25 Star Athletes Who Suffered Public Humiliation

Darren - September 15, 2021

25 Star Athletes Who Suffered Public Humiliation

Darren - September 15, 2021
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4. Tyron Woodley (2021)

Former UFC welterweight champion Woodley ended his MMA career with four straight defeats. It was unfortunate because he looked on course to break records before his bizarre losing spiral. However, he had enough clout and name value to attract Jake Paul’s attention. Then, the YouTuber challenged Woodley to a boxing match. ‘T-Wood’ accepted but this was a big mistake.

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The pressure was on Woodley because of his combat sports experience. However, he failed to go after Paul and lost a decision. Woodley said he’d get a tattoo saying ‘I love Jake Paul,’ but this came off as desperate (via Yahoo! Sports). It also added salt to his public humiliation. This was a magnanimous end to his professional boxing career before it even properly began. MMA fans tormented him because he let their sport down.

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3. Justine Kish (2017)

Kish isn’t the biggest star on this list but endured a horrible humiliation. The veteran MMA fighter fought seven times in the UFC with three wins. Finally, the UFC released her in 2021 after she lost four of her previous five. In 2017, Kish faced off against Felice Herrig in Oklahoma City. She lost the fight by unanimous decision but she also lost her dignity by pooping her pants.

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That’s right, the fighter’s body let her down and she defecated in the Octagon. Herrig attempted a rear-naked choke which expanded Kish’s lungs and put pressure on her lower abdomen. This resulted in a disgusting moment for everybody involved (via MMA Fighting). To be fair, Kish was able to laugh it off and tweeted, “S**t happens.” It was a rough moment but at least fans remember her, right?

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2. Tiger Woods (2009)

Woods was on top of the world before his car crash in 2009. Then, the National Inquirer ran a story disclosing the golfer’s extramarital affair with another woman (via Golf Channel). But things escalated even further because a multitude of women came forward claiming that they had slept with the star. They included hostesses and porn stars amongst their number. Needless to say, Woods’ wife wasn’t impressed and duly divorced him.

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It was a public humiliation for Woods because the media fixated on the story. Before this, he had a clean-cut image and everything he touched turned to gold. To make matters worse, Woods began to accumulate injuries. He spent time in rehab as he dealt with sex addiction and substance abuse. In the end, he received redemption when he won the Masters in 2019, his first major in 11 years.

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1. Conor McGregor (2021)

McGregor is one of the most controversial and polarizing figures in sports. He suffered another bizarre public humiliation in 2021. He attended the MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn but made the headlines for negative reasons. The Irishman became embroiled in a feud with Cleveland rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. McGregor allegedly spoke to Kelly before the artist pushed him. Then, ‘The Notorious’ flung his drink at his foe.

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Some outlets reported that McGregor asked for a picture with Kelly and became angry after rejection. However, others said that he slid into Megan Fox’s DMs and infuriated her boyfriend MGK. MMA fans took to social media to lambaste McGregor because he is a walking cliche at this point. After the incident, McGregor claimed he didn’t even know who Kelly was (via Variety).