and remain single men at this time. However, soon Jackson will help Patrick to change that.

Not everybody likes Jackson because he’s part of the Tik Tok generation. But there’s no doubt that he maintains a deep connection with Patrick. Furthermore, the quarterback wants his brother to have as easy a ride through life as possible (via Sporting News).

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11. Mama’s Boy

NFL players are the image of optimum masculinity. These men are phenomenal physical specimens and can pull off amazing feats with their bodies. However, their mothers will always see them as little boys. Even Mahomes can’t escape from this perspective.

One of the most endearing moments from his wedding came when his mother tweeted the above image. It’s a side-by-side photo with Mahomes at two different ages. Firstly, he’s a grown man beside his mother. Then, in the second, he’s a little boy (via Today).

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10. True Love

It’s true that this image isn’t from the wedding itself. However, many fans shared it because it reflects the pair’s love. Mahomes and Matthews dated in Whitehouse High School in Texas. Then they remained together into their adult lives (via Yahoo!).

There have been times when distance came between them. But they always worked it out. They must make incredible sacrifices to get to this point. It takes remarkable focus and dedication to become an elite athlete. Matthews also deserves credit for her patience and loyalty to Mahomes.

Mandatory Credit: Hollywood Reporter

9. In the Club

This is another photo from Mahomes’ bachelor party. After munching on Tomahawk steaks and BBQ, Mahomes and his party went to TAO nightclub. Guests included his teammate and friend, Travis Kelce. Orlando Brown and Clyde Edwards-Helaire were also in attendance.

Some fans even used images of his bachelor party to guess who the Chiefs would re-sign for the new season. This is a bit of a stretch because they’re probably not going to draft Jackson Mahomes. In the end, they all had an amazing time (via Fansided).

Mandatory Credit: USA Today

8. Engagement

The wedding is only one part of the marriage experience. Of course, celebrities maximize the attention the news brings them. Here Mahomes and Matthews made their engagement official. This was a perfect opportunity for a photoshoot to plaster over social media (via The Knot).

Of course, their fans lapped this up because they can’t get enough of the pair. In this photo, Matthews clings to Mahomes like a drowning sailor to a piece of wood. Many Mahomes’ fans say that he could have married any model in the world, but he stayed true to his sweetheart.

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7. Tequila Time

Matthews made sure that she was the center of attention during her bachelorette party. The crew took to a yacht in Memphis, Tennessee, and drank Tequila in the sunshine. She wore a white bikini while her friends wore matching one-piece swimsuits (via Cheat Sheet).

No doubt she wanted to show off her incredible physique. It’s remarkable that Matthews gave birth in 2021 but trimmed down her figure to this extreme. She must have exercised like a maniac because that’s a lot of work. Still, she will hopefully only have one wedding.

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6. Walking In Memphis

This is the final image from Matthews’ bachelorette party in Memphis. All of her friends have massive smiles on their faces after a heavenly weekend. Meanwhile, it was Matthews’ last time to go out as a single woman. Soon, it would be her wedding, changing their dynamic forever.

Allegedly, Matthews brought her friends to Memphis via private jet. She also rented a villa with a swimming pool. They enjoyed a lot of downtimes and each other’s company. Furthermore, Matthews organized boutique exercise sessions for the entire gang (via Daily Mail).

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5. Maui Paradise

An onlooker witnessed the wedding ceremony and took a candid photo. Here is an image of the bridesmaids in their finery. Many potential maids-of-honor dread the thoughts of wearing an unflattering dress. However, Matthews solved this problem (via TMZ).

She picked a subtle and tasteful color while adapting the style of dress to each individual. Some of them have shoulder straps while others leave them bare. The entire party is beautiful and it is a very serene image. No doubt, they were happy to be part of such an amazing occasion.

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4. Behind The Scenes

Usually, celebrity couples are very selective about the pictures they release from their big day. They choreograph each wedding photo so that everything is perfect. This image gives an insight into the pace of the wedding. The focus is Jackson Mahomes while the married couple is in the background.

Jackson is on his phone which isn’t surprising because he’s a Tik Tok star. Meanwhile, his older brother has a weary expression on his face. Perhaps it’s just the moment but he could be feeling the stress of the occasion. It must have felt exhausting (via Page Six).

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3. Flower Girls

The married couple hasn’t released many pictures from their wedding yet. However, Matthews posted this image in her story. It’s a lovely shot of two of her flower girls. One of them drives a replica Bentley car that probably costs more than most people’s real vehicles.

Meanwhile, the other girl carries a basket and wears a floral crown. They are extremely cute and melted the hearts of everybody around them. Mahomes and his new wife didn’t compromise when it came to making this day perfect (via Fox 4).

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2. After-Party

This is a great shot of the wedding after-party. Matthews changed out of her statement dress into a short frilly number. Meanwhile, Mahomes wore a comfortable Louis Vuitton set to get into the island mood. Behind him, his teammate and ring-bearer, Travis Kelce, dances with his model girlfriend.

The party raged into the night and there were probably a lot of sore heads the next day. It looks like Kelce is enjoying himself because his face is as red as a Kansas City uniform. Mahomes and his new bride are also living in the moment (via E! Online).

Mandatory Credit: USA Today

1. Before The Storm

Finally, here is a picture of the happy couple and their beautiful baby girl after the ceremony. They’ve changed out of their formal clothing and are preparing to party. This is before the night descended into debauchery and it’s a very pure photo.

Even Sterling is wearing expensive Versace. Meanwhile, Mahomes and Matthews gifted Rolex watches to all of their wedding guests. This is incredibly generous but indicative of their spirit. As weddings go, this was a truly remarkable occasion (via 247 Sports).