These Sports Teams Trolled Their Rivals To Hilarious Results

Darren - August 30, 2022

These Sports Teams Trolled Their Rivals To Hilarious Results

Darren - August 30, 2022
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Player of the Year

Gavin Bazunu had a brilliant year with Portsmouth after he joined them on loan in 2021. He became their player of the season after he kept them in multiple games with big saves. Then he left the League One side after his loan expired. Suddenly, rivals Southampton swooped and signed the exciting goalkeeper.


Southampton also trolled their foes on social media. Portsmouth announced that Bazunu was their player of the year and Southampton left an emoji in response (via Daily Mirror). It was subtle but extremely petty and fans love that type of thing. In the end, it was a step up for the young Irishman.

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Spot the Difference

The Browns and the Bengals are the two biggest sports franchises in Ohio. The pair have endured mixed fortunes over the past few decades but Cincinnati is on the rise. However, they woke up their state rivals when they posted a side-by-side image of their helmet update (via ESPN).

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But the difference was minimal because they barely changed the shade of orange. Then Cleveland trolled the Bengals with a similar ‘update’ of their symphony orchestra’s logo. They fired shots but did so in a hilarious manner that ripped Cincinnati to shreds.


Dream Big

Mexican soccer fans are some of the most passionate on the planet. They also hate the supporters of rival teams and make this known. Sometimes the clubs stir the pot themselves with hilarious internet attacks. Here is an example of when Club America trolled Chivas (via 90 Min).

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The Mexico City team aimed at their Guadalajara rivals with a funny promotional video. A Chivas fan falls asleep and then dreams of being a Club America supporter. He watches his new team win games and trophies but then he wakes up. Finally, he cries because he realizes that he is still a Chivas fan.

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Not in this Town

DeShaun Watson is one of the most polarizing NFL players on the planet. The alleged sexual abuser plays for the Cleveland Browns and is a brilliant quarterback. Some people overlook the former because of his talents. However, opposition fans make their feelings known when their team plays the Browns.


Jacksonville’s supporters trolled the QB when they met in a preseason game. They chanted: “You sick f***” repeatedly as they got into his head. We’ve tried to keep fans off this list but they spoke what everybody was thinking. Meanwhile, the stadium didn’t try to stop them either (via BroBible).

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Missed Kick

NFL teams love to troll each other especially when they have a rivalry. New York and Washington are two of the biggest franchises on the east coast and their relationship reflects this. In 2021 the Giants threw the game away against Washington after a shocking penalty execution.

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Then Washington stole victory from the jaws of defeat with a field goal. They decided to rub salt into their rival’s wounds with a petty tweet. The Giants didn’t appreciate this but there was nothing that they could do about it. Perhaps they’ll take their revenge in 2022 (via Yardbreaker).

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No History

RB Leipzig is one of the most hated soccer teams in Germany. Rival fans despise them because the Red Bull franchise bought and developed the club. They think that the team has no history and that they’re effectively a glorified marketing ploy (via The Guardian).


German giants Borussia Dortmund hilariously trolled their rivals in 2019. This came when the 10-year challenge was a popular trend. They posted a side-by-side image of Leipzig’s 10-year history. But the punchline was that the East German team didn’t exist in the previous decade.

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28.3 Times Faster

Some of the best troll jobs come out of nowhere. The Saints made headlines in 2022 when they tore into their divisional rivals, the Falcons. They ruthlessly trolled Atlanta after they installed a new express elevator at the Superdome. Check out their hilarious online assault below.


They released a graphic that said the elevator travels 28.3 times faster than before. This was unbelievably petty because the Falcons blew the same scoreline in Super Bowl LI. The Saints didn’t even play in that game but they were happy to remind their foes about it (The Spun).

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Time to Tank

Doug Pederson lost his job after pulling off one of the most shameless troll jobs in the history of the world. The Eagles played Washington in the final game of the season. They knew that a Washington victory would seal the division title for the franchise. However, the Giants were also in contention for the NFC East title.

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If Philly beat Washington and the Giants won, then they’d proceed to the postseason. But they withdrew quarterback Jalen Hurts and effectively tanked the game. This infuriated the Giants who finished with a 6-10 record. They didn’t have a case but that didn’t stop them from complaining (via USA Today Sports).