These Sports Teams Trolled Their Rivals To Hilarious Results

Darren - August 30, 2022

These Sports Teams Trolled Their Rivals To Hilarious Results

Darren - August 30, 2022
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Soccer fans must receive permission from stadiums to bring banners. That’s because some material may be offensive and incite a dangerous situation. These Swiss supporters trolled Italy when they played them in a game. That’s because Switzerland qualified for the World Cup but Italy didn’t.

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Italy is the most successful side in the world alongside Brazil. The neighboring countries maintain a strong rivalry when it comes to sports. Usually, Italy is the stronger of the two so Switzerland takes full advantage of these types of opportunities (via Live Soccer TV).

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Need for Speed

The Arizona Sun Devils and their rivals, the Arizona Wildcats contest the Territorial Cup every year. These teams don’t like each other and take every opportunity to put each other down. The Wildcats recently released a video that encouraged a fast-paced game as they reacted to NCAA efforts to slow the sport down.


Then the Sun Devils trolled them with the image above. It didn’t matter that they also have a high-pressure offense and play the game fast. They wanted to make a show out of their rivals so they went against their principles. That brings pettiness to the next level (via Arizona Sports).

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Mean Machine

Fans always love when their team releases a new uniform. These days franchises put a lot of effort into promotional materials because they want to sell as much merchandise as possible. However, the Atlanta Falcons didn’t expect this reaction from the Carolina Panthers.


The Panthers trolled their rivals by posting a follow-up clip after the Falcons unveiled their new uniforms. They compared them to the Mean Machine uniforms in the Adam Sandler’s movie, ‘The Longest Yard.’ Some people may like this but the Panthers used it as an opportunity to mock their opposition (via Twitter).

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Anime Troll

The Chargers have one of the most dynamic young quarterbacks in the league, Justin Herbert. They also have some of the best uniforms. Now they can say that they have a top social media marketing team because of this brilliant troll job. They went down a different and more creative route as they revealed their schedule.

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This time they used an anime video to put down their rivals in a clever promotion. It drew from popular shows like Demon Slayer and One Piece. Even neutral fans agreed that this was a great idea and it won plaudits from animation studios (via CBR).

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Flying Benches

Imagine flying a team’s benches halfway across a subcontinent to infuriate a rival. That’s exactly what the Cowboys did to the Commanders in 2021. They loaded up six benches and brought them to the FedEx Stadium as they trolled Washington. There was nothing that the home team could do about it either.


Some people described this as reprehensible and that the Cowboys are a joke of a franchise. This may be true but they couldn’t have chosen a more suitable victim. It’s very easy to despise the Commanders too because of their owner, Dan Snyder. Neither franchise keeps it classy at all (via On3).

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This Better Be Real

The New York Jets had a hilarious response to Tom Brady’s retirement in 2022. They trolled the quarterback by saying, “this better be real.” Then they doubled down by saying that they won’t miss him but the rest of the world will. It was petty but a sign of Brady’s dominance with the New England Patriots.


Ironically, Brady later changed his mind and committed to another season with Tampa Bay. History would have been very different if the Jets retained the services of Bill Belichick. After all, he was the man who gave the fifth-rounder his chance as an NFL starter (via Twitter).


Bigger and Better

Celtic and Rangers hate each other more than most rivals because of sectarian differences. They take every opportunity to poke fun at each other and to put the other down. In 2022 there was controversy because they agreed to play a friendly in Australia. In the end, Rangers withdrew because their fans protested.


However, Celtic didn’t take this lying down and went on Twitter to show their feelings. Premier League side Everton replaced Rangers in the Sydney Super Cup. Celtic wrote: “The Sydney Super Cup just got even bigger and better” as their city rivals flew back to Glasgow (via Daily Record).

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He’s Already Dead

Baseball’s minor leagues can be a goldmine when it comes to crazy events. The Reno Aces destroyed the Las Vegas Aviators in a harrowing 15-1 victory. The Diamondbacks’ Triple-A affiliate enjoyed their moment and trolled their victims on Twitter (via NSN).


Perhaps it wasn’t the classiest response to their win but they couldn’t help themselves. They uploaded the iconic Simpsons clip as we can see above. However, the Aces shouldn’t act too big for their boots because they’re prone to a mishap. They once forgot their hats and had to borrow their opponents during the game.

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Empty Trophy Cabinet

Arsenal and Spurs are two of the Premier League’s biggest rivals. The North-London teams maintain massive support but the former is more successful. It’s always a big occasion when they clash because these clubs hate each other so much. But they aim at each other off the playing field too (via Caught Offside).


Go onto Arsenal’s online store but don’t select anything. Then open the empty card and read the following message. It says: “your basket is as empty as Tottenham’s trophy cabinet.” They trolled their enemies in a brutal and petty fashion. The site’s administrator deserves a raise because this is brilliant.


Best Moment

Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone after a savage Anthony Barr collision in 2013. The linebacker shattered the quarterback in a controversial clash that enraged Packers fans. But the Vikings enjoyed the moment and like to bring it up from time to time. Perhaps they shouldn’t celebrate it but they don’t care.

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Barr departed Wisconsin for the Cowboys in 2022 and the Vikings thanked him for his service. But they trolled the Packers by including the violent hit in a highlights package. Green Pay fans instantly responded in droves and called the Vikings a disgrace of a franchise (via Fansided).

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Welcome to the Club

Manchester United suffered horrific back-to-back defeats in the first two games of 2022. First, Brighton beat them 2-1 before Brentford hammered them 4-0. The smaller teams humiliated the global giant and enjoyed every moment of their victories (via TalkSport).

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Brentford took to Twitter to celebrate their crushing win. Then, Brighton’s official page commented the following message as they trolled United. They wrote, “welcome to the club” in a moment of sheer brutality. It was a brilliant tweet as the Premier League sides joined forces.

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Our Players Like Each Other

The Lakers are one of the biggest NBA franchises today but they court a lot of drama. Meanwhile, they have a bit of a superiority complex over other teams. But this makes it easy for rival fans and franchises to hate them. The Pelicans trolled them brilliantly in July 2022 (via Fansided).


A Lakers fan page mocked the Pelicans because their official Twitter account’s profile was a selfie of their players. Then the Pelicans responded with a brutal putdown as they said that at least their athletes like each other. It was an intense dig and one that reverberated around the league.


Russian Trolls

It’s not easy to be a Russian soccer team in 2022 because they can’t play in continental competitions. Furthermore, a host of international stars left the league. However, Spartak Moscow retains a sense of humor and trolled Manchester United on Twitter (via Sportskeeda).


They created a mock-up of an Instagram exchange between them and Cristiano Ronaldo. They reject the Portuguese superstar who can’t find any love around Europe right now in the post. It was a parody of another joke post where Lionel Messi rejected Spartak’s advances.

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The Raiders and Chargers didn’t enjoy too much success in the years before 2021. Yet they still engaged in the dumb “you had to be there” trend. They didn’t have much to celebrate but acted as though they were the best teams in the league (via Bleacher Report).


Then the Kansas City Chiefs came out of nowhere and obliterated them both. Check out their tweet above as they trolled their rival franchises in brilliant style. They mentioned their incredible winning record and exposed how stupid the other teams were. This infuriated a lot of fans but it was worthwhile.

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Player of the Year

Gavin Bazunu had a brilliant year with Portsmouth after he joined them on loan in 2021. He became their player of the season after he kept them in multiple games with big saves. Then he left the League One side after his loan expired. Suddenly, rivals Southampton swooped and signed the exciting goalkeeper.


Southampton also trolled their foes on social media. Portsmouth announced that Bazunu was their player of the year and Southampton left an emoji in response (via Daily Mirror). It was subtle but extremely petty and fans love that type of thing. In the end, it was a step up for the young Irishman.

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Spot the Difference

The Browns and the Bengals are the two biggest sports franchises in Ohio. The pair have endured mixed fortunes over the past few decades but Cincinnati is on the rise. However, they woke up their state rivals when they posted a side-by-side image of their helmet update (via ESPN).

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But the difference was minimal because they barely changed the shade of orange. Then Cleveland trolled the Bengals with a similar ‘update’ of their symphony orchestra’s logo. They fired shots but did so in a hilarious manner that ripped Cincinnati to shreds.


Dream Big

Mexican soccer fans are some of the most passionate on the planet. They also hate the supporters of rival teams and make this known. Sometimes the clubs stir the pot themselves with hilarious internet attacks. Here is an example of when Club America trolled Chivas (via 90 Min).

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The Mexico City team aimed at their Guadalajara rivals with a funny promotional video. A Chivas fan falls asleep and then dreams of being a Club America supporter. He watches his new team win games and trophies but then he wakes up. Finally, he cries because he realizes that he is still a Chivas fan.

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Not in this Town

DeShaun Watson is one of the most polarizing NFL players on the planet. The alleged sexual abuser plays for the Cleveland Browns and is a brilliant quarterback. Some people overlook the former because of his talents. However, opposition fans make their feelings known when their team plays the Browns.


Jacksonville’s supporters trolled the QB when they met in a preseason game. They chanted: “You sick f***” repeatedly as they got into his head. We’ve tried to keep fans off this list but they spoke what everybody was thinking. Meanwhile, the stadium didn’t try to stop them either (via BroBible).

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Missed Kick

NFL teams love to troll each other especially when they have a rivalry. New York and Washington are two of the biggest franchises on the east coast and their relationship reflects this. In 2021 the Giants threw the game away against Washington after a shocking penalty execution.

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Then Washington stole victory from the jaws of defeat with a field goal. They decided to rub salt into their rival’s wounds with a petty tweet. The Giants didn’t appreciate this but there was nothing that they could do about it. Perhaps they’ll take their revenge in 2022 (via Yardbreaker).

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No History

RB Leipzig is one of the most hated soccer teams in Germany. Rival fans despise them because the Red Bull franchise bought and developed the club. They think that the team has no history and that they’re effectively a glorified marketing ploy (via The Guardian).


German giants Borussia Dortmund hilariously trolled their rivals in 2019. This came when the 10-year challenge was a popular trend. They posted a side-by-side image of Leipzig’s 10-year history. But the punchline was that the East German team didn’t exist in the previous decade.

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28.3 Times Faster

Some of the best troll jobs come out of nowhere. The Saints made headlines in 2022 when they tore into their divisional rivals, the Falcons. They ruthlessly trolled Atlanta after they installed a new express elevator at the Superdome. Check out their hilarious online assault below.


They released a graphic that said the elevator travels 28.3 times faster than before. This was unbelievably petty because the Falcons blew the same scoreline in Super Bowl LI. The Saints didn’t even play in that game but they were happy to remind their foes about it (The Spun).

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Time to Tank

Doug Pederson lost his job after pulling off one of the most shameless troll jobs in the history of the world. The Eagles played Washington in the final game of the season. They knew that a Washington victory would seal the division title for the franchise. However, the Giants were also in contention for the NFC East title.

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If Philly beat Washington and the Giants won, then they’d proceed to the postseason. But they withdrew quarterback Jalen Hurts and effectively tanked the game. This infuriated the Giants who finished with a 6-10 record. They didn’t have a case but that didn’t stop them from complaining (via USA Today Sports).