Embarrassing Moments Where Athletes Got Caught On Camera

Darren - June 17, 2022

Embarrassing Moments Where Athletes Got Caught On Camera

Darren - June 17, 2022


9. Face First

Hurdles are one of the most interesting races in the Olympics. Athletes run as fast as they can while jumping over fences. It’s more impressive than simply sprinting in a straight line. There are also more opportunities for embarrassing photos because things can go very wrong.

In this case, an athlete ran headfirst into a hurdle and splattered themselves onto the ground. It’s a brutal ending to his race because it must have caused a lot of pain. But the worst part of this is the humiliation because everybody laughed at his agony (via Daily Relay).

8. Baseball Crash

Sometimes baseball players crash into the walls because they lose track of their surroundings. They’re running so fast after the ball that they don’t see where they’re going. Then they smash themselves with hilarious but often brutal results (via USA Today).

In this game, Jacoby Ellsbury ran into the wall and severely injured himself. He suffered a sprained neck as well as a concussion and missed a couple of games. It’s amazing how something so innocuous can result in serious consequences. Especially when it’s so funny for fans to watch.


7. Beast Mode

Wrestling is all about dominating the opposition through superior physicality. In this image, it appears as though the athlete in blue took this thought process too far. It seems like he is using his bedroom techniques on his opponent to compound his misery.

The athlete wearing red lost this bout because there’s an expression of pain on his face. However, some people may interpret this differently. We’ll leave the rest of this to the imagination because the image speaks for itself (via Hornet).

SF Gate

6. Kick In The Jewels

Draymond Green is one of the dirtiest NBA players ever. He has a reputation for underhand tactics and brutal plays. Nonetheless, the Golden State Warriors value him for what he brings to the court. Green earned notoriety for kicking opposition athletes (via Washington Post).

Steven Adams was one of his victims after Green kicked him twice in the groin. The photo above shows Green unabashedly sticking his foot in Adams’ man parts. It’s a funny picture but one that will make male readers wince in sympathy. That’s the type of player that Green is.

News Founded

5. Splattered

Handball is a sport with a big following in continental Europe. This image came from a game between France and Denmark. In the end, the French emerged victorious but the Danish goalkeeper suffered more than anybody else. She left the game after a brutal collision.

The ball hit her in the face at a high scene and produced one of the most embarrassing photos ever. It looks as though it merged with her face to become one with her body. She is now part ball and part human. Perhaps it will give her superpowers (via News Founded).


4. Faceplant

Here’s another unfortunate baseball player who ran face-first into a wall. This picture is even more dramatic than the previous one because he completely splattered himself. It’s as though he intentionally collided with it by running as fast as he could (via THE).

This is inadvisable because it can result in neck and spinal injuries. These can last a lifetime and ruin a player’s career. However, the fans don’t think about this when they see players run into walls. They laugh because it looks hilarious and that’s all they care about.

Sad and Useless

3. Diver’s Face

Olympic divers are spectacular athletes because they perform gravity-defying stunts from great heights. However, they also make hilarious faces in the process. It’s a fact that their expressions don’t flatter them because they are ridiculous (via Sad And Useless).

This doesn’t take away from their athletic abilities and usually, fans don’t zoom in on their faces during competitions. But stills from diving routines show the funny expressions that they make. The one above is a fine example of these ridiculous moments.

Sky Sports

2. My Ball!

Here’s a still from Spurs vs. West Ham in the Premier League. The goalkeeper, Adrian, came forward to claim the ball. Everybody appreciates when a goalkeeper has the confidence to take command of their area. They jump out and grab the ball to alleviate pressure on their defense.

But Adrian made one horrible error. Instead of catching the football, he seized the head of one of his teammates (via Sky Sports). Cheikou Kouyate didn’t know what happened when Adrian wrapped his gloves around him. This is an iconic moment in soccer history because it’s so dumb.


1. Time For A Break

The Tour De France is one of the classiest events on the sporting calendar. Cyclists race along the classic route as they put their physical and mental resolve to the test. It’s also considered a classy event and brings a lot of high-end sponsorships to the table (via GQ).

However, these endorsements probably don’t want to see images like the one above. Everybody asks what happens if a cyclist needs to use the bathroom during a race. Sometimes they allow it to just flow but they’ll also stop in groups and relieve themselves.