Sports Superstars Who Cheated On Their Spouses

Darren - March 30, 2023

Sports Superstars Who Cheated On Their Spouses

Darren - March 30, 2023

Many of us hold elite sports stars to a higher standard than regular people. But this is wrong because they’re people too and make the same mistakes. Athletic talent doesn’t mean that somebody has a decent personality. Many top sports stars cheated on their spouses because they couldn’t resist temptation.

So today we’ll look at some of the most famous and sensational cheating stories in sports history. Some of these will leave readers shaking their heads because they were so ridiculous. From Tiger Woods to Tom Brady, the list of athletes who cheated on their wives and girlfriends goes on and on.


LeBron James

“King” James married his wife Savannah in 2013 but the NBA great can’t keep it in his pants. Many rumors about his infidelity stretch back to before his wedding. Allegedly, he cheated on Savannah with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal. James infamously flirted with her in a nightclub while his wife was there.

Essence Magazine

There are also many links between the Lakers star and Rihanna but these remain unproven. He also asked a woman for her number when he visited The White House after he won his first ring with the Miami Heat. Somehow Savannah tolerates James’s indiscretions and has three children with him (via People).

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Gerard Pique

Shakira is one of the most beautiful and charismatic singers on the planet. The Colombian superstar is a global icon for hits like ‘Hips Don’t Lie. Many people agreed that Barcelona legend Pique was the luckiest man on earth when they began dating in 2011. But in 2022, it turned toxic after she discovered that he cheated on her.


This caused mass confusion because nobody could understand why he did this. He met Clara Chia Marti and ran away with her as he broke Shakira’s heart. It didn’t matter that they had two children together because he had a new 24-year-old girlfriend. Pique is one of Spain’s most successful soccer players so he probably has a power complex (via Indian Express).

The Sports Rush

Dwayne Wade

Everybody thought Wade won the lottery with his second marriage to actress Gabrielle Union. The three-time NBA Champion appeared to have found the perfect match in the Hollywood star. But then he accidentally impregnated another woman and almost ruined everything (via Page Six).


Wade insisted that this was when he and Union took a break in 2013. The couple did indeed give each other some time for career reasons. But the dates didn’t line up it was clear that Wade cheated on her. However, she didn’t give up on him and now they have children together. But Union insists on keeping them out of the public eye.

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Russell Wilson

It’s easy to forget that Wilson had relationships before he married Ciara. He discovered what it’s like to be on the wrong side of infidelity when his ex-wife, Ashton Meem, reportedly slept with Golden Tate. However, Wilson also allegedly cheated on a girlfriend when he met Ciara. What goes around comes around as they say.

Architectural Digest

In 2021, there was speculation that the quarterback also cheated on the pop singer. Nonetheless, the pair remained together after this scandal so it may have been hot air. Spare a thought for celebrities when unfounded rumors break about their relationship. It must be challenging for them to deal with (via New York Post).

Page Six

Antonio Cromartie

Cromartie is the first of several Jets on this list who cheated on their partners. Cromartie developed a reputation for being a lady’s man but this didn’t dissuade Terricka Cason from marrying him. But the wedding didn’t slow Cromartie’s efforts to spread his seed across the Big Apple and New Jersey.

Players Tribune

Cason even threatened to take pills and cut her wrists if he didn’t stop his infidelity. She called him when she was pregnant and Cromartie rushed home in fear. But Cason only wanted attention and Cromartie had her taken for a psychological evaluation. The father of 14 almost broke the poor woman (via Page Six).


Tom Brady

It’s easy to forget that Brady had another relationship before he met his supermodel ex-wife Gisele Bundchen. But he dated Bridget Moynahan for three years and even got her pregnant. Then he ditched her for the Brazilian supermodel and tarnished his clean-cut reputation. The worst part was that Moynahan was still pregnant when he left her.

Entertainment Tonight

There’s never a good time to commit an act of infidelity. But this feels like the worst possible way to do it. This didn’t hurt Brady’s image in the long run. Nonetheless, it’s perhaps karma that Bundchen left him and took their children. He learned the hard way that things don’t always go the way he wants (via StyleCaster).


Chipper Jones

Jones is one of Atlanta’s greatest-ever players and an MLB Hall of Famer. But the eight-time All-Star isn’t a perfect human being and made plenty of mistakes in his life. He notoriously cheated on his wives multiple times throughout his relationships. He married three times with two divorces. It didn’t help that he had a penchant for Hooters waitresses.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The baseball star explained that he was sleeping with women in different cities during his first marriage. Then he got one of them pregnant and broke the news. Needless to say, she didn’t respond well and the relationship broke down. However, he seems happy with his current Playboy model wife (via FanBuzz).


Oscar De La Hoya

De La Hoya won an incredible 11 titles during his time as a professional boxer. The Mexican emerged as one of his nation’s biggest stars. However, he liked to party outside of the ring and sometimes he went too far. ‘The Golden Boy’ loved cocaine and developed an addiction. Then he infamously cheated on his wife with damning evidence.

Latin Times

Photographs emerged of De La Hoya having the time of his life with another woman. But the boxer was wearing women’s lingerie in the pictures. He came from a very macho culture and had a very hypermasculine identity. In the end, he blamed it on his drug issues but realistically De La Hoya has cheated multiple times (via New York Post).


Deebo Samuel

Samuel is one of the most exciting and dynamic running threats in the NFL. But he may not be a great human being as Jake Paul found out. The Niners star slid into Paul’s girlfriend’s DMs on Instagram and tried to seduce her. It didn’t work out well for Samuel but it’s not the first time Instagram came back to bite him.

NBC Sports

An Instagram story inadvertently revealed that Samuel cheated on his girlfriend, Mahogany Jones. Screenshots went viral and most people assumed that he didn’t have Jones’s blessing to be in bed with another woman. It shows that there’s a dog inside every football player but not necessarily the one fans want to see (via Firstsportz).

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Lamar Odom

Odom had a promising basketball career but everything imploded after he joined the Kardashian clan. He blamed his marriage to Khloe for destroying his life. Suddenly, people who didn’t know anything about the NBA love him. But the problem was that most of these were women and Odom had addiction problems.


He drank, used drugs, and cheated on Khloe more times than he remembers. It’s no surprise that it came to a tearful end. If there is one thing I regret when I was married, it was having multiple affairs with different women,” Odom said about his failed marriage. “That wasn’t the stand-up thing to do (via Nicki Swift).”


Peyton Manning

Manning carefully carved a wholesome All-American image for himself during his time in the NFL. But the legendary quarterback isn’t the person that he wants everybody to think he is. He married his wife Ashley in 2001 but he allegedly cheated on her multiple times. He reportedly delayed a team flight in Atlanta because he was intimate with a pair of cheerleaders.

AP News

There were also rumors that he enjoyed a good time in a car outside of the Superdome in New Orleans. Meanwhile, many accounts link him to the TV meteorologist Angela Buchanan. Nobody knows if he has some kind of deal with his wife or if he’s just friends with Buchanan. But the pair appear to be very close (via Daily Beast).

Us Weekly

Hank Baskett

Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson had one of the most public relationships on this list. Everything appeared to be going swimmingly for the duo before it emerged that he cheated on her. However, he went down an unconventional route because he allegedly met a transgender woman in a public restroom.


This seized the imagination of the media but Wilkinson and Baskett kept going. In the end, they separated but this was a few years later. Baskett claimed that he froze when the woman came to him in the restroom. However, this is a laughable story because he reportedly seemed to be having a great time (via Us Magazine).


Ashley Cole

On paper, it seemed like everything was perfect in Cole’s life. He was one of the best fullbacks in the world playing for Chelsea and England. Meanwhile, he married one of the most desirable women in the UK, Cheryl Tweedy. The pop star made her name with Girls Aloud before embarking on a solo career (via The Mirror).


However, Cole showed that he was a wretched rat by cheating on her. He didn’t chase supermodels or Hollywood actresses but instead had an affair with a hairdresser. Another couple of women came out of the woodwork and said that they slept with the soccer player. Finally, Cheryl divorced him and took back her surname.

Bleacher Report

DeMarco Murray

Murray thought that he was a genius when he had an affair with Gina D’Agostini. The problem was that she was dating Murray’s former high school teammate Brennan Clay at the time. But it all came to a miserable end when Clay checked D’Agostini’s phone and discovered their explicit messages.

NBC Sports

His former friend had D’Agostini in his contacts as ‘Spray-Tan’ as he tried to hide his antics. In the end, it didn’t work and Clay exposed them both on Twitter. Murray also fantasized about sleeping with his paramour in Clay’s bed. This didn’t help matters but it made fans laugh at him a lot (via Fox Sports).

Sports Illustrated

Brett Favre

Favre was a brilliant quarterback but fans since found out that he’s a creepy human being. We saw recently that he has no problem exploiting the U.S.’s poorest state after he allegedly committed fraud in Mississippi. But this isn’t the first time that the former quarterback made a morally dubious decision. He became embroiled in a sexual harassment case during his time with the Jets.

CBS Sports

Jets hostess Jenn Sterger claimed that Favre sent pictures of his member to her and lusted after her. She rejected his messages and an investigation unfolded. In the end, the NFL failed to prove that the offending penis was his. But they fined him $50,000 because he didn’t cooperate. Meanwhile, his wife Deanna says that her faith gets her through their problems (via ABC News).

Bleacher Report

Eugene Robinson

Robinson has one of the wackiest stories on this list but it’s also hilarious. He was one of Atlanta’s most important players on their Super Bowl run in 1998. But instead of getting a good night’s sleep before the big game against the Broncos, he went for a walk. Then he decided to relax in another way and solicited a hooker (via AP News).

Bleacher Report

But then he received the shock of his life when the woman revealed that she was an undercover police officer. She didn’t care that he was a football star and he spent the night in a precinct. In the end, Robinson apologized to his wife and his teammates. He also handed back the Man of the Year award. The Falcons lost the game and Robinson played like garbage.

Fox News

Tony Parker

Imagine cheating on Eva Longoria; no sane man would do it. This would be like saying no to a free Ferrari and choosing to drive a Camry instead. But that’s exactly what Parker did in one of the most moronic moves ever. It’s possible that he cheated on her multiple times throughout their relationship.


The first allegations emerged in 2007 when tabloids linked him to an Italian model. However, Parker and Longoria denied these rumors and plowed on. But she finally divorced him in 2011 after he allegedly cheated on her with his teammate’s wife. Reportedly, Parker had an ongoing affair with Erin Barry (via Nicki Swift).

Sports Illustrated

Tyson Fury

Fury is one of the most famous boxers on the planet. He’s arguably the most talented heavyweight of his generation but he remains a polarizing figure because of his antics outside of the ring. ‘The Gypsy King’ also has a wild reputation when it comes to women. He admitted that he slept with hundreds of them throughout his life.


But he met his wife Paris when she was 15. They married in 2008 and spawned six children. Nonetheless, Fury doesn’t care. He told the Boxing News Online Podcast: “I’m a liar, a cheater, a proud, vain person. Everything bad I do or have done. We all make mistakes, don’t we? The only thing I ever regret in life is having sex before marriage (via Daily Express).”

Ray Allen

Allen is one of the biggest morons on this list because he cheated on his wife in the dumbest way possible. The NBA star made a mistake on social media that the world noticed. He posted to his public Twitter feed instead of sending a direct message to a young woman. Allen made a fool of himself in front of his spouse, Shannon Williams.


Then Allen claimed that someone hacked his account but everybody knew that he was lying. He has a history of cheating and allegedly had a long-running relationship with a Rhode Island student. She even attended his games and boasted about their shenanigans in bed. Amazingly, Allen and Williams remain together and have four children (via Yardbreaker).

Vanity Fair

David Beckham

Beckham is one of soccer’s biggest superstars ever. However, his wife Victoria was arguably a bigger star than him when they first married. She was one of the faces of the Spice Girls, one of the world’s most popular girl bands. The couple had four children and on the surface, it appeared that they had perfect lives.

Harper’s Bazaar

But Beckham also blew it all up when he cheated on Victoria with his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos. This was during Beckham’s time with Real Madrid and it almost ended his marriage. But the couple consolidated and didn’t allow his shenanigans to destroy everything they built together (via Harper’s Bazaar).


Jason Kidd

Cheating is bad at the best of times but it’s even worse when there’s violence involved. Sometimes rich young men make mistakes and pay the price. But there’s never an excuse for abusing a woman. Kidd married his wife Joumana Kidd and stayed with her for 10 years. However, their relationship broke down because he was a vile human being.

The US Sun

Allegedly, he cheated on her more times than she could count. Joumana got their son to take Jason’s phone from his locker and poured over the messages. Then she humiliated him by yelling at him from the courtside. This was one of the most dysfunctional relationships in NBA history but Kidd is the real villain (via TMZ).

The Sports Rush

Zach Wilson

Wilson is one of the most frustrating athletes on this list because he had so much potential. But he blew his chance of a brilliant NFL career because of his immaturity. We could talk about his play but that’s not what this list is about. No, let’s discuss the reports that he slept with his mom’s best friend.

New York Post

This allegedly occurred during the preseason before the 2022 campaign. It was a distraction that the Jets didn’t need and Wilson denied it. However, his ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, broke up with him and began dating Washington star Dax Milne. This was a ridiculous story but one that many fans believe to be true (via Fox Sports).


Chien-Ming Wang

Wang is a superstar in his native Taiwan after a successful MLB career. But this also meant that the Asian nation’s media kept their eyes on him for any scandal. They gleefully rubbed their hands together when they discovered his affair with a Floridian woman in 2012. There was irrefutable evidence and it shellshocked the pitcher.


Photos leaked of his time with the woman and almost destroyed his marriage. Finally, Wang apologized to his wife and rebuilt his marriage. It’s good that they were able to repair the damage that he caused to their relationship. Wang was going through shoulder rehabilitation at the time of the affair (via Taipei Times).


Kevin Garnett

It took 14 years but finally Brandi Padilla snapped and filed for divorce from Garnett. The former NBA legend flagrantly cheated on her throughout their relationship. Photos emerged of the NBA icon cozying up to models including Annie Silvestri. Garnett didn’t hide his antics and Padilla didn’t appear to care.


Eventually, she cited irreconcilable differences as the reason behind their divorce. She also filed for custody of their two children. It was a sad way for their marriage to end but the writing was on the wall. Some sources indicate that she only stayed with him for the sake of their daughters (via Ebony Magazine).

Inside Hook

Robert Kraft

Kraft is the only franchise owner we’ve included on this list and it’s a great story. The Patriots owner enjoyed massive success over two decades with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. But things didn’t go so well for him in his marriage. Kraft decided to destress in the Orchids of Day Spa in Florida and wanted a happy ending.


Allegedly, the masseuse obliged and CCTV captured her pleasuring the octogenarian. However, an anti-sex trafficking investigation uncovered the incident and police arrested Kraft. In the end, he escaped without punishment because the judge ruled the footage to be inadmissible. He still cheated on his wife and suffered public humiliation (via Rolling Stone).

Page Six

Brandon Marshall

There must be something in the air in New Jersey because here’s another former Jets player. Marshall cheated on his wife Michi Nogami and also domestically beat her. However, there’s no denying that this is one of the most dysfunctional relationships on this list. She stabbed Marshall in 2011 and he underwent emergency surgery.


Marshall openly admits that he has a borderline personality disorder and that this affects his daily life. Nonetheless, there’s no excusing the fact that he laid hands on Nogami and other women. Nogami and Marshall remain together and have three children. Let’s hope their parents’ antics don’t affect them adversely (via Heavy).


Ryan Giggs

Spare a thought for Giggs’ long-suffering ex-wife Stacey because she deserved better. Giggs is a Manchester United legend but he’s a terrible person off the field. He infamously had an eight-year affair with his brother Rhodri’s wife Natasha. There are plenty of athletes who slept with their teammates’ partners but this is next level.

The Independent

Unsurprisingly, Rhodri never forgave him for this and it destroyed their relationship. But Stacey accepted it and stayed with Giggs until 2017. She endured another cheating scandal involving the model Imogen Thomas. Finally, she wisened up ended their marriage. Meanwhile, Giggs lost the Wales head coach job after a domestic violence case (via National World).

E! Online

Carmelo Anthony

Anthony and his ex-wife La La had one of the craziest relationships on this list. The pair have a son together but it would be inaccurate to say everything went smoothly. Allegedly, the former Knicks star cheated on her many times despite a fairytale wedding in 2010. It seems that ostentatious marriages can be some of the most problematic.

Page Six

In 2012, a young woman named Asia Monroe claimed that she had an affair with Anthony. La La chose not to believe this despite Monroe showing the receipts of her meetings with the NBA legend. Anthony’s marriage lasted for another nine years before La La finally filed for divorce (via Sportskeeda).

New York Post

Conor McGregor

McGregor is the most famous MMA fighter on the planet but he’s a polarizing figure. He remains in a relationship with Dee Devlin and his three children with his childhood sweetheart. But he allegedly cheated on her many times and even underwent paternity tests. One of these came after a massive party in Liverpool when McGregor’s entourage confiscated phones.

New York Post

Meanwhile, McGregor also had links to pop star Rita Ora. YouTuber Jake Paul also accused McGregor of cheating on Devlin with an unnamed UFC ring girl. All of these allegations indeed remain unproven but the couple remains together. Perhaps they have an agreement where McGregor provides for their lifestyle but does what he wants (via Sports Manor).

Birmingham Live

John Terry

Terry was a brilliant defender for Chelsea and England but also a horrible human being. His racism destroyed his international career and he also had romantic problems too. The Chelsea icon had an affair with his teammate’s ex-girlfriend, Vannessa Perroncel. Terry also cheated on his wife Toni in the process (via The Sun).

The Mirror

This was extremely messy and was a massive story in the U.K. because of the sordid details. Toni and Perroncel were close friends before the news broke. Later, Wayne Bridge, Terry’s former teammate, refused to shake hands when they faced each other in 2010. Toni stayed with Terry but it was extremely embarrassing for everybody involved.


Kobe Bryant

Bryant’s case is one of the most notorious on this list. The Lakers star was one of the most exciting basketball players in the world in 2003 before his sexual assault case. A young woman accused him of raping her in a Colorado hotel room with shocking details. Bryant denied the assault but admitted that he slept with her (via ABC News).

Footwear News

Finally, he settled with the defendant outside of court and moved on. His publicists did a magnificent job in damage control because they completely rehabilitated his image. Spare a thought for the victim because she was brave to speak up. In the end, Bryant apologized to his wife Vanessa and the couple remained together until his death in January 2020.


Avisail Garcia

Garcia was an average MLB player who spent most of his career with the White Sox. The Venezuelan right-fielder earned a single All-Star selection but that’s not why fans remember him. His biggest contribution to the sport was sleeping with Prince Fielder’s wife Chanel. This justifiably derailed his teammate’s season in 2013 as he filed for divorce.


But Garcia’s wife shrugged her shoulders after he cheated on her. The sleaziest part of this was that she was pregnant at the time. Ultimately, Prince and Chanel reconciled as they put their family first. The number of athletes who cheated on their partners with teammates’ significant others is amazing (via Celebrities Buzz).


Wayne Rooney

Spare a thought for Coleen Rooney, because she has the patience of a saint. They began dating when they were teenagers before marrying and having children. This looks pretty romantic but Rooney cheated on her like he was the last fertile man on the planet. He infamously slept with a 48-year-old prostitute who was also a grandmother.


The teenager allegedly spent about $50 on this experience with the cougar. In 2009 there was another scandal after an escort claimed Rooney paid $1,200 for a night. This was also a month before Coleen gave birth to one of their children. There were many more incidents, including a threesome. But so far Coleen continues to endure her husband’s transgressions (via Mirror).

Golf Channel

Tiger Woods

Woods is undoubtedly the most spectacular cheater on this list because he went down in a blaze of glory. The legendary golfer slept with over a hundred women including strippers and porn stars. He even impregnated at least one of them during his sordid antics. That’s why it wasn’t shocking when his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, chased him with a golf club.

Page Six

The Swedish model divorced Woods after the scandal broke. This coincided with Woods suffering numerous injuries and his career plummeting. He spent time in and out of rehab before an iconic return to form in 2019. Woods won the Masters against the odds as he inspired his fans one more time (via People). That doesn’t change the fact that he essentially ruined his career to cheat on his spouse.