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Gorgeous Female Athletes Who Could Also Be Supermodels

Darren - July 1, 2022
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Gorgeous Female Athletes Who Could Also Be Supermodels

Darren - July 1, 2022

China Daily

27. Wang Qiang

It’s no surprise that Qiang is a superstar in her native China after a rapid rise. Her combination of outrageous talent and smoking hot looks make her one to watch. Even when she makes a mistake she still attracts love because fans adore her trademark pout.

WTA Tennis

Despite her small size, Qiang is an excellent player with big ambitions. Many see her as the successor to the legendary Li Na as China’s greatest female tennis player. Only time will tell if she achieves that but she’s one of the Middle Kingdom’s gorgeous female athletes (via


26. Sha’Carri Richardson

Richardson is one of the most polarizing athletes on this list after her drug test failure before the Tokyo Olympics. She missed the Games after taking marijuana in the weeks before the competition. Nonetheless, she’s a talented star with striking good looks (via Yahoo!).

N.Y. Post

One of the most attractive aspects about Richardson is that she isn’t afraid to be herself. She has a feminine face and a slim athletic frame but she also has a distinct style. The Texas-born star adorned her body with tattoos and dyed her hair in radical colors in a move that some people find very exciting.


25. Sydney Leroux

Leroux is another of the USWNT’s most recognizable gorgeous female athletes. She’s a serial winner with Team USA but that’s not the only reason why she amassed legions of fans. They love her because of her amazing appearance as a beautiful and athletic woman (via People).


The soccer star regularly uploads content to social media and participates in different shoots. She possesses a more powerful physique than some of her teammates but beauty comes in all shapes and forms. There’s no disputing that this tattooed player is a gorgeous female star.


24. Fatima Diame

Born in Spain to immigrant parents, Diame’s success is remarkable. She represents her country in the long jump as well as the triple jump and competed in the Olympics. Diame is a national champion and has a massive online following because of her gorgeous looks (via Athletic’s Weekly).

AZ Sports

Her cheeky smile would light up the darkest day while her Instagram provides fans with a lot of joy. Let’s just say that she knows exactly what she’s doing when she pulls her trunks up. There are many gorgeous female athletes but Diame is one of the most beautiful.

MMA Fighting

23. Alexandra Albu

Albu is another MMA fighter with a beautiful physical appearance. She grew up in Moldova but opted to represent Russia after spending most of her career there. The UFC recognized her dream combination of hot looks and fighting talent when they signed her.

MMA Junkie

Despite winning just a single fight with the promotion she still attracted legions of fans. That’s because she consistently uploaded photos wearing barely-there outfits. In 2019, she left the UFC but she hasn’t officially retired from MMA. That’s why she still qualifies for this list (via Tapology).

Sky Sports

22. Alex Morgan

A two-time Women’s World Cup winner, Morgan is one of the USWNT’s most accomplished players. The San Diego Wave captain commands the respect of soccer fans around the world. She played in Europe as well as North America and scores goals everywhere she goes.

Sports Illustrated

Meanwhile, there’s no denying that Morgan is a very attractive woman. She has that girl-next-door look that many people find very endearing. Her natural beauty enhances her marketability and made her one of the most influential soccer players on the planet (via MSNBC).

The Sun

21. Ebanie Bridges

Bridges has the kind of personality that people love or hate. She resembles a glamor model from Playboy Magazine but the reality is that she’s a tough customer. The Australian boxer isn’t afraid to throw down against anybody and has endured remarkable damage (via The Sun).


Some people criticized her implants but she dismissed it as garbage. She raises pulse levels when she weighs in ahead of bouts because she always wears skimpy lingerie. Some people think that this is attention-seeking but she’s right to maximize the opportunity to draw eyes.

Entertainment Tonight

20. Chloe Kim

Kim has achieved an extraordinary level of success despite her relative youth. The Korean-American won gold medals in the back-to-back Winter Olympics on the snowboarding circuit. She’s also one of the nation’s gorgeous female athletes thanks to her beaming smile.


She took a year away from snowboarding to focus on being a normal young woman at Princeton. Kim won more fans thanks to her performances in the Masked Singer. Furthermore, she maintains a large social media following and regularly uploads shots from her daily life (via E! Online).


19. Sage Erickson

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Erickson is an elite surfer. She began when she was young after her family left California for the Aloha State. Then she took to surfing like a duck to water and made it part of her everyday life (via World Surf League).


Meanwhile, she models regularly because she’s one of surfing’s many gorgeous female athletes. Erickson has been around the sport for a long time but this just helps her build up a relationship with her fans. She’s the epitome of health with her permanent tan and sun-bleached hair.

Golf Digest

18. Muni He

This LPGA Tour golfer made fans sit up and take notice after her recent breakthrough. But she also attracted attention for her efforts off the green. She has an incredibly lavish lifestyle and regularly enjoys vacations around the world. Meanwhile, she flaunts her amazing body in flattering swimwear.

Golf Digest

The Chinese athlete also goes by the name “Lily” and is a massive fan favorite. Some people dismiss her as a socialite pretending to play golf but this is unfair to one of the sport’s gorgeous female athletes. He has a lot of skill and continues to flourish (via Golf Week).

New York Post

17. Lolo Jones

Jones is almost 40 but still definitely looks incredible. She dedicated herself to hurdling and bobsledding with the rare distinction of representing the U.S. in both editions of the Olympics. Meanwhile, she has posed for many magazine covers and regularly appears on TV (via The Echo).

The Iowa native may not compete for much longer but has nothing left to prove. Her fans will stay with her because of her achievements, good looks, and her charitable donations. Nobody can say anything bad about Jones because she’s dedicated her life to being the best.


16. Stamp Fairtex

Fairtex is another popular ONE Championship fighter. The Thai superstar won titles in kickboxing and Muay Thai before transitioning to MMA. She quickly became one of the faces of the promotion in the process thanks to her ferocious style and her cute appearance.


This Thai fighter has powerful punches and inflicts a lot of damage on her opponents. But she also likes to have a good time and usually dances her way to the cage. Meanwhile, her Instagram provides a lot of fans with joy because she’s always smiling (via Jakarta Post).

Keep Face

15. Yuliya Levchenko

Levchenko inadvertently became one of the stars of the Tokyo Olympics despite failing to win a medal. The reason behind this was that she’s one of Ukraine’s gorgeous female athletes. Her Instagram following exploded after she competed in the high jump (via AP News).

AZ Sports

This star is one of the top high jumpers in Europe and has won multiple medals to date. Meanwhile, she regularly modeled in her home country because she possesses unearthly beauty. Her white-blonde hair and incredible features give her the appearance of a supermodel.


14. Sharmila Nicollet

Nicole represents her mother’s native India on the international stage but her father is French. The golfer is one of the most talented upcoming prospects in the women’s sport. She doesn’t compete as much these days because of her status as a socialite and celebrity in India.


However, she did enjoy success throughout the 2010s and has a lot of talent. Nicole is one of many gorgeous female athletes from India. When somebody achieves success in the South-Asian nation they have over a billion people supporting them (via India Golf Weekly).

World Skate

13. Leticia Bufoni

Bufoni is one of the world’s best skateboarders. The Brazilian beauty has also amassed a massive following with 4.4 million fans on Instagram. It’s no surprise because she combines incredible skills with stunning looks. Bufoni is also an accomplished surfer as her social media proves.

Sports Illustrated

This Latin queen has many tattoos and often dyes her hair in radical colors. If Avril Lavigne was a skater girl then she should be Bufoni. She’s more than just beautiful because she brings a cool factor that other athletes don’t have. That’s because skateboarding is awesome and dangerous (via Surfer Today).

Daily Star

12. Alicia Schmidt

Schmidt is another beneficiary of social media because her followers skyrocketed in 2021. She made the German national team at the Tokyo Olympics but didn’t compete. The sprinter became known as one of the world’s gorgeous female athletes.


However, this title sits uneasily with her because she puts her sporting achievements first. She could easily be a model but loves science and competing more than anything else. Schmidt even worked with soccer club Borussia Dortmund as a fitness coach (via The Sun).

Sports Illustrated

11.  Paige VanZant

VanZant made waves when she broke through with the UFC as a teenager. Many of her fellow female fighters resented her because she gained several endorsements because of her natural beauty. However, she never achieved great success inside the cage (via USA Today).


Later, she opted for breast implants and decided to compete in bare-knuckle boxing. It feels like she’s perfectly suited for the world of wrestling. Many fans think she’s one of the world’s gorgeous female athletes because of her athletic frame and glamorous appearance.


10. Emma Raducanu

This British tennis player became a superstar when she won the U.S. Open in 2021. Instantly, the world recognized her sparkling talent and smile. Raducanu’s parents originally hailed from Romania and China lending her an exotic appearance (via Daily Express).

Daily Mail

She loves fashion almost as much as tennis as her social media proves. Luxury brands are delighted to collaborate with her because of her rapid rise to fame. She also has a lot of admirers as one of the world’s gorgeous female athletes. Her future is extremely bright.

9. Alex Walsh

It’s difficult to look good in a swimming cap and goggles but somehow Walsh pulls it off. The American swimmer is one of the nation’s sweethearts after medalling at the Tokyo Olympics. She has a long way to go before she matches Michael Phelps’ record haul of medals.

But she’s already a fan favorite because of her success and her attractive personality. The truth is that many people love to follow gorgeous female athletes like the Tennessee native. This young woman has a bright future and hopes to win gold at the next Games (via Swimming World).

Sport News

8. Camila Giorgi

Giorgi is a familiar presence on the WTA Tour with wins over some of the biggest names in the sport. She is capable of beating anybody on her day but struggles to find consistency. That’s why she ranks so high despite never having claimed a Grand Slam.

The Viraler

She is also fortunate enough to possess classical beauty. The Italian occasionally models for different brands and sometimes poses in lingerie on Instagram. Italy produces many gorgeous female athletes but it’s safe to say that Giorgi is the pinnacle at the moment (via FOX News).

Bloody Elbow

7. Rachel Ostovich

Ostovich became one of the most popular UFC fighters because of her good looks. Fans appreciated her curves and thick physique. It just goes to show that skinny models don’t always have what men want. She didn’t have the most successful MMA career but still made a name for herself.

MMA Fighting

One of Ostovich’s biggest successes came when she defeated Paige VanZant in a bare-knuckle boxing match. The Hawaiian had too much for her former UFC rival and outfought her. She’s active online all of the time and excites her supporters with her social media posts (via Sporting News).


6. Naomi Osaka

Osaka is the heir-apparent to Serena Williams as the face of female tennis. Born in the USA, she represents her mother’s native Japan. Meanwhile, the Grand Slam winner’s father hails from Haiti. Osaka possesses striking looks as a result of her mixed heritage.

L.A. Times

She also enjoys fashion and frequently collaborates with different brands. Osaka also set up a media company with LeBron James as she emerges as one of the world’s most powerful sports stars. The Japanese athlete is also outspoken about mental health and the need for privacy (via India Times).

Femi Sports

5. Patricia Mamona

Mamona isn’t the most famous athlete on this list but she’s a ferocious competitor. The Olympic silver medalist grew up in Portugal after moving from Angola. Then she earned a scholarship to Clemson and tore up the NCAA scene with multiple wins.

AZ Sports

This triple jumper is one of the world’s gorgeous female athletes. True, her powerful physique may cause some people to turn their noses up but she’s at the peak of human performance. Meanwhile, Mamona spreads a lot of joy on her social media where she interacts with fans (via Annual-Report).

Olympic Channel

4. Eileen Gu

Gu was the face of the controversial Beijing Winter Olympics. She grew up in the United States but opted to represent her mother’s native China because of the commercial opportunities. This proved to be a wise decision because she’s a superstar in the Middle Kingdom.

Olympic Channel

The downhill skier appeared on the front page of many magazines as she moonlights as a model. It’s no surprise because she is stunningly attractive. However, Gu discovered the hard way that Chinese fans are fickle when she made comments about using a VPN in the country (via Time).

Rolling Stone

3. Stephanie Gilmore

A seven-time world surfing champion, Gilmore is a legend in her sport. The Australian continues to compete at a high level where she dazzles spectators with her bravery. Meanwhile, her incredible beauty also captures the imagination of her massive fanbase.

The West

Gilmore is the epitome of a gorgeous surfer woman. With her wavy, sun-bleached hair and toned body, she excites teenage boys around the world. She also participated in several swimwear shoots and represents multiple brands that sponsor her (via ABC).


2. Polyana Viana

The final UFC fighter on this list is a true firecracker. Viana possesses looks to die for but she’s not just a pretty face. She made news headlines around the world when she battered a would-be mugger in her native Brazil. Meanwhile, she has a respectable record inside the cage.

Bloody Elbow

But there’s no denying that her fanbase grew because of her appearance. Viana is savvy enough to appreciate this and teases her fans on social media. She wears skimpy outfits like swimsuits or even anime cosplays so wonder she has so many supporters (via USA Today Sports).


1. Paulina Andrade

Andrade is one of the most famous CrossFit athletes on the planet and it’s no surprise. She has the most insane physique that anybody has ever seen. There probably isn’t an ounce of fat on her ripped body but she isn’t jacked like a weight-lifter (via


The Guatemala native regularly competes at events around the world and earned a strong following. Her unreal beauty helps because her fans want to follow her every move. This gorgeous woman puts in the work and it makes her one of the most desirable people on the planet.