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Gorgeous Female Athletes Who Could Also Be Supermodels

Darren - July 1, 2022
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Gorgeous Female Athletes Who Could Also Be Supermodels

Darren - July 1, 2022

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8. Camila Giorgi

Giorgi is a familiar presence on the WTA Tour with wins over some of the biggest names in the sport. She is capable of beating anybody on her day but struggles to find consistency. That’s why she ranks so high despite never having claimed a Grand Slam.

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She is also fortunate enough to possess classical beauty. The Italian occasionally models for different brands and sometimes poses in lingerie on Instagram. Italy produces many gorgeous female athletes but it’s safe to say that Giorgi is the pinnacle at the moment (via FOX News).

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7. Rachel Ostovich

Ostovich became one of the most popular UFC fighters because of her good looks. Fans appreciated her curves and thick physique. It just goes to show that skinny models don’t always have what men want. She didn’t have the most successful MMA career but still made a name for herself.

MMA Fighting

One of Ostovich’s biggest successes came when she defeated Paige VanZant in a bare-knuckle boxing match. The Hawaiian had too much for her former UFC rival and outfought her. She’s active online all of the time and excites her supporters with her social media posts (via Sporting News).


6. Naomi Osaka

Osaka is the heir-apparent to Serena Williams as the face of female tennis. Born in the USA, she represents her mother’s native Japan. Meanwhile, the Grand Slam winner’s father hails from Haiti. Osaka possesses striking looks as a result of her mixed heritage.

L.A. Times

She also enjoys fashion and frequently collaborates with different brands. Osaka also set up a media company with LeBron James as she emerges as one of the world’s most powerful sports stars. The Japanese athlete is also outspoken about mental health and the need for privacy (via India Times).

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5. Patricia Mamona

Mamona isn’t the most famous athlete on this list but she’s a ferocious competitor. The Olympic silver medalist grew up in Portugal after moving from Angola. Then she earned a scholarship to Clemson and tore up the NCAA scene with multiple wins.

AZ Sports

This triple jumper is one of the world’s gorgeous female athletes. True, her powerful physique may cause some people to turn their noses up but she’s at the peak of human performance. Meanwhile, Mamona spreads a lot of joy on her social media where she interacts with fans (via Annual-Report).

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4. Eileen Gu

Gu was the face of the controversial Beijing Winter Olympics. She grew up in the United States but opted to represent her mother’s native China because of the commercial opportunities. This proved to be a wise decision because she’s a superstar in the Middle Kingdom.

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The downhill skier appeared on the front page of many magazines as she moonlights as a model. It’s no surprise because she is stunningly attractive. However, Gu discovered the hard way that Chinese fans are fickle when she made comments about using a VPN in the country (via Time).

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3. Stephanie Gilmore

A seven-time world surfing champion, Gilmore is a legend in her sport. The Australian continues to compete at a high level where she dazzles spectators with her bravery. Meanwhile, her incredible beauty also captures the imagination of her massive fanbase.

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Gilmore is the epitome of a gorgeous surfer woman. With her wavy, sun-bleached hair and toned body, she excites teenage boys around the world. She also participated in several swimwear shoots and represents multiple brands that sponsor her (via ABC).


2. Polyana Viana

The final UFC fighter on this list is a true firecracker. Viana possesses looks to die for but she’s not just a pretty face. She made news headlines around the world when she battered a would-be mugger in her native Brazil. Meanwhile, she has a respectable record inside the cage.

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But there’s no denying that her fanbase grew because of her appearance. Viana is savvy enough to appreciate this and teases her fans on social media. She wears skimpy outfits like swimsuits or even anime cosplays so wonder she has so many supporters (via USA Today Sports).


1. Paulina Andrade

Andrade is one of the most famous CrossFit athletes on the planet and it’s no surprise. She has the most insane physique that anybody has ever seen. There probably isn’t an ounce of fat on her ripped body but she isn’t jacked like a weight-lifter (via


The Guatemala native regularly competes at events around the world and earned a strong following. Her unreal beauty helps because her fans want to follow her every move. This gorgeous woman puts in the work and it makes her one of the most desirable people on the planet.